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Appbounty Review: Download an App and Get Paid???

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NOTE:  Appbounty is now no more.  Post being left up for archive purposes.

In the past, particularly in my “ways to earn free Google Play credits” and “free Xbox gift card” posts, I talked about a popular app called AppBounty.

In short, this app will reward you to download apps and test them out.  Test enough apps and you can cash out for some great rewards.  To date, the company has claimed to pay out more than $1 million and there are no signs of slowing down.

As I’m always the type that dives deep into a money-making venture before I fully commit, I figured it’s time to check out this app and really see if it’s worth joining.  In doing so, I invest my time to hopefully save yours by researching it in-depth and writing a review.

If you like the idea of downloading new apps and getting paid, then this may be for you or if you landed on here from a search because you’re thinking about downloading it, then you’re in the right place, too.

All of my reviews are always non-biased and 100% honest.  I don’t peddle $100 garbage products nor will I push you to a $99 a month make money course.  This isn’t how I work.  Using this approach, I hope you can trust my review in comparison to a lot of other bloggers who just write this review so they can promote their garbage products that aren’t worth your time 99% of the time.

So, in today’s post, let’s take a look at AppBounty and see if it’s really worth taking up space on your phone.  In the end, I will let you know my thoughts and who I think would be a perfect candidate for the app.

AppBounty Review

What is AppBounty?

Before I even get into the full review, I always like to talk about the company behind the scenes.  It’s nice to know who’s running the app to give you a better idea as to who you’re working with.  After all, they are the ones paying you.

AppBounty is operated by a company known by the name of Advertile Mobile, which, according to the company’s page, was founded by Jens Disselhoff in 2012.   And, as I write this, the company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and reaches more than 10 million people worldwide.

As for how the app works, the premise is simple.

You browse through a list of apps on a list, pick out a one of interest and complete the tasks given to you in order to earn the specified rewards.  I will get into this later on in this review, but for now, it’s an app strictly designed specifically for those who like the idea of downloading a new app and playing around with it to earn money.

So, if you like the idea of testing out new apps in almost any category and getting rewarded for doing so, then I encourage you to keep reading on.  If not, then the app is probably not for you.  Regardless, if you ever download apps, I want you to keep reading.

Signing Up

To sign up with AppBounty, it’s really no different than any other app.   You can download it via the Google Play Store, or in the case you have an iOS device, you need to access the website directly via  It appears you can no longer download it on the iTunes platform as Apple has recently banned apps that offer incentives to download new apps.  While it remains on the Google Play store, there’s no guarantee it will stay.

Regardless of how you sign up, you can either log in via your Facebook account or you can “get started and log in later.”

I decided to just click on the “get started and log in later” and it immediately took me to the dashboard.  Eventually, as you earn points and get ready to cash out, you will be forced to create an account, but for now, let it be known that it isn’t mandatory.

If you don’t want to sign up, it takes all of two seconds to access your dashboard.  It’s up to you as to how you want to sign up.

NOTE:  If you want 50 bonus points, you can use my AppBounty invite code, hetwazfs. 

Your Dashboard

Once you sign up, you can gain access immediately.

Appbounty’s dashboard is pretty self-explanatory and very easy to understand.  Here’s what it looks like…

On this main dashboard screen, you can browse the list of apps available for download, and next to it, you can see the points you can earn if you abide by the rules.

So, for example, if you downloaded “Mobile Royale” and “attacked a level 2 village,” you would earn 2,340 points.

The screenshot above was only a pinch of what was offered as I could continue to scroll and view about 30+ more offers.

How Much Are Appbounty Points Worth?

The thing I hate about a lot of these apps/websites is that they use a points system that can often be confusing.  Some make it easy, where they make every point worth a penny, but some, like AppBounty, makes the point system very hard to determine what your points are worth.

I will talk about the rewards system later on, but for now, let it be known that the amount your points are worth greatly depends on what you want to redeem.  If you were to redeem your points for a $5 gift card, then the value is worth less than if you were to wait and cash out for a $10 gift card.

In short, no matter how you cash out, every point is worth anywhere from $0.0018 to $0.002, again, dependent on what you choose as your reward.  To maximize your point value, it’s best to wait for at least a $10 gift card before cashing out.

Taking that example above, that app would essentially be worth about $4.68~ if you were to complete the tasks.

It’s wise to know how much these points are worth so that you can do the mental math to see if it’s worth the download.  For instance, if that $4.68 app took five hours to complete, it probably wouldn’t be worth it, but if another app only required a download and you would get $0.50 in value, then that could be a yes.

How Many Apps Are There?

Looking at the dashboard mentioned above, there were quite a few apps to choose from and it appeared they would add new apps almost daily.

When I downloaded it, I could download at least 40 apps, but how many are left after that really depends on how often the company adds to their inventory.

Some of these apps probably would take me a few hours to complete, whereas some were as easy as downloading and opening it to get your credit.  Again, it’s important to read the details to know how you can get your credits.

Out of all the app testing-like websites, AppBounty is a big player in the field, so if you love the idea of getting rewarded to test apps, then this is one to keep high on your list for now.

Other Ways to Earn

Aside from downloading apps, you can also “earn” in two additional ways:  either by inviting your friends and/or claiming the rewards, which is a “present” icon that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen.

If you know of any people who may want to download the app, you can give them your very own unique invite code which is tied to your account.  If your friend uses it, you can earn 100 or 250 points, depending on the operating system they use, and your friend can get 50 bonus points as well.  It’s not a lot, but hey, if you know friends that may be interested, it doesn’t hurt to send out the invite.

As for the “rewards,” you often need to complete at least one offer to unlock your daily gift.  This varies as to what you get, but the more you use the app in consecutive days, the more you can earn.  For instance, in the past, you could earn 20% more if you logged in for two days in a row, etc.  As a simple “hack,” make sure you log into the app at least daily to see what kind of rewards you can get as they will always vary.


Since you’re probably not doing this for your health, you’re probably wondering what you can exchange your points for.  Yes, you can earn cash and gift cards when you pile up enough points.

As I already mentioned, every point is worth about $0.002, but this does depend on which reward you choose as the higher dominations are worth more in value.  The points may not seem like much, but seeing some of these apps do pay more than 3,000 points, it can add up if you were to complete a few in one day.

To cash out, you will need a minimum of 2,700 points, which is enough to cash out for a $5 gift card, but you’re not forced to cash out at this moment as you can wait for your points to build to cash out for a $10, $25, $50 or even $100 gift card.  As I mentioned, the longer you wait, the more your points are worth.  It’s wise to be patient here!

So, what kind of rewards are there?

The company doesn’t offer a ton of rewards, but the ones they do offer are usually the ones people want, such as Amazon and PayPal.

At the time of this review, here were the rewards I could choose from:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Steam
  • Google Play
  • Minecraft Servers
  • Playstation Network
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • PayPal
  • NFL

As long as you want cash or Amazon, it’s here, but there are other great options as well.  The rewards are quite good with no complaints here.

What Others Are Saying

Not every review should be about my thoughts only as I’m not the only reviewer in town, so in this section, as seen in every review, are the pros and cons I found across the web.

Remember, even the best apps/websites have poor reviews, so I encourage you to make your own judgment as to what you should and shouldn’t trust.

Looking online, here were a few good (and bad) things I found floating around online…

AppBounty Pros

  • only seconds to sign up
  • free to join
  • easy to understand/use
  • great reward choices
  • great Google Play/iOS reviews (250K reviews with 4.2 star average)

AppBounty Cons

  • some apps are not worth your time
  • easy to run out of tasks
  • some gift cards sell out quickly
  • not a lot of income potential
  • reports of not crediting

Final Thoughts

AppBounty is definitely not a scam and is safe.  There’s no concern here.  They are 100% legitimate and backed by a very real corporation.  They pay their members and usually credit your account as long as you follow the rules.  I can promise you that you will get paid as long as the company is operating.

While I wouldn’t say this is my favorite way to make money on the side, I can’t see myself making a ton doing this, maybe $10 to $20 a month at most.

The key here is to just log in whenever you choose and take a look at the app list.  If you see one that only takes you a few seconds to do, then it may not hurt to at least check out the app and get your credits.  However, if you have to reach level 25 in order to earn $4, then it’s probably not worth your time.  Consider it more of an app when you’re curious about other up and coming apps on the market.

It could also be one to check out if you’re looking for a new app/game to play.  If you’re going to try something, you might as well be rewarded, right?

7/10 In the end, I’m going to give the app a 7/10, mainly due to the fact that you can’t earn much and you really won’t see a ton of apps added throughout the months.  The ones that are on the list take forever to complete and you’re often making pennies an hour.   It’s not a huge moneymaker, but I do like the concept.

On the flip side, however, if you don’t mind earning a $10 gift card here or there in your spare time checking out apps, then it could work.  Just let it be known that you won’t get rich in doing so.  Again, only download the apps that only take seconds to do.  They are there.  You just have to wait for them.  It also doesn’t hurt to download an app if you already wanted to play the game.  Don’t just play if you feel forced to do so.  This isn’t the way to do it!

If you have ever tried AppBounty and/or want to comment on it, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.  I’d love to hear more thoughts.

In the meantime, if you love testing apps and want to at least get rewarded, then it may be one to consider, but if you’re looking for a part-time gig, it’s one to avoid.  Regardless, it’s a fun way to earn a few bucks, but again, don’t expect to make a ton in doing it.

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