AskWonder Review: Get Paid to Answer Questions?

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AskWonder is unique in comparison to the many ways to make money online, as you will be asked to “research” answers that people ask.  Simply put, it’s a human-based search engine, one where you can get paid to provide your answers after performing the necessary research.  It’s one I mentioned before, but I felt it was time to research it in depth to see how it works.

If you like the idea of research and you want to get paid, then it may be a position to consider.  As a fair warning, it will not get you rich, but it could provide you with enough cash to buy a dinner or two.  Just don’t expect much.

The premise is cool, but the question is if it’s worth your time.  We’re about to find out.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is Ask Wonder?

Picture Ask Wonder as a human search engine.  According to the company’s purpose, it “was built to change the way we learn,” and they wanted to make learning “human” again.  It’s the reason they created this platform.

As a researcher, you’re presented with a question, which is asked by companies and paying members, and then it’s up to you to find an answer, providing any data you can find.  Just like a college course, it will be so important to cite your source.

The company was founded in 2015, based out of New York.

Signing Up as a Researcher

NOTE:  The company isn’t always hiring new applicants, so don’t be discouraged if you see a message.  Keep checking back as spaces do open up.

If you want to sign up as a researcher, it won’t be as easy as signing up and gaining access to the questions.  Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy.

With Ask Wonder, it’s going to be a bit more complex.  Since you’re going to have to research and provide the right answers with sources, the company will want to make sure you have the necessary skills to thrive with the organization.  To prove yourself, you will have to take a test to see if you qualify.  And, this test will be an example of what you may see as a researcher.  It will be your job to research the sample research question and then provide the answer.  Based on your answer will depend on if you get the job or not.

The purpose of this test is to see how quickly you can answer a question as well as see if your answers are written in a way that’s going to make their customers happy.

Keep in mind that not all answers will be straight forward.  Instead, you may have to come up with a creative solution, sometimes having to come up with your own educated guess at an answer.  They just want to see if you’re able to use the data you can find and come up with an answer that makes sense.

If you do get accepted, you will have to review the guidelines before you start working with the real-time questions.  This will come in the form of a simple course on how the organization operates as well as how you can create your answers.  Even after the course completes, you can still answer information through its help database as well as research out to others via Slack, an online messaging platform, in case you run into troubles.

Answering Questions

If you do get approved, then you get to work at your own pace since you’re an independent contractor.  You can answer one question a week or none for that matter.  It’s what makes this a decent side gig to make a few dollars on the side.

Once you gain access to the dashboard, you can log in at any time and claim jobs on the dashboard by entering the queue.  Once your turn in line comes, you will receive a job, but you won’t know what it entails until you get it.  This can be a downfall to some.

After you submit your request, you will then have to wait for approval in order to get paid.  In most cases, you will start as an assistant, so when you submit your answer, it will then go onto the review team, which will review the answer before they pass it off to the customer.  Eventually, as you work on the site, you can advance to the review team if the company likes your work.

How Much Does Ask Wonder Pay?

This brings me to my next point – the pay.

Depending on the complexity, the pay seems to range anywhere from as little as $8 for being an assistant to more than $40+ for a more difficult question.  According to some of the third-party review sites I saw, a good researcher could make $30 per hour, but this is just that, an average.  This rate could even increase if you were to be invited to an inclusive review time.

A Reddit user said they pay about ” $16 per sourcing job, $16 per copy edit job, and $30 if you claim both a source plus a copy and edit.”  If you’re able to complete a job in an hour, that can lead you to a $30 per hour average.  But, as this reviewer notes, it’s rare, especially for newbies, as requests can take up to four hours in some cases.  Also, remember that you need your work reviewed, which determines your pay.  If it’s denied, you don’t get paid and your time is wasted.

Ask Wonder pays out twice a month via PayPal, and there are no minimums required.  Once you earn any cash, it will be sent to your PayPal on file the next payday.

What People Are Saying

What I’m reading is that many people used to like Ask Wonder in the past when they first started.  At the time, they had a lot of work and it appeared that researchers could keep busy; however, as time has gone on, the work has slowly disappeared.

For example, a reviewer on Indeed said the following:

This particular reviewer didn’t like that the work was dwindling, at least compared to the past.  He also didn’t like the management changes, often offering work instructions that were consistently changed.

Another Reddit user, who said they made more than $15,000 on the platform, said the platform may be worth it depending on your situation.  If you’re not relying on it for income, then it can be okay; however, if you’re relying on making a certain amount every month, you may get into trouble because the platform is unpredictable.  This seemed to be a common complaint among people who have reviewed the company in the past few months.

Another Reddit user said that if you like to write essays and have decent grammar and organizational skills, then this is an opportunity to consider.  They noted it wasn’t as bad as the reviewers say online.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t appear Ask Wonder has much work anymore, however, this can change if the company changes its direction.  Yes, the company is legit, and yes you will get paid to research, but I wouldn’t count on getting a ton of work, at least for now.  Keep it as a side gig and you should do okay.

If you like the idea of doing some research and making up to $30~ per question answered, then why not sign up?  Remember, you may not be able to register, but don’t let that stop you as they open registration frequently.

That’s going to wrap it up.

If you want to comment on Ask Wonder, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below.

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