BeMyEye Review: $3-$15 Short Missions

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More than 3,000,000 people use the BeMyEye app, which allows you to complete “short missions” with your smartphone near you.  If you’re familiar with the very popular Field Agent app, it works just like it, only that there aren’t as many jobs available.  However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you find yourself out and about quite often, and you have a smartphone (which I’m sure you do), then you may benefit from a short mission from time to time.  The app won’t make you rich, but I feel you can earn a few dollars here and there.  If you’re happy with that, then it may be an app to download.

In today’s review, I talk about how the app works, what you can make and how it works.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!

How Does BeMyEye Work?

As mentioned, the BeMyEye app will send your phone short missions based on your geographical location, which you can accept from a list.  These missions are often short, no more than five minutes of your time, and can range from taking a picture to answering a question.  I will get into this later.

Whenever a mission pops up, you will be able to read a description as to what’s expected of you as well as where the job is located.  For every job you complete, you will get the cash added to your balance as well as receive experience points, which can help you unlock even more missions to earn cash.

Signing up for BeMyEye

To work with BeMyEye, you can only do so via your phone since the missions are based on your location.  The app is 100% free to download and you can do so via Google Play or iTunes.

To get started, the app will first ask you to activate your geolocation so that it can send you missions nearby.  If you don’t allow the app to track your location, then you won’t be able to use the app.

Immediately after activating your geolocation, you can start to use the app.  It doesn’t appear they make you create an account immediately to start taking your missions, but if you go to the settings tab or your main screen, you can create an account so that no data is lost.

The app mainly focuses on European countries where it primarily works, but if you live in the United States, you can sign up as well.  You may not see a ton of jobs, however.  You have to be at least 18 years old to create an account.

Working Missions to Earn Cash

After you sign up, you can immediately start working if there are any missions available.  Your dashboard will look something like this:

You will be able to see your XP, which increases as you complete missions successfully.  As you move up in levels, you can book more than one job, you will see a decrease in waiting time and you can withdraw your money much faster than when you started out. Keep in mind that you can lose your XP if you don’t complete a mission on time or your jobs are rejected.

You will see other stats as well, such as the total missions you completed, your available cash as well as your “favorite places” if you like a particular mission.  You will find that a lot of these retailers will continue to post jobs on this app and you can favorite them so that they stand out more in comparison to other jobs.

To start making money, you will simply click on that “Missions” icon near the bottom or you can follow the blue banner near the top if any missions are available.  All missions pay out in cash, not points.

Missions will vary, but most of them, at least from what I have seen, involve taking a few pictures, scanning a specific barcode or even mystery shopping, wherein you will be asked to act like a shopper and then answer some questions.

For example, the job above would ask you to take a picture of the entire dairy category in a store and then submit it.  Just make sure you read those directions in detail so that you don’t get your missions denied.

All of the missions are very straight-forward and can be found on your app’s map, which will look something like this…

Most missions pay anywhere from $2 to $15 and can take up to 20 minutes to complete.  Everything you need to know will be given to you before you accept the job.


To cash out, BeMyEye will pay you via PayPal or bank transfer.  These are the only two options at the moment, but seeing most people want PayPal, this isn’t a big deal.

If you choose the PayPal option, you will need at least $5 in your account, whereas a bank transfer will require a $20 minimum.  Seeing 99% of us want a PayPal payout, it shouldn’t take long to reach this threshold.

Once you request a payout, you should receive your cash within 24 to 48 hours.

The Pros:

  • many of the jobs pay $3 to $15, which isn’t bad for this type of work
  • very easy work
  • fast payments
  • PayPal

The Cons:

  • you definitely won’t get rich using the app
  • in some areas, you may never see jobs pop up (major cities tend to be the best)
  • some jobs take far too long for the compensation given

Final Thoughts

7/10If you like this type of work, it’s an okay app.  It’s not the most popular app in this field, but it’s a reputable one.  If you’re already shopping, why not at least download it and see what kind of jobs are in your area?

I wouldn’t rank it near the top nor would I call it a dud.  If you have jobs in your area, then I think you could earn $5 to $10 per job, which means you could earn anywhere from $5 to $20+ per week.  Your results will vary.

For now, check out this one as well as the many apps that work just like it.  It’s a very easy way to earn a few dollars here and there.  While I wouldn’t go out of my way to drive to a location, I wouldn’t mind using it if I’m already in the store or at least nearby.  That’s how I see it.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience or add to what I have written, you’re more than welcome to use the comments section below.  As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again in the future.

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