BigSpot Review: Please Read Before Joining

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It wasn’t too long ago I was watching late-night TV and happened to watch a commercial for BigSpot.  The company claimed that you could make money taking surveys and it was 100% free to join.  It wasn’t the best in terms of production value but that doesn’t always mean anything.  After all, have you ever seen a local car dealership commercial before?  Simply put, a poor commercial doesn’t always mean a poor experience.

So, seeing this is what I do in my spare time, I thought what better time to check out the company see what it’s all about.

Could you make money with BigSpot?

Is it worth your time?

That’s what I’m about to answer.

In today’s honest review, I’m going to review, the company that claims they can match you to companies that need opinions.  In exchange for your signing up, you can take the free surveys and put extra cash in your pocket.

What is BigSpot?

The main website is pretty basic as all you can do is either sign up to start making money or click on a few footer links.  I couldn’t find an “about us” page, but I did see that the company, VarsityPlaza LLC, was mentioned in the terms and conditions.

So, searching this company name, I couldn’t find much, aside from information found on various third-party sites, such as the BBB and DNB.  The company did have a solid A+ BBB rating with no complaints, and that’s a positive, however, they didn’t have an official website.   Is that a red flag?  Sometimes, it can be, but it isn’t the end of the world as I have reviewed companies in the past without an official company page.

The company seems to be based in Virginia with more than 15+ years of experience.  I didn’t find much, but just because I didn’t, it doesn’t always mean it’s a scam.

Signing up for BigSpot

To sign up for BigSpot, you can do so directly on the main page.  The initial screener will ask for your date of birth as well as your gender.  This seemed odd at first because it didn’t ask for an email address, but I soon found out that they didn’t care.  Most survey companies will at least ask for an email address to allow you to log back in whenever you want to make money.

Immediately after signing up, I was presented with the following…

Even though it said it was based on my profile, I was given the same list of companies, no matter what I put on the sign-up page.  This is all that there was to it.

While the companies they are promoting above, LifePoints and i-Say by Ipsos, are 100% legitimate, they are only pushing companies that are paying them per sign up.  It’s nothing but a ploy to make it feel as if they are offering you these great companies that will pay you to take surveys.  Trust me, these companies aren’t a secret as I have been promoting them for years now.

BigSpot was nothing but offering you a list of survey companies and nothing else.  It’s not unique nor is it even worth your time.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, BigSpot is a big dud.

It’s nothing but a basic aggregator that just lists very well-known survey companies.  They mentioned two companies that are 100% legitimate, but there are so many more than this.  I highly recommend you check out the list I created to see which companies are out there.  They are all 100% legitimate, I promise you and will actually make you money.  BigSpot won’t.

Thankfully, the company doesn’t ask for any personal information, so that’s a plus, but the downfall is that you won’t find much of value anyway, so I would steer clear.

For now, check out the more than 80+ survey companies out there if you’re interested in making money answering questions.  While you won’t get rich, you can make $20, $50 or $100 a month with minimal efforts.

BigSpot isn’t a scam; rather, it’s a just a list of survey companies that are unique at all.

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