Is Blackout Bingo a Scam? Not Quite, But… (Review)

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Bingo has been a favorite game for many years. Some folks play just to enjoy themselves, while others raise the stakes by playing for money.

Now, there are apps like Blackout Bingo saying you can make real cash by playing Bingo online. This might make you wonder if these apps are really worth your time.

Well, I tried out the app to see for myself.

In this review, I’ll break down what I discovered about Blackout Bingo, its potential to earn money, and feedback from other players. This will help you figure out if it’s a good fit for you.  As always, I’m 100% honest, so you can be assured I’m only going to recommend what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin.

What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is an app where you can play games and possibly win actual money. It was made by Big Run Studios Inc. and is part of the Skillz platform. Think of Skillz as a huge online store for mobile games, where you can find games that rely on both skill and luck.

In Blackout Bingo, you have the chance to win a range of prizes. These can be things like products or, in some places, even real money.  It’s much like the Bingo you know and love. I found the app easy to use when I tried it.  Your goal is to mark off every spot on your game card. And if you’re quick, you might get some bonuses to help you mark off numbers even faster.

You’ll pick up the rules in no time as long as you know how bingo works in general.

The good news is that anyone with an Android or iOS device can get the app for free. It’s actually one of the top apps out there for Bingo enthusiasts looking to play for cash.  However, some states don’t allow you to sign up.  At the moment, this includes Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.  However, you can still play the free games and potentially win products.

Is it Legitimate?

Blackout Bingo is real, and yes, you can earn some actual cash prizes by winning in the tournament games. That said, even though you can earn some money, you also stand the chance of losing what you’ve invested. While the app paints a rosy picture of easy earnings, there’s a genuine possibility of ending up with a net loss.  Yes, you do need to invest your money in the tournaments to potentially win.

Another concern I have is that with Blackout Bingo and similar apps, there’s no real way to confirm if you’re competing against genuine human players or if it’s all just a computer-controlled setup.

Moreover, I’ve come across other apps that offer better earnings without the need to invest money or face any risks.

Yes, you can play without investing a dime, or take the plunge and risk your cash in the hopes of a swift gain. However, I’m skeptical about its overall trustworthiness and value.

How it Works

When I tried out Blackout Bingo, I spent some time playing a handful of games to grasp how it works.  As mentioned, it’s a pretty straightforward platform that basically allows you to enjoy bingo on your mobile device and, in turn, earn some cash and other rewards.

The concept is simple. And I have to say, as a way to make a bit of extra money on the side, it’s user-friendly, even for those just starting out.

To give you a clearer picture, let’s dive  into the steps and how you’d go about redeeming the prizes on Blackout Bingo:


Your journey with Blackout Bingo begins with downloading the app onto your phone or tablet. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a thing. After opening the app, you’ll choose a username and a fun avatar to represent you.

Next, you’ll engage in a practice game on Blackout Bingo. This is more of a tutorial round, helping you get a feel for the app.

You’ll be pitted against an opponent with a skill set similar to yours during this trial run. Bear in mind, though, that real cash isn’t up for grabs in these games. Instead, you’ll earn something called “z tokens” or “tickets.”

I didn’t do all that great in my trial game, but it wasn’t a big deal. It’s just a fun and casual way to get acquainted with the platform.

Playing Real Games

Once you wrap up your initial practice game, the door opens for you to dive deeper into the app and start playing more engaging games, potentially leading to rewards.

If you’ve played traditional Bingo before, you know the drill. Your objective is to score as many “bingos” as you can. This involves marking off numbers as they’re called out. Speed and accuracy are your best friends here.

In the world of Blackout Bingo, a “bingo” isn’t just your typical vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. If you manage to mark off numbers in all four corners, that’s a bingo, too.

If you match two numbers in succession, you get what’s called a “booster.” This tool lets you pick any square on your card, nudging you closer to your next bingo. Each game gives you a two-minute window, and within that, you aim to bag as many bingos as you can.

You’re free to play just for the thrill of it. But, if you’ve got your eyes on a bit of extra cash, it’s the real cash games you’ll want to check out.

Playing for Money

Now, Blackout Bingo does make a promise – the chance to win actual cash. But there’s a catch.

To enter these cash games, you’ll need to put some of your own money into your Blackout Bingo account. This is your ticket, or “buy-in,” to join these real-money tournaments. Just remember, if you don’t come out on top in these games, that buy-in is gone, leaving you with a lighter pocket.  This is a gamble, of course.

To paint a clearer picture, let’s take an example. If you invested $50 in a game, which is quite a chunk of change, you could potentially double your earnings.  However, you could lose that initial investment.  If you win, you get the reward as well as tickets.

It’s worth noting that this style of play is pretty standard for games within the Skillz platform. Essentially, you’re putting your money on the line, betting on the chance to multiply it.


One way to get a bit more out of Blackout Bingo is by claiming bonus cash rewards. These bonuses come your way when you collect a significant number of tickets. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the money games or the complimentary practice rounds; either way, tickets can be earned.

Accumulating these tickets allows you to trade them in for bonus cash. This, in turn, can give you the green light to join competitions where real money is at stake. However, keep in mind, this so-called “bonus cash” can’t be directly withdrawn. Its sole purpose is to give you a pass to participate in the app’s cash games.

Now, the number of tickets needed to claim bonus cash isn’t a walk in the park. The entry point usually starts at 20,000 tickets, which translates to just $1 of bonus cash. And if you’re eyeing the $100 bonus cash prize, you’re looking at a whopping 1,250,000+ tickets.  That’s going to take a long time to earn these tickets.  So, they are not worth as much as you think.

To sum it up, Blackout Bingo does offer a pathway where you could, in theory, earn money without any investment. You play free games, secure bonus cash, and then hop into real cash games. That said, a majority of the time, you’ll find yourself depositing money to actively engage in real cash games on the app.  It will take you a long time to earn these tickets, trust me.

How Much Can I Earn?

When playing around with it, I feel you can make anywhere between $10 to $50, or perhaps even more if you triumph in one of their competitive games. But remember, this isn’t a sure bet. You can just as easily face a loss and end up with a lighter pocket. One major hurdle with this app is the substantial amount of time you’d need to invest before seeing any real profit.  An investment, 99% of the time, is necessary.

I’d like to stress that when you dive into the paid games on Blackout Bingo, you’re essentially taking a gamble. There’s no way to predict with certainty if you’ll walk away with more money than you started with.

While there are some testimonies from users who’ve had success, many suggest not to set your hopes too high. Maybe, if you’re fortunate, you’ll gather enough to treat yourself to a coffee or snag something from a fast-food value menu.

To put it bluntly, this isn’t your golden ticket to big bucks. It’s more of a casual money-making app with the added twist of potential losses if your bingo games don’t go your way.  I’m picturing this game more like a casino rather than a way to “earn.”

Do You Really Get Paid?

Yes, Blackout Bingo does dish out real cash to victors of its cash games. However, the catch is you have to put your own money on the line to join the competition. This isn’t a straightforward, risk-free path to pocketing extra change.

If you’re wondering about cashing out, the app offers a variety of methods, such as:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard

But I think it’s worth sharing some of the feedback I came across. I scrolled through comments and ratings on the Apple App Store and, truth be told, some were quite concerning.

A noticeable number of Blackout Bingo reviews shared frustrations of not being able to claim their earnings, and a few even went as far as branding the app a scam, alleging unauthorized deductions from their accounts.

Given the multitude of cautionary reviews, I personally decided against sharing my card details or investing any real cash into the app as I didn’t want to risk my money.  I don’t know if they pay but I did read some stories as to getting paid.

That said, if you’re considering giving it a whirl, I’d advise treading carefully, especially when it comes to linking your banking details or making any deposits.

The Pros

  • Skip the ads! A lot of mobile games constantly interrupt you with ads and banners, but here, you can enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • Attractive cash bonuses are available when you deposit.
  • They offer a rewarding program for referring friends.
  • Even if you don’t want to invest, there are complimentary games (like the practice rounds) available for everyone.
  • The gameplay? Super user-friendly.
  • Get complimentary bonus tickets every couple of hours.

The Cons

  • The game lacks a comprehensive how-to guide. You get just the basics. But diving into many practice rounds or checking out Blackout Bingo’s Facebook community can help clarify strategies and other game details.
  • If you’re eyeing cash rewards, you need to stake some cash first. Relying solely on practice games to amass enough ‘ticketz’ for tangible rewards might take ages.
  • The Amazon gift card prize seems ambiguous. Some reviews hint at Amazon gift cards as rewards, but during my gameplay and prize list review, I didn’t spot any.
  • There’s a bit of misinformation out there. Certain reviews on financial platforms and side gig-focused sites can sometimes give a skewed perspective, which can be misleading. For the most current and accurate info, it’s best to refer directly to app store listings or their official Facebook page.
  • Winning isn’t always a walk in the park. Initially, victories might come easy, but as you progress and your skill level improves, the challenge intensifies. Those winning significant sums regularly are likely the ones deep-diving into tutorials, articles, and engaging in countless practice games to up their game.

Final Thoughts

2/10From my standpoint, unless you want to play casual, free Bingo games, Blackout Bingo might not be the best fit. I gave the app a whirl and found it user-friendly, though I opted not to gamble with my own funds.

If you’re eyeing this app as a means to boost your income, I’d caution that the time commitment might outweigh the returns. In essence, while you’re putting in the hours, it’s primarily the app creators who stand to benefit, often leaving users with minimal rewards.  Remember, you’re gambling so there’s no guarantee. Even if you went after the bonuses, you will be wasting a lot of time.

For now, my thoughts?  I would probably give this app a pass.

That’s going to do it for now.

Have you had a experience with Blackout Bingo? As always, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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