Boints App Review: Cash Out in 5 Minutes?

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The Boints App is one of the many apps that pays you play games.  The only difference, however, is that they have no cash out minimum and you get paid by the minutes you play.  This could make it one of the better apps to download for your phone.

However, like everything, what you read isn’t always true and that’s what I wanted to create this review.

Can you cash out in five minutes?

Can you make money?

That’s what I want to find out.

Whether you heard about the Boints app or you want to find a legitimate app that pays you to play games, let’s see if this app is truly worth the download.

Earning Money with Boints

Immediately after you download the app, you can start earning money.

The app focuses a lot on playing games, however, you can earn “Boints” for completing other tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys as well as referring your friends.

For reference, every 125,000 Boints is worth about $1 in PayPal cash.

When you download the app, your dashboard is going to look something like this:

With a few ways to earn, let’s talk about each one.

Playing Games

Right on your main page, you will see “Play a Game and make $5.”

If you were to click on that, it will take you directly to a list of games, explaining what you need to do to earn “Boints,” which is the game’s currency.

As long as you allow the app to track your game play, you can earn the points noted.

For example, that first game, 2248 Linked, will earn you up to 7,950 Boints in total.

If you do see that it says you can make $5, you will have to download a game and make to the furthest level to earn the most amount of Boints.  In doing so, you can earn that initial $5 bonus.

This list goes on, but they do seem to update this list frequently.  Keep in mind that the $5 bonus is usually only open to first-time users.

Watch Videos

For every video you watch, you can earn up to 600 Boints.  It isn’t much.

It’s as simple as clicking the link and then watching a 30~ second ad, that’s it.

Immediately after closing out, you will see the points added to your balance, however, keep in mind that you will have to watch about 300+ videos to earn $2~ in rewards.  This isn’t a good use of time.

Fun Surveys

In the fun surveys section, Boints works with a third-party offerwall known as  This is an offerwall that you will find on many other money-making apps.  In short, they provide the surveys for the app provider and then the app, such as Boints, will split the profits with you.  There isn’t much in terms of uniqueness.

These surveys can pay up to 175,000 Boints, but it will just depend on your demographics and how long the survey is.  You can see in the screenshot, most pay about 10,000 to 20,000 Boints, which is only $0.10 to $0.20 in value.  Remember, every 100,000~ Boints is about $1 in value, so 20,000 points is only $0.20 for your time.

After you complete a short demographic profile, you can see the surveys available to you at the moment.  Simply take the surveys, and if you qualify, you will earn the Boints specified.

While surveys can be good, I definitively don’t recommend taking them here, as there are much better options such as Freecash and Swagbucks to name a few.  You will always want to focus on the leaders in the industry if you want to solely focus on surveys.

Refer a Friend

Lastly, you can refer your friends using an invite code.

If you do, you can earn 10% of what your friends earn.  You can find this on your dashboard under the “refer” tab.

Daily Tournament

As one final way to earn, you can enter the daily tournament, which can pay you up to 100,000 Boints.

To qualify, you will have to earn the most Boints for the day, and if you’re in the top 10, you can win a small bonus, usually which is worth less than $1.  It isn’t much, so I don’t find it worth chasing.

Cashing Out

The nice thing about Boints is that you can cash out at any time, no matter what you have in your account.

To cash out, you will need to add your verified PayPal account.  After you do, you will usually receive your money within five minutes.

Remember, you will need about 100,000~ Boints to earn about $1 in PayPal cash.  This is subject to change, however.

The Pros:

  • no minimum
  • PayPal
  • anyone can join
  • free to use

The Cons:

  • nothing unique
  • won’t earn much
  • lots of glitch reports
  • some reports of not getting paid

Read more reviews on this Reddit thread.

Final Thoughts

4/10In the end, Boints is 100% legitimate, but you won’t find much in terms of uniqueness here.  What I saw here is found on so many other apps.  The only thing they have going for it is that there’s no minimum cash out.  I like that.

If you want to download it, you won’t make much.  I’m thinking $1 to $2 a day if that.  While you can take advantage of that $5 bonus, it will soon disappear after you do it for the first time, and even then, it’s not worth it.

You will never make much with these apps and Boints is no exception.  While isn’t a scam, you won’t find it game changing, either.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, feel free to leave a comment on your experience below if you have one.

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  • was making money online and doing great I loved the app and i.went to cash out. I recieved an email stating that they would need documentation and proof of ownership. I submitted my driver’s license and a screenshot of my account ID on the app exactly as asked. I recieved another email shortly with a nice sarcastic “thanks for the partial verification” I didn’t understand…they wanted a picture of my account on my phone with my license laying next to it…. what?????? does this sound weird to anyone else? hold on it gets weirder…I told them that it was ridiculous and no that I only.have the phone etc. well I then recieved another email telling me to record myself putting my license beside my phone if that wouldn’t be to difficult for me they so kindly stated…this is weirder I thought because the guy said he wanted to make sure that I was in the country I had put down in my info as living in….well what in the frozen hell!!! doesn’t apps usually just use the mobile phones location!!!??? tell me does any of this sound honest and legit? I have screenshots of all the emails. what do you think about this?am I overreacting or did I just react?

      • For the most part it was an easy verification process, but I, too, didn’t fully understand the whole ID on screen with game ID shown. I got myself into this bind when. I used a different PayPal account to redeem a second time. I don’t see why I needed to be questioned or confronted or verified because of a different PP acct being used, the Gmails used are both made with first and last in the address. I would better understand the verification when doing my first redeem not my second.

        Can anyone tell me how to cashout my Boints app Cash Balance. I completed 4 game offers and still have not be able to cashout the $35.