Coinpayu Review: Earn Crypto Viewing Ads?

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Coinpayu pays you in cryptocurrency by viewing advertisements and completing offers.  That’s it.

If you want to complete offers and get paid with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin, to name a few, then this could be something to consider.

Whether you heard about Coinpayu or you want to find out more ways to earn online, let’s take a look and see if Coinpayu is worth your time.

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is your typical GPT website that rewards you view advertisements and complete offers.  I have talked about these types of sites many times, but the key difference here is that they pay out in cryptocurrency.  If you want Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency for that matter, then it may be something to consider.  However, if you want to be rewarded with PayPal cash or gift cards, you will want to skip out as they don’t offer this option.

From the looks of it, Coinpayu is 100% legitimate.  They have more than 150,000+ active weekly users and display more than 12 million advertisements a week.  With more than $1.2 million in payments, you can be assured that you will get paid when you use the site, however, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth your time.

Making Money on Coinpayu Viewing Ads

One of the main ways to make money with Coinpayu is by simply viewing ads, and it’s as easy as it sounds.

On the site, you can view a variety of ads, as you can see, from “surf ads” to “window ads.”

No matter which ad category you click on, however, they all work in a similar way.  For example, the “surf ads” will look something like this.

All you need to do is open the ad and then let it stay open for the duration noted, usually 60 seconds.  And, once you do, you will then earn what’s noted.  In this case, the first ad would credit you “10.8 satoshi” in doing so.  For every 10 satoshi you earn surfing advertisements, you will be able to convert it into various cryptocurrencies.  I will get into how much you can earn later on.

Again, this is very easy, but it’s going to take a lot of patience as you will have to wait 60 seconds for the advertisements to pend on your account.  As you can imagine, this can take some time.

All the advertisements are similar, so just pay close attention to the timer to ensure that you get credited for your time.  If you fail to do so, they won’t give you credit.

Making Money with Offers

Another way to make money is via the offers tab, which, like the many I have talked about in the past, works in the same way.

What are known as third-party offerwalls, these are companies that work with companies such as Coinpayu.  They provide someone like Coinpayu with the offers and then they get to decide how much of the profits they want to pass onto you.  These offers can range from signing up for an email newsletter to joining a bank.  Everything that you need to know about the offer will be provided to you before you even start.  As long as you follow the directions, you should get credited, but you should always take screenshots so that you have proof.

And, what I like to do immediately is compare the rates to other bigger names such as Swagbucks if I were to do these offers.  In doing so, I found that many of their competitors paid much, much more.  Coinpayu only paid a few thousand “satoshi,” which only equated to a few points.  This isn’t much.

While these third-party offerwall companies are legitimate, it’s so important that you compare these offers to other sites as you will find the rates will vary.  I can’t stress this enough.  Here, I wouldn’t even consider many of the offerwall options because the rates were so much lower.

Making Money with the Faucet

And, the last way to earn is the “faucet,” where you can claim free satoshi every 60 minutes as well as earn satoshi by taking surveys.

Claiming is as easy as clicking on a link and waiting the 10-60 seconds, similar to that of the ads.  Once you claim it, you will get a random reward.  For example, when I did it, I was rewarded 4 satoshi.

As for the surveys, it appears they come from the third-party companies I mentioned before.  If any sound of interest, you will click on the survey tab and finish it in its entirety to get rewarded.  Keep in mind that you won’t qualify for every survey you click on.  In fact, you may be lucky to qualify for more than 20% you click on.

Referring Friends for Satsohi

And, lastly, like many GPT sites, you can refer your friends, however, it’s a bit different as your “referrals” need to advertise on the site.  Whenever they advertise, you will get a certain commission, usually about 20% of the sales commission.  The more ad sales you refer, the more revenue you can get.  At the moment, there’s no limit as to how many people you can refer.

Rewards and Getting Paid

As I have been noting, you will earn a certain number of “satoshi” in which you can convert to your wallet.  This can include Bitcoin, Payeer, Dogecoin, Faucetpay and Ethereum, to name a few.  Honestly, they have most of the bigger cryptocurrencies and you can choose which one you want to convert your satoshi to.

Depending on which coin you choose, each one will have varying minimums, as you can see here:

Unless it’s a bigger name, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, you will have to have at least 1,000 staoshi in your account to get rewarded.

So, for example, if you had 1,000 satoshi and wanted Payeer, you would get $0.389 in value based on the chart above.  Doing the math, you would have to view 100 advertisements to earn $0.38.  That’s not a lot.

Remember, they don’t have PayPal nor do they offer any gift cards.  It’s strictly cryptocurrency.

When you make a withdrawal, payments are usually made within 72 hours.

How Much Can You Earn?

As you can see, above, you’re going to have to do a lot to earn peanuts if you plan on viewing ads, but this can be said about any “get paid to view ad site”, as most don’t pay much.  Every 100 advertisements, for instance, barely nets you $0.50.  That’s a huge waste of time.

But, what if you complete a survey or offer?

Well, if you were to complete a 2,500 statoshi survey, that’s different, as that could be about $1.50 in value.  That’s much better, but the offers they have can be found elsewhere.

So, if you’re going to use the site, I definitely wouldn’t focus on the advertisement portion as there’s not much here; however, if you complete surveys and/or offers, you could make much more.  As I mentioned, though, most of the third-party offers don’t pay much here in comparison to the competitors, so I would make sure you consider other options such as Swagbucks and  These sites pay much more and will offer much more in terms of opportunity.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, I’m not going to recommend Coinpayu, unfortunately.

They don’t pay much for viewing advertisements (as is the case with all sites like this) and the third-party offerwalls can be found everywhere online for much better rates.  Plus, you can’t even get paid in cash, which is a huge downfall to most, seeing most people don’t care about cryptocurrency, especially in today’s economical climate.  I knew this ahead of time, though.

While the company is legitimate, it’s a hard pass.  There’s not much to be made and there are so many better alternatives elsewhere.  Check out this post if you want to see what’s out there.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience, you can do so in the comments below.

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