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Get Paid to Complete Offers w/ These 18+ Options

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I have talked about making money with surveys, watching videos and even playing video games from home.   These are very popular categories that many of your top money-making websites offer.

But, I have never wrote about another popular category that many of these websites offer as well — getting paid to complete offers.

In short, companies will pay you, whether it be in points or cash, to complete an offer.  Sometimes it’s as easy as signing up for something, whereas other offers may require you to test a product.  All offers vary, but if you play your cards right, you could earn as much as $75+ in some cases.  And, the best part is that there’s always a ton of offers you can complete.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many popular websites that pay you to complete offers.  Some offers won’t require a credit card, while some will.  Even if they do require one, you can still come out ahead as long as you cancel your offer in time.  Let me just give you a quick example I took advantage of in the past.

On Swagbucks, they had a SiriusXM offer, wherein they offered me $50~ in points if I signed up for a month of service.  Seeing the service only cost less than $12 for the month, I was able to pocket $38, even after paying the $12.  This is just one of the many examples, but they do exist and can make you a ton of money.

If you like the idea of testing out products and/or signing up for something new, then getting paid to complete offers may be right in your wheelhouse.  Just be sure to read the fine print before completing an offer to make sure you get your reward!

Let’s begin!

Get Paid to Complete Offers for Others


Out of all the options I’m about to list, Swagbucks take the cake.  There’s a reason I always list them as #1.  They offer some of the most aggressive rates and are considered to be the leader in the industry, paying out more than $398 million to their members!

While most of my money comes from the surveys, Swagbucks also has a decent offers section, with some offers paying more than $80!  For instance, as I was writing this, these were just a few of the many on my dashboard…

As you can see, you could make 1250 SB ($12.50) for joining the AARP or 1000 SB ($10) for downloading an app and reaching level 3.  Most offers are self-explanatory and are very easy to complete.  Some pay as much as $80 to $100, as seen here…

I have been a member for quite some time and have done quite a few that have paid me more than $25.  From a radio subscription to trying out a dog toy subscription service, I have made $100s in doing so.

If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s 100% free to join and Swagbucks will even throw in a bonus for joining.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is owned by the same company as Swagbucks, Prodege.  While I don’t find them as great as Swagbucks all around, it makes for a great alternative if you want to earn $10-$25~ a week.

The cool thing about Inbox Dollars offers is that they don’t work with an offer wall, so most of what you find should be somewhat unique.  You can also sort by offers if you’re only looking for 100% free deals, as seen below…

As I wrote this, they had more than 7+ pages of offers, some of which paid more than $100!  At least take a look to see if there are any offers of interest to you.  In signing up, Inbox Dollars often throws you a $5 bonus.


Yet another company beneath the Prodege umbrella, MyPoints offers a pretty good number of offers, most of which do not come from an offer wall service.  You can work with an offer wall if you choose so, however.

As I was writing this, they had more than 30+ offers unique to their platform, some of which paid more than $35.  They had quite a few, the reason I list them at the top of my list.

I personally use MyPoints and even wrote a review of my experience.  Basically, I make most of my money in the surveys, but on occasions, I can find an offer worth doing.


PointClub mainly focuses on what’s known as “missions,” but they have an offer board, too.  Again, don’t expect much here as most of your offers come from third parties, but it’s a choice.

Aside from the offers, you will find that most of your money comes from the missions as they tend to pay quite well, especially if you can take advantage of “streaks.”

As I write this, there’s more than 106,000 in points available, a $100+ worth!  Be sure to check it out as they offer a very nice sign-up bonus upon completing a checklist.


FusionCash is another one of my favorites, mainly due to the number of surveys they offer.

While most of my money is made in the surveys, they do have “paid to sign up” opportunities as well, all of which are broken down into categories.  Yes, you can search the “no credit card needed” offers if you so choose.

FusionCash is another company I reviewed in the past, and I gave them high remarks for a plethora of reasons.  Be sure to check it out if interested in joining.


instaGC is a pretty cool website in that they reward you instantly and you only need a $1 in rewards to cash out.  It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money right now.

instaGC mostly works with offer walls, but they have their own offers as well.  Plus, you can sort your offers, only showing opportunities that don’t cost you a cent.

I did write about this company in the past, and I recommend you at least check out my review to see how the platform works as well as how you can take advantage.


Earnably is another website I wrote about in the past.  If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out the many reviews I have written.  They are always honest and non-biased.

Much like some of the others mentioned on this list, Earnably doesn’t usually have its own offers.  Instead, they rely on some of the bigger offer wall names, such as Peanut Labs, AdscendMedia and a few others.

You can earn in other ways, from surveys to downloading apps and watching videos.

I have reviewed quite a few companies that help you earn money online. is another one I talked about.  I gave them average remarks, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least check them out.

The thing I did like about this company is that you only need $1 to cash out and they pay via Bitcoin if that’s your kind of thing.

However, most of the offers you find here will be part of a third-party offer wall service.

Treasure Trooper

This is an oldie, but it still holds up to time.  It was one of the first “GPT” websites I came across back in the early 2000s.  Yes, it’s that old.

Treasure Trooper offers a ton of unique offers, some of which are very easy to complete, while you can partake in the third-party offer walls as well.  Pay close attention to the “hot offers” as these tend to convert the best.

Aside from the many offers, you can play treasure-like games, take surveys and much more.  100% free to join.

Be sure to check out my Treasure Trooper review as to how they work in detail.


MoolaDays doesn’t offer a ton of offers in comparison to the others mentioned here, but again, I try to include every option, even if it isn’t my favorite.

MoolaDays allows you to break down your offers by categories or even those that don’t require a credit card.

Use the link below and MoolaDays will credit your account with $3!


GrabPoints claims to offer some of the highest-paying websites on the internet in this industry.  While this is kind of true, as seen in my detailed review, it’s always best to compare these websites if you have an offer in mind.  If you complete one offer on one website, you won’t be able to do it on any other, so it’s important that you find the highest-paying option.

GrabPoints works with a variety of your typical offer walls, most of which can be found on all of these sites, but they have their own unique offers, too.  When I was writing this, for instance, they had more than 60+ unique offers, from downloading an app to purchasing a VPN.

Depending on what you sign up for, you can make anywhere from $1 to $15 per offer.


On all of my lists, I try to include just about every option possible.  Unfortunately, not all of them are fantastic.  GetPaidTo is one of them.

While they do offer you the opportunity to get paid to complete offers, most of these so-called “opportunities” come from offer walls.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, you will find these options with almost every GPT-like site.

Nonetheless, it’s a free option if you at least want to check it out.

Gift Hunter Club

The Gift Hunter Club has a ton of options, but sadly, most come from third-party offer walls.  In short, these offer walls show up on almost all GPT-like sites, so you may see the same offers over and over again.

On the positive side, though, they do work with quite a few, 15 at last count.  You may find some obscure offer walls that you won’t find anywhere else.

Aside from the offer walls, Gift Card Club also has a ton of survey opportunities you can take advantage of as well.


I have mentioned iRazoo a few times, such as my get paid to watch movie trailers and sites like Swagbucks posts.  Yes, it works a lot like Swagbucks, but in my eyes, it’s not nearly as good.

iRazoo works a lot with your third-party offer walls, such as Peanut Labs and Adscend Media, but they also have their own featured offer section as well.  Albeit, it’s not much, but it’s one to at least consider.

Most of the offers, when you convert the points into a dollar value, pay less than $1.  Not the best option, but it is one to at least consider.


Paidviewer rewards you to complete quizzes, download apps, fill out surveys, and yes, even complete offers.

As this is an up and comer in the industry, they don’t have a ton of unique offers to complete, so expect to see the “offer walls” you see on so many other sites.

Paidviewer offers a ton of instant payout options, including Bitcoin, Walmart, Xbox and more.


SendEarnings, also under the Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks umbrella, offers a variety of unique offers you can complete for cash.

Like Inbox Dollars, you can sort by 100% free offers or even break it down by category.  Most of their offers are unique, but they are quite similar to that to Inbox Dollars.  So, if you sign up for one, I would only do offers on or another, preferably Inbox Dollars if it were to me.

SendEarnings also offers a $5 bonus when signing up, so be sure to take advantage. 100% free to join!

Final Thoughts

Completing offers is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  It’s also one of the quickest.

Again, make sure you read the fine print to ensure you’re getting paid, especially if you plan on whipping out your credit card.

The same can be said about the third-party offer walls. If you plan on using Peanut Labs, Ascend Media or any platform that takes you away from the site you’re working with, be sure to compare the rates as every website offers a different value.  It’s important that you’re getting the best value for the offer you’re signing up for.

You won’t get rich in doing offers, but I feel you can make $20 to $200 if you take advantage of the right opportunities.

For now, be sure to check out the many platforms listed.  Almost all of them can earn you quite a bit by the end of the week.  You would be surprised.

As always, if you want to sound off and/or comment on the platforms listed, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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