Forthright Surveys Review: Get Instantly Rewarded?

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If you want to make your opinions known, then Forthright Surveys states you have come to the right place.  At Forthright, you can take surveys and get rewarded.  Yes, it’s one of the many survey companies out there.  But, the question is if it’s worth joining.

In today’s review, I wanted to check out Forthright Surveys and see what it’s all about as I have seen a few people recommend them recently.  Since I’m not that familiar with them, I figured it would be time to sign up, see how many surveys I could get as well as what I could make.  If you want to make a few dollars a day in your spare, taking surveys can be a decent way to make some spending cash, but don’t expect to get rich.  I mean, you can maybe make $200 a month at best.  Does Forthright fit the bill as a decent provider to help you achieve this goal?  We’re about to find out.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest.  Since I’m a big advocate of being transparent and honest, I would never recommend something I wouldn’t use.  I just don’t work that way.

With all of that out the way, let’s dive in and see what Forthright Surveys is all about.

What is Forthright Surveys?

Forthright Surveys is part of Bovitz, which is a market research firm located in Encino, California.  Its mission is to give people a voice that’s so powerful that their stories change the course of business decisions.  They use the Forthright Surveys platform as a way to connect with companies who are looking for people like you for research purposes to help improve and develop better products.

The company is, indeed, legit, but the concern here is if it’s worth joining.  Even if a company is legit, it doesn’t always mean they offer a decent product.  This review can hopefully answer that question, however.

Signing up for Forthright Surveys

To sign up for Forthright Surveys, the company will ask for your email as well as a few simple demographic questions to get you started.  It’s a very basic sign-up process and doesn’t ask for as much sensitive information (phone number, address, etc) as many survey panels do.

The entire sign-up process takes 30 seconds at most and you can get started immediately.

To qualify for Forthright Surveys, you need to be at least 18+ years old and reside in the United States.

Forthright Surveys

After you complete the sign-up process, you can access your dashboard immediately, which will look something like this on your desktop:

It will look similar on a mobile device, only that’s more mobile friendly.  Both options work the same way, nonetheless.

As with most survey sites, the company will ask that you complete your profile so that you can receive targeted survey invites.  While this is 100% optional, I highly recommend you fill it out as this is how you get matched with targeted surveys.  Plus, when you do receive invites, you can know that they are targeted to you, which means you won’t disqualify as much.  You will get survey invites, even if you don’t fill out the survey profile, but you will find that you will disqualify for a lot more, which can lead to a lot more frustration.  If you do decide to take the profile survey, it will take about 5~ minutes to complete.  It’s not that long.

Once you’re done with the profiler, you can then view the unique Forthright surveys beneath the “Forthright surveys” tab.

At first, you won’t see any surveys, but they will come eventually.

Partner Surveys

Aside from the unique Forthright surveys, you can also partake in partner surveys, which, if you’re familiar with them, work much like the survey routers you see on popular survey sites.

It’s sort of like a survey router, but the key difference here is that they will approve you manually.  This is something I have never experienced before, but I believe they do it for quality purposes as scamming runs rampant in these industries.

If you’re interested in taking these partner surveys so that you can get paid instantly, then the process to get approved is very quick.  They just ask why you want to join, how many panels you’re part of and how much you make with surveys.  These are very simple questions and takes maybe one minute at most to get approved.

If you’re part of the site, I highly recommend you at least attempt to join as this can help you pad your balance much quicker as there seems to be a steady supply of these surveys.

How Many Surveys Will I Get?

This question gets asked all the time, and it’s an answer that’s hard to give.  How many surveys you get will greatly depend on your demographics as researchers are often looking for that “right” person.

However, as an average, you can expect a few invites a week, maybe less, maybe more.  Remember, this tab is unique to Forthright only, simply meaning you won’t find these surveys anywhere else.

As for the “partner surveys,” you will find that you will receive many more as they work with “partners,” similar to survey routers you find on other survey sites.  These surveys aren’t affiliated with Forthright.  Rather, they are more of a middleman, keeping parts of the commissions they make and share it with you.

How Much Do the Forthright Surveys Pay?

On average, the Forthright Surveys pay about $1 to $5 each.  Aside from this, they offer loyalty bonuses as well, where you can earn up to $2 for every three surveys you complete or disqualify from.  Even if you disqualify, the company will still send you a bonus, which is a nice feature many survey sites don’t offer.  These only apply to Forthright surveys only.

The partner surveys, on the other hand, like other survey routers, can range anywhere from as little as $0.20 to more than $3+.  The company allows you to earn up to $10 a day, and again, no loyalty credits are available if you complete a partner survey.

The Pros

  • loyalty bonuses
  • high paying surveys
  • unique survey opportunities
  • free to join
  • easy to use
  • instant payout

The Cons

  • lots of disqualifications after filling out screeners
  • have to apply to the partner surveys
  • no refer a friend program
  • fees if payout is less than $10


When it comes time to cash out, you can do so via the rewards tab.  At the moment, there are no minimums to cash out, but if you want an instant payout, you must verify your phone number, there are no exceptions to this.  If you don’t verify your phone number, you can still get your rewards, but it can take up to 14 days to get your payment.

As for the payout options, Forthright Surveys offers the following:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Tango
  • Bitcoin

Do note that if your redemption is less than $10, there is a $0.25 reward fee applied.

Final Thoughts

8/10If you want a survey platform that pays out instantly, then Forthright is one to consider.  The thing I like about this platform is that they offer their own unique surveys as well as with third-party surveys, giving you an option to do either or.  This doesn’t happen all that often in the survey world.

Remember, and I can’t stress this enough, you won’t make a ton doing this.  With Forthright, they claim you can make up to $10 a day, which I think you could do if you click on a lot of survey invites, but I would say you will be closer to the $1 to $3 a day average.  Again, what you make will greatly depend on your demographics.

In the end, Forthright is okay, and I would only recommend it if you need PayPal money instantly as this is their biggest perk.  It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for unique surveys, but they don’t offer as many as I’d like.  It’s not a bad thing, though.  Seeing it’s free to join, at least sign up and see what kind of surveys you can get.  If you’re happy with the results, stick around.  If not, you can always cancel.

As always, if you want to comment on the company and/or you have questions, then feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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