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I have mentioned InboxDollars so many times that I figured it’s now time for a detailed review.   It’s a website I have used for quite some time to make some money on the side and wanted to share my thoughts as well as how the platform works.  I’ll try to cover everything as I usually do with my reviews.

If you have ever checked out my reviews in the past, then you’re probably well aware as to how honest and thorough they are.  I only recommend apps/websites I would personally use and would never push something in a positive light because I was paid.

If you want to make a few bucks on the side and want to get started now, then InboxDollars may be for you.  Today, I will talk about how it works, how you can make money as well as how much you can make.

Let me make it clear.  You won’t get rich with InboxDollars, but you could make $25 to $50+ a month with ease.  Like many of these companies, it will greatly depend on how hard you work at it.

InboxDollars Review

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is operated by Prodege after being bought out in 2019.  Yes, the same company that runs Swagbucks and MyPoints, to name a few.  In combination, Prodege delivers engaging content to more than 100 million total members.

InboxDollars was founded in 2000, making it one of the oldest of its kind online.  As I write this, they have paid over $60 million to more than 17 million members, and this number continue to grows to this day.

As an InboxDollars member, you can earn money participating in paid surveys, playing games, redeeming offers, clipping coupons, shopping and so much more.

There’s no doubt that InboxDollars is a legitimate company, but the true question is if it’s worth joining and your time?

Signing Up

To sign up for InboxDollars, you can do so directly right on the front page.  All they ask from you is your email address as well as a password to get started.

Once you confirm your email, InboxDollars will add $5 to your balance right away.  This alone is one of the easiest sign-up bonuses to earn on the market.

Immediately after confirming your email, you will then be asked to answer a profile survey, about 30 questions in all, so that they can send you targeted surveys to help you earn even more.  In doing so, they will credit your account $0.50, but it’s 100% optional.  I do recommend you fill this out as it will increase your chances to make even more, but it isn’t necessary.

If you just want to confirm your email, then the sign-up process will take about 30 seconds, but if you fill out the survey section, then be prepared to spend about 10 to 15 minutes completing it.

To join, you must be at least 18+ years old.  The great thing is that there are no restrictions in terms of countries, but some countries may not receive as many offers, so the amount of money may be minimal.  You can at least sign up and see what happens as every country does vary.

InboxDollars Dashboard

Once you gain access to your dashboard, it will something like this…

It’s a bit cluttered in comparison to a lot of websites in the same industry, but as you use it, you will soon find out where everything is  Honestly, the only areas you will want to pay attention to are the links in the menu bar near the top.

Aside from the menu items near the top, you can check out the latest offers, personalized deals catered to you, the most popular offers as well as a list in the sidebar that will pay you a bonus if you complete everything.  This list will only show up once when you sign up and disappear as you complete the tasks, but again, it’s best to at least complete it so that you can increase your earning potential.

Below, I will go ahead and talk about the many menu items and how they work.


I have talked about getting paid to complete offers in the past, briefly mentioning InboxDollars.   In short, you complete an offer and get paid to do so.  It can anything from signing up for an email newsletter to testing a service.  This is what you will find in this section.

For example, as I was writing this, I could test the new Disney+ service and get paid $5 in doing so.

The cool thing about InboxDollars is that they let you filter out the results.  So, if you don’t want to use your credit card, you can only show the 100% free offers.  If you want what’s known as a moneymaker, where you’re guaranteed to make money in completing the offer.

You can always find a good deal in the offers category, so I highly recommend you at least check it out.  If you plan on using your credit card, however, just make sure you read the fine print to know how you can take advantage of the offer.  In most cases, you will have to sign up for a certain number of days before they credit your account.

Keep checking this section daily as it will always change.


Surveys are one of my favorite ways to make money and what’s nice about InboxDollars is that they offer a ton of options and pay a flat cash rate.  There’s no guessing as to how much a point is worth.

To take the survey, it’s pretty straightforward.  As you can see in the picture, you can see how much you can earn as well as how long it’s going to take.  It will also tell you what the survey is about.

Now, there will be a ton of lower-paying surveys, so make sure the surveys you do plan on taking is worth your time.  My rule of thumb is $1 for every 10 minutes.  Surveys are always updating so be sure to refresh throughout the day to see what pops up.

How many surveys should I plan on receiving?

This is greatly dependent on your demographic.  As long as you fill out that profile survey I mentioned prior, you should see quite a few throughout the day.  I’m talking at least 30-50+.  Now, just because you see a huge list, it doesn’t always mean you will qualify.  Plan on qualifying for about 10 to 20% of the surveys you click through.

What do they pay?

The screenshot is kind of indicative of what you should make.  Most of the surveys I see pay anywhere from $0.25 to $1, but on occasions, you can find a gem that pays north of $5.  You won’t get rich with surveys, but it is a nice way to earn a few dollars a day on the side.  Hey, it all adds up!


InboxDollars will pay you to watch videos, but the downfall is that you won’t make a ton in doing so.  I talked about this when I mentioned the more than 28+ companies that will pay you to do so.  I’m talking a few pennies every few minutes.

Nonetheless, if you like watching videos and want to get paid, I suppose you should check out the categories as you may find something of interest.  Just keep the browser open, watch the set of videos and then get credited.


If you do plan on shopping online, then this may be a section to at least check out.

Known as a cashback shopping, you will get a certain percentage back on your purchase.  All you need to do is click through on the special link and shop as you normally would.  As long as you complete your purchase and don’t return/cancel it, you will get the credit.

InboxDollars offers a cashback option, but before you click through and take the cash back, be sure to compare the rates at to make sure you’re getting the best rate as all of the companies out there vary.


Staying on the shopping theme, InboxDollars will pay you up to $0.25 per day to print coupons and then redeem them.

To earn, it’s simple.  For every coupon you print, InboxDollars will credit you $0.01, but if you redeem the coupon, you will get $0.10 per redemption.

It appears you can only print up to 25 coupons a day, but if you were to redeem them all, that’s $2.50 plus any savings on the products you bought.

A lot of these sites don’t offer coupon deals like this, so if you’re a thrifty shopper and use the website, be sure to get in the habit of printing them here to get cash back.


Games, much like the videos, doesn’t pay well, either.  But, if you find yourself bored, you could play some games and get paid in doing so.

While I was writing this, they had about 10~ games, but it was unclear how much you could make.  I guess it would depend on the game you choose.

I wouldn’t focus on this section much as you won’t earn a whole lot, but again, it could be considered if you want to pass the time and earn a few cents.

Easy Cash

This section is similar to that of the offers section.  In fact, it pulls from the offers, only that they seem to break down the offers that are very easy to complete.

From signing up for another survey panel and making $4 to signing up for coupons, everything listed here is just that — easy cash.


In the “search and earn” section, InboxDollars will pay you to search as if you were using Google, Bing, etc.

They do ask that you search naturally in order to get rewarded as random searches won’t work.

According to the “learn more” tab, you will win for every four qualified searches you make.

Like games and videos, searching won’t make you a ton, either.  In fact, you would be lucky to make more than a few pennies a day.  But, if you want to pad your balance, it could be something to consider if you knew you had to search for something anyways.

Refer Friends

Like many of these sites that pay you to refer friends, InboxDollars does the same.

For every friend you refer, you will get $1 per qualified referral and 30% of whatever they earn for life.

Out of all the companies I have researched, this is one of the better referral programs out there.  So, if you know of people who can benefit from this, it may be wise to send over your link to people you know to earn even more.

Of course, in doing so, just make sure you never spam your link and/or post it in places you shouldn’t.  In doing this, it will only lead to a suspension.  This is something you don’t want.

Other Ways to Earn

I covered most of the ways you can earn with InboxDollars, but there are a few other ways you can earn as well.

The “WinIt” section, which can be found in your “More” section, is as simple as adding a code and earning the cash it’s worth.  These codes can often be found on the company’s social media channels or even pop up on the blog on occasions.  Just enter the code and earn your cash, it’s as easy as that.

Another way to earn is through what’s known as the Billy Button, which is a way to save time.  This button is added to your Chrome browser will alert you anytime a new survey is available.  This can help keep you in the loop if you’re a fan of the site and want to know when surveys are available.  You can also receive alerts whenever you’re browsing a retailer that could earn your cash back.

And, lastly, the company often holds promotions, also which you can find in the “more” section.  These promotions are at random, but you may want to check them out to see what you could take advantage of.


InboxDollars makes it very easy to cash out as you can only get paid cash.  The only downfall is that you need at least $30 to cash out.

To cash out or even keep track of your balance, you can do in the upper-right hand corner on the desktop version or via your menu tab on your phone.  It will look something like this…

Once you earn enough, you can then request a payout via PayPal or via a paper check.

What Others Are Saying

Now that I have covered the many ways you can earn on InboxDollars as well as how it works, it’s now time to see what the internet is saying about InboxDollars.

As with all of my reviews, I love to break down both the pros and cons, all of which come from third-party websites.  All websites, no matter how great they are, will always have some negative reviews, so be sure to do your research in depth before taking it seriously.

The Pros

  • one of the best refer a friend options in the industry
  • it’s 100% free to sign up
  • $5 bonus for creating an account and confirming your email
  • one of the oldest companies, around since 2000
  • fast way to earn money
  • open to all countries

The Cons

  • one of the highest minimum payouts in the industry
  • may not qualify for all surveys (this is common)
  • you won’t make a ton

Final Thoughts

8/10 You’re not going to get rich doing InboxDollars.  In fact, be lucky to make $25 to $50 a month.  However, if that amount could help you in your monthly expenses, then by all means, at least give it a look.  It’s a great way to earn a few bucks from home.

If I were you, I would focus only on the offers and surveys, creating a goal around $3 to $5 a day if doing it.  That way, it’s an easy way to keep track of time to see if it’s worth it for you.  As all demographics vary, you could have much more luck than I would.  Your results will vary.

After my review and using it for some time, I’m going to give InboxDollars a solid eight out of 10 for what it is.  The only reason I’m going to drop it a notch is due to the high minimum payout and lack of reward options.   The survey selection could use some work as well, but it isn’t the end of the world.  It’s a nice choice to consider.

For now, InboxDollars is 100% free to join and the best part is that you can start making money in as little as a few minutes.  You can’t beat that.  Plus, you can get that $5 bonus if you sign up and confirm your email.  You can also check out the many sites that work just like InboxDollars if you choose.

Now, I leave it up to you.

If you have been a member, let me know your thoughts below.  Did you get paid?  Do you make a lot?  Also, if you have questions/concerns, you’re more than welcome to talk as well.

As always, feel free to vent in the comments!

In the meantime, at least create an account and play around with it for a while to see if you can find success.

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