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iPoll Surveys Review and Ranking – Did I Make Money?

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0Founded in 2008, iPoll was originally known as Survey Head but has since changed its name.   As of this date, it’s operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC, a pretty large research company that runs a variety of survey sites such as this.

iPoll, much like a lot of survey companies I have already reviewed, works in a similar manner.

You sign up, complete surveys and get rewarded for your time, but, as you’re probably wondering is if iPoll is actually worth your time?

As we all know, there are so many survey companies out there, many of which pay peanuts, so to help save you time, I do the dirty work for you, doing everything from signing up to taking the surveys to see if it’s worth your time.   For burning my time and figuring this all out, all I ask is that you spread the word about the website!  That’s it, I promise.

As always, all of my reviews are non-biased and 100% honest.  I don’t push scams, lousy $100+ course programs or even spam you with e-mails. I just want you to come here, learn the many ways to earn some cash and just have some fun in doing so.

With that vent out of the way, let’s jump in and see what iPoll (make money on surveys) is all about…

iPoll Review — Scam or Legitimate?

What is iPoll?

According to the official website, iPoll is said to be a mobile and online community where your unique perspective is your gain.  As I mentioned, the company works no differently than the other survey companies I have mentioned the past as all you need to do is answer survey questions and get rewarded for your time.  It’s as easy as that.

In exchange for your time, you can exchange your cash for a variety of rewards, including Amazon, PayPal and even Apple gift cards.  I will get into this later on in this review, but for now, let it be known that the rewards are good, and yes, you can get paid via PayPal.

The company has been around since 2008 and went through one name change, formerly known as Survey Head.  Today, the company is operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC, an organization that operates more than just iPoll.

On the official website, there’s not much to learn about the company as the “Our Story” link just skims to the bottom of the page.  While this isn’t a bad thing, per se, just let it be known that you won’t find much about the company’s history without doing a bit of digging.   That’s why I’m here, right?

Signing Up

To sign up, it appeared you would have to sign up on your mobile phone, either via the Google Play store or via iTunes.  If there’s a link to sign up on the desktop version, then I have no clue where it is.  Even if you don’t want to use your phone, you can always sign up on it and revert back to the desktop version.

To sign up, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in one of the many countries listed on their homepage.  It’s more than 25, so be sure to check and see.  You will be surprised at the offerings.

To register on the app, it only took me a few seconds since the app will only ask you to agree to its terms so that you can view your dashboard.  Again, I had to do this on my dashboard.

Honestly, after using the app for quite some time, I recommend you use the app anyway as it’s much easier to use.  Plus, it gives you a way to make money while on the go.  The desktop version is just as nice, though.

While you can immediately view your dashboard after agreeing to the terms, you will need to create a profile in order to start receiving surveys.  This needs to be done in order to start receiving survey invites as the companies sending you surveys will need to know more about you.  It only takes a few minutes to do.

Creating a Profile

Clicking on that link in the screenshot above will take you directly to your profile, wherein you will be asked the basics such as your name, address, zip code and so forth.  This only takes you a minute or so, and again, it is necessary to start getting survey opportunities.

This strategy is commonplace among all survey companies as they need to know more about you so that the companies they work with can receive targeted answers.  So, for example, if you were a 30-year-old mom with three kids and a dog, a dog food company or even a toy company may be interested in you.  However, a cat food company wouldn’t have any interest as you don’t own a cat.

After you complete your profile, all of which takes three minutes, you can then access your surveys immediately.

The Surveys

After completing your profile, you can take a look at all of the surveys you qualify for on your main dashboard, and how many you receive will depend on your demographics, how many companies still need participants and the time of the day generally.  At any given moment, though, you should expect to at least see a few you could at least complete.  They won’t be never-ending, however.

This is what it will look like:

Each survey will have value next to it, but in order to see how long it’s going to take you to complete it, you will have to click on the survey to receive more information.

For instance, when I clicked on that $0.50 survey, here’s what I see:

It’s up to you to decide if the survey is worth it, but a lot of times, I find the surveys to be much quicker than what they recommend.  So, that 10-minute survey estimate could actually be five minutes for all I know.  As a general rule of thumb, I usually want to make at least $0.10~ per minute noted, so I probably would not do it.  Again, it’s up to you as to whether or not you want to do it since we all value our time in different ways.

How many surveys should I expect?

How many surveys you receive will depend on the abovementioned factors, but from my personal experience, I would receive at least 20 to 40 survey invites a day, however, I wouldn’t qualify for all of them.  This isn’t too uncommon in the survey world as most research companies work like this.  While it can annoying at times, there are very few survey companies that qualify you for every survey you take.

TIP:  To increase your chances of more surveys, be sure to turn on your notifications so that the company can alert you anytime a survey is available.  The good ones go fast.

How much will I get paid?

Depending on the survey you choose, most of the surveys I completed would pay anywhere from $0.20 to $2+ each, with the average survey taking about 10~ minutes of my time.  Some could take two minutes, whereas others were as long as 20+ minutes.  For example, one 10-minute survey actually took me about 7 minutes and paid $1, while another 10-minute survey only paid $0.25.  Your results will vary.

Again, refer to that survey intro page before completing it to see how long it will take you.   What I noticed was the rates seem to be on par in comparison to the many surveys I have already reviewed.  Just be smart with your choices.

Turn on Location Services for More Surveys

If you want to receive even more surveys or complete in what’s known as a “mission,” then I highly recommend you turn on the location services, which you can find on the main screen near the bottom.  I circle it below.

In doing so, iPoll can technically track your whereabouts and send you a survey based on your location history, similar to that of how the Google Rewards program operates.  They can also send you on an item hunt, which is basically a scavenger hunt asking you to find a particular item. If you’re able to find it, the company can reward you as much as $100 for the challenge!

For example, you may need to take a photo of a product display or even share your opinions about a recent shopping experience.  Much like the surveys, you will know what’s expected of you ahead of time as well as what you can get paid for the job.

This is completely optional, but I don’t see any harm in it, especially if you’re always on the go.


Here comes the fun part — the rewards!

And, iPoll makes it so easy to redeem your cash balance for a reward of your choice.

A lot of survey companies often use a confusing points system, making it hard to determine how many points you have to cash out.  This isn’t the case with iPoll as you will have a cash balance.  What you see is what you get.

Once you earn at least $25, you can cash out for either an Amazon gift card, Apple gift card or request a cash payout via PayPal.  These are your only three options, but seeing they have Amazon and PayPal, this is what 99% of survey takers want in rewards anyways.  Honestly, there’s no need for 500 options when 99% of the people taking surveys pick out cash options.

All rewards are electronic and will be sent out to you within three days, according to the company’s official FAQ page.

What Others are Saying

As with all of my reviews, it’s not always about me, so in this dedicated section, I combed the internet and tried to find what people were talking about, both good and bad.

While even the greatest survey companies have poor reviews, you need to take some of these reviews with a grain of salt as some people like to complain about everything.

For now, here are some of the most common complaints and compliments.

The Pros

  • Great reward options
  • Lots of survey opportunities
  • Cash balance, making it easy to determine how much you have
  • Fast payout
  • Very easy to use
  • Just focuses on surveys
  • A long history of paying out
  • Very responsive customer support
  • Tons of countries accepted
  • Free to join

The Cons

  • Some complaints of many disqualifications (this is a common complaint among many research companies)
  • Random account closures
  • Some technical glitches

Final Thoughts

I like iPoll for a lot of reasons, most of which are listed in the pros section mentioned above.  They are very easy to use, I receive a ton of surveys and it’s not that hard to earn $50 a month.  In fact, $100 a month is very doable if you log in daily and attempt $3 worth of surveys each time.  It’s not hard, trust me!

8/10 For that very reason, I’m going to give the company a solid 8, only knocking them down a notch because of the $25 minimum redemption rate is quite high in comparison to competitors.  Other than that, I don’t have too many complaints for what it is.

Remember, you won’t get rich doing surveys nor will you make thousands.  Only sign up for these companies if you want to make $50+ a month.  It’s very doable if you have this mindset, trust me!

In the end, iPoll is not a scam, and yes, they will pay you for your time as long as you follow the rules, so don’t worry about wasting your time.

In the meantime, if you have ever joined iPoll and/or you want to vent/compliment the company, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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