iQuestion Review: $6 per Survey? Is It True?

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iQuestion is an online community of business professionals who want your voice to be heard.  Since your opinion is important to them, they are willing to pay you for your time, just like the hundreds of other survey websites out there.

And, as a member of iQuestion, you can earn cash answering survey questions and even testing new products from prominent brands I’m sure you have heard of.

While iQuestion isn’t a huge name in this industry, I wanted to review it because I came across it while researching another survey panel platform.  What I found out is that they pay $6 for every 20-minute survey, but I wanted to see if there was any truth to it as that’s a higher-than-average payout in the industry.

So, if you’re interested in making $6+ per survey and want to make a few dollars in your spare time online answering survey questions, let’s see what the company is all about.

What is the iQuestion Panel?

The iQuestion Panel was designed specifically for business and IT decision makers, dedicated to getting your voice heard by leading providers in that sector.  It’s operated by the very reputable research panel, Toluna, a company I have mentioned so many times, such as in my teen surveys and surveys that pay with PayPal post.

It appears that you have to be a business or IT decision maker to get approved, the main reason it’s probably not as popular as the other panels.  Most panels accept almost anyone, but this isn’t the case here.

Signing up for iQuestion

To get started with iQuestion, you will want to head to their official website and scroll down to almost the bottom of the page until you see the “sign up” button.

In clicking on this, you will have to fill out your profile, which will ask for your name, city, education level and a few other demographic questions.  It’s no different than other survey sites and takes maybe five minutes at most.  The only exception, as mentioned prior, is that they ask you if you “influence or make decisions at work about technology, software, hardware, etc.”

If you answer no to this question, then you will more than likely be denied.   If you are accepted, however, you will receive a message immediately, which will look something like this:

After you confirm your email, you can then access your dashboard.

iQuestion Dashboard

Once you confirm your email, you can log into your dashboard, but you won’t have to do so unless you want to cash out as all of the survey invites will come to your email.  In the beginning, however, you can take a few profile surveys so that you can get more targeted surveys.  While this is optional, it does increase your chances of getting more surveys.  With any panel, I always recommend doing as many profile surveys as possible to increase your chances of earning more.

For now, this is what your dashboard will look like.  And, as you can see, it’s rather simple as it only consists of three tabs:  the community, surveys and rewards tab.

Your community tab, at least when I clicked on it, takes you directly to your surveys, as does the surveys tab.  As mentioned, all of your survey invites will come to your email inbox, but in case you miss out on an invite or you feel as if you missed out, you can always log in to see if any surveys are available as they will show up on your dashboard.

How Much Do the Surveys Pay?

How much the survey pays will greatly depend on the length of the survey, but the main site mentions you can earn $6 for every 20-minute survey you take.  However, the FAQ states that they pay in points, which can range from 15 to 50,000 points.  It’s contradicting, but the rewards center shows rewards in cash, so I don’t think they are using a points system at the moment.

Nonetheless, you will get rewarded for your time, it’s just a matter of how much.  Based on my experience, regardless of your outcome, you should be prepared to make $0.20 to $6+ per survey.

The Rewards

To cash out, you will need at least $10 in rewards to redeem your rewards, but if you want the PayPal option, you will need to wait until you hit $30 in rewards.  Some other gift cards require a high threshold, but I will mention that in the parenthesis below if it’s more than $10.  If the surveys do pay out $6 each, then it will only take you two survey completions to qualify.

At the moment, iQuestion offers the following reward options:

  • Chili’s
  • Starbucks
  • Gap
  • Redbox
  • Groupon
  • Target ($15)
  • TJ Maxx ($25)
  • Walmart ($25)
  • Amazon ($25)
  • Overstock ($25)
  • Lowe’s ($25)
  • Reward Link ($25)
  • PayPal ($30)

As you can see, it’s a decent selection.  Since most people want an Amazon gift card or PayPal, it’s worth doing the surveys since you can get a reward that you want.

Upon cashing out, you will need to wait anywhere from 72 hours to more than four weeks, depending on the option you choose.

The Pros

  • free to register
  • potential to make $6 per survey
  • great variety of rewards
  • only need $10 to cash out

The Cons

  • you do need to have purchasing influence at your work
  • doesn’t seem to offer a lot of survey invites
  • it can take up to four weeks to see some rewards

Final Thoughts

6/10I’m not sure how many surveys you will receive with iQuestion, but it could be one to at least add your name to, especially if you have purchasing influence.  If the surveys pay $6, which they claim on the site, this could be one of the highest in the industry.  However, I don’t see many people mentioning it, so I don’t think it’s as active as the many other survey sites out there.

In the end, I would say add your name and just wait for the invites.  If the survey compensation is high enough, take it.  If not, you can always ignore it or even cancel your account if you’re unhappy with it.  Backed by Toluna, iQuestion is, no doubt, legit.  It’s just a question if you will be lucky to make a few dollars a month.

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