iVueit Review: $7-$25+ to Take Pictures?

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The iVueit will pay you to take photos and answer simple survey questions with your smartphone.

Whenever you’re out and about, you can simply open the app, browse the list of jobs, and then complete job as noted to get paid.  It’s very similar to Field Agent if you have ever heard of that app before.  And, the best thing is that you can work whenever you want.

In today’s review, let’s talk about the iVueit app in detail.

Is it worth your time?  What does it pay? What do other people think?

As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

How it Works

The app works in a simple way in that you will be asked to take pictures and then answer some simple survey questions after doing so.  Jobs pay anywhere from $4 to $50+ and you will be paid in little as 24 hours as long as you follow the directions.

To get started, you will have to download the app and then look at your map to see which jobs, referred to as Vues, are available.  At the moment, these jobs are only available in the United States and Canada and you must go to the location directly to start your job.  These jobs cannot be done from home, so if you don’t have transportation, you won’t be able to complete the job.

So, when you download the app, you’re going to see a colorful map with varying colors.

You will see that green dots are open to everyone, but if it’s orange, it’s open, but it’s only for preferred Vuers.  These will slowly open up to you as you use the app and prove that you can do the job as noted.  You will need to maintain a rating of at least 80% and complete at least five jobs to start seeing the orange jobs. If it’s grey, then it’s taken at the moment.


Now that you know how the app works, it’s important to know what your dashboard looks like.

As you can see, you’re going to see the green dots as well as the grey dots when you first start.  You will also see where you’re located on the map.

If you don’t like the map view, then you can also click on a list view, which will make it easier and list the jobs along with the pay, as seen here:

You can see that I have a few jobs available, many of which pay about $20+.

Now, if any of those jobs are of interest, you will click on the job and then see what’s expected of you to earn that payout.  For instance, if I clicked on that first job, here’s what I would see:

If I click on the instructions, it will tell me what I have to do, such as getting ahold of the contact listed as well as what I need to do once I schedule the appointment.  In this case, it appears as if it’s a residential rental.  I will have to get ahold of the rental and then take pictures of their interior to submit to the property management company.  These tend to be most of these jobs.

Just make sure you follow the directions to a T to ensure that you get paid because if you screw up with just the slightest detail, you will get denied and you will find yourself wasting a lot of time.

What Kind of Jobs Are There?

Almost all of the jobs revolve around taking pictures of something, but mainly, what I found, these jobs relate to landscaping and interiors.

For example, I saw some big box retail stores where I could take pictures of the outside landscaping.  I was asked to take pictures of the entire perimeter as well as focus on the areas that needed landscaping.

Another, as noted above, asked that I got ahold of the owner and took pictures of their house.  This one I didn’t do because I don’t think I would be comfortable taking pictures of a house.

Mostly, however, they are done outside, but some were done inside.  If this is the case, they do provide instructions as to how you can get ahold of someone to complete the job.

Mainly, be prepared to take pictures of multiple items, usually outside, but sometimes inside.  Most jobs will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

How Much Does the Job Pay?

Every job that I saw would pay anywhere from $7 to more than $30 per job, which  isn’t bad, seeing most only took about 20~ minutes at most.

If you think about it, how long would it take you to take a picture of a Target outside?  What about a Lowe’s or inside of someone’s house?  It isn’t that long.

Depending on where you live, you could complete a few jobs in a day and make $50 to $70+, but your results will vary, of course, depending on your geographical location.

Plan on making an average of $7 to $25+ per job.


Whenever you build a balance, the great thing about the app is that you can cash out anytime and you’re paid instantly.

All payments are sent to your account via PayPal and that’s the only cash out option at the time.

What the People Are Saying

When I was researching this app, I found a ton of poor reviews, and I wanted to know why because the app seemed great.  They paid a decent amount and the jobs seemed easy. However, when you dig deeper, I could see why some people didn’t like it.

Here’s what I found…

The Pros

  • fast almost instant payouts with no minimums
  • excellent customer service
  • no ads in the app
  • easy to understand instructions
  • great if you’re traveling and want some extra cash
  • compensation seems fair

The Cons

  • assignments can vary (most find a lot of assignments during warmer months because it deals with landscaping)
  • some tasks take longer than expected
  • limited tasks in some areas
  • some app glitches/app issues

Final Thoughts

6/10Overall, this app seems like a winner from what it seems.  As long as you don’t mind taking pictures and spending about 15~ minutes of your time, I think the compensation is more than fair.  I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to do these jobs or treat it like a part-time gig, but if you’re out and about and you see a gig, why not?

If you want something much different than your typical surveys or other money-making apps, this is it.  You won’t make much, but I think you can earn $20 to $100+ per month with very minimal effort.  Your results do vary, however.

That does it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to leave a comment below.

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