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15+ Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World

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The great thing about working online is that you can work from anywhere in the world, at least with most companies.

Even though you may see an online job you want to apply to, it doesn’t always mean you can work anywhere in the world because the company may require you to come in for in-person training from time to time and/or it just may be part of their policy.

If you want to work from anywhere in the world, however, then let it be known that there are a lot of options out there.  And, the good news is that I’m about to list them.

Whether you want a full-time gig or you want something to do on the side on your own terms, there will be something on this list for you.  The good news is that you don’t always have to commit to a schedule.

As always, I try to include every option possible, no matter how obvious it may be.  Since we all have our own personalities, it will be up to you to determine what’s best for your lifestyle as I don’t have an answer for that.

If you’re ready to start working from anywhere, then strap in and see if any of these options work for you.

15+ Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World Online

Customer Service Rep

If you have no experience and want either a part- or full-time gig, then becoming an online customer service rep is one of the best options on this list.  In short, you will take incoming calls and help a customer with a problem they may have.  Yes, you will be the person on the other end helping customers with their inquiries.

From a massive company like Liveops, which works with hundreds of companies, to the many big-name companies always hiring at-home reps, your options are endless.  The great news is that many allow you to work from anywhere as long as you have a solid internet connection.

Starting pay tends to be in the $9 to $15 per hour range, but how much you make depends on the company you apply to.

Online Teacher/Tutor

Whether it’s teaching English to children overseas or tutoring a high school student, there are a ton of companies willing to hire you right now.  Granted, you will at least need a bachelor’s degree almost 99% of the time, but it isn’t always the case.

To learn about who’s hiring right now, I encourage you to check out the 20+ best online tutoring jobs and 31+ of the best ESL companies.  There are a ton of them to browse through.

Almost all of these options allow you to work whenever you want, sometimes paying up to $25+ per hour.


The transcription industry is huge online.  And, as long as you can type at least 40+ words per minute and can type with 99% accuracy while listening to an audio file, most companies will want to at least give you a shot.

The great thing about transcription is that most companies will have the work for you.  So, it will be as easy as getting hired and then logging in whenever you want to type the work available on your dashboard.

To see who’s hiring right now, refer to my 101+ transcription companies hiring at the moment.  There will be a few on that list you may want to check out.

As an online transcriptionist, plan on making anywhere from $8 to $20+ per hour.

Freelance Writing/Copywriting

Freelance writing could be my favorite option on this list.  You can get started in as little as a few days and can make a great living in doing it.  Plus, many of these companies find the work for you, so you can start earning immediately upon getting hired.

Even if you’re a beginner, there are so many options that you can consider, some of which I covered in my content mills guide as well as the more than 40+ companies that pay you to type.

As you gain a client base and polish your writing skills, there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a full-time career that you can do from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is almost like a secretary you see at a local doctor’s office.  You will be responsible for a variety of tasks, from maybe taking calls to helping customers.  The job duties can be endless and really depend on the person/company you consider.  In short, the tasks are random.

I wrote a very detailed guide in the past, and I highly recommend you check it out to see where you can find a job, what you can get paid as well as what you should be expected to do.  It’s 100% free, unlike most websites that charge you to read it.

The virtual assistant world can be tough to get into, mostly because of the cheaper talent overseas, but don’t let that stop you as opportunities do exist.

This is a great job to consider if you love a varying set of tasks every day.

Data Entry

Data entry isn’t the most glorious job, but hey, it’s a job that may be able to let you work from around the globe.

In short, data entry can range from inputting information from a scanned item into a database to listening to audio and then typing what you hear into a database.  It’s a lot of typing and can be tedious to some, but it’s a great opportunity to work from home.

If it does sound like something of interest, I highlighted more than 18+ companies that hire entry-level data entry contractors/employees.  Take a gander at the list and see if it’s anything of interest to you.

Graphic Designer

This is a tough industry to crack as well, but there’s a lot of money in it as so many companies need graphics of sorts, from business cards to marketing material.  Once you prove yourself, word-of-mouth advertising will spread, trust me on this.

Whether you want to start freelancing on your own and bid on projects on to creating your own listing on Fiverr, the opportunities are endless.  If you have the time, I recommend you read the book, Work for Money, Design for Love.  This refreshing, straightforward guide answers all of the questions you need to know about the industry and what it takes to succeed.

Before going this route, however, just make sure you have a portfolio of sorts and a professional-looking website to show off your talents and help draw in sales.

Web Designer

Similar to that of graphic design, web design can be an option just as well.

Whether it’s working with a company part/full-time or you want to venture out on your own, it will take some work either way.

If you want to get hired by a company, it’s best to have the necessary experience as well as a portfolio to show off your work.  As for being a freelancer, the same can be said, only that you will have to venture out there and market yourself.

Nonetheless, it’s another option where you can work from anywhere in the world if you find the right opportunity.

Hiring Manager

This is another option that requires you to have a college degree, at least most of the time.  As a hiring manager, sometimes referred to as an onboarding specialist, it will be your duty to recruit, sour, screen and/or recommend new recruits.  A degree in human resources is recommended to increase your chances.

If interested in this type of work, your best bet is to search Indeed or even consider signing up for the very popular remote-only jobs search engine, FlexJobs.

Video Editor

In the world of YouTube, everyone wants to be a star.  Fortunately, some people only want to be on camera and don’t have the time and/or don’t want to edit their videos.

This is where you can come into the picture.

Much like graphic design, you will have to do some work to promote yourself, but I can assure you that there’s a lot of work out there.

Again, start with Upwork and consider bidding on projects as well as creating a profile.  It also doesn’t hurt to start offering your services on Fiverr.  As prove yourself, the potential is endless.

Voice Over Work

If you like the idea of producing voice-over radio commercials or even narrating an audiobook, then let it be known that there’s a lot of work out there if you have the right voice.

Like a few of the options I already mentioned, it can take some work to get started, but like anything, it can turn into a very nice part- or full-time gig.

If interested, check out the more than 15+ companies that are willing to hire beginners.  All that you need is a computer, simple setup and you’re good to go.


If you know more than one language, consider becoming an online translator, in which you can either help translate conversations over the phone and/or help translate documents.

The amount you get paid greatly depends on the language you speak, but if you’re fluent in just about any language, I can almost assure you that there’s money to be made.

If interested, I recommend you check out the more than 38+ companies that offer online translation opportunities.

Blogging/Affiliate Marketing/SEO

This one can take quite some time, sometimes as much as 12+ months to see your first dollar, but the thing I like about it is that the income is endless, it’s passive, and best of all, you are your own boss.  There’s nothing better than that.

In short, blogging is much like the website you’re reading right now.  Focus on a topic, create an in-depth guide and sprinkle it with ads and what’s known as affiliate links.  These are links that pay you every time someone signs up/buys something, etc.  It is then you will market it via the many online channels such as search engines, social media, etc.

Blogging in itself deserves a book, but the great thing is that you don’t need to pay for the knowledge as there are so many great free resources.  So, if you’re limited on funds, highly consider checking out some of my favorite free resources, such as Authority Hacker, the Ahrefs blog, QuickSprout and the guys over at Income School.  In taking the time to read these resources, you will be amazed at how much you can learn in little time.  It’s just taking action that’s what will make you a lot of money while working from home.

As a side note, if you do have the money to spend, as in $10 or so, consider one of the many fantastic Udemy courses to help teach you the ropes.

Video Content Creator

Don’t want to write?  That’s fine as you can take advantage of the world’s biggest website, YouTube.  I’m sure you have heard of it.

Much like a website, YouTube is no different, only that you will speak out your words rather than type them out.  You can still use affiliate links and even work out sponsorships once you get big enough.  Even if you don’t want to do much, you can use the Google Adsense platform once you gain enough view hours and subscribers.

It can take time to take off, but if you write about a topic someone is interested in and you’re creating content people want to view, who knows where it can take you.


This one requires some talent/knowledge, of course, but like a lot of jobs, if you want the big bucks, you will need a skill.

Becoming a good programmer can take quite some time, just like building a blog, but once you prove yourself, finding jobs in the industry is not as bad as you think.  Plus, the ones you do find will allow you to work from home.

While a lot of companies want you to have a degree, many will accept you as long as you know the language.  Usually, they will quiz you during the interview process to show that you can prove what you know.

To start learning programming, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars, either.  Start with, a free basic course to get started or Google one of the many programming languages you want to learn and you will find a ton of free tutorials.

E-Book Publisher

There’s a huge market for e-books, and like the idea of writing a book, then there’s no better time to do it than today.

In the past, becoming an author was hard.  You had to find a publisher, purchase thousands of books upfront and even find room at a local bookstore.  Thankfully, this isn’t necessary in today’s climate as all you need to do write in your favorite word processor and then upload online.

If you want to self publish, take a glance at the Kindle Direct Publishing, one of the internet’s largest.  Publishing only takes minutes and you can get your books in front of millions on Amazon within 24 to 48 hours.

Final Thoughts

There are just ideas as to what you can do almost anywhere in the world.

Of course, you will need skills to start working on some of these ideas, but there’s no reason you can at least try to learn if it seems like something of interest.  To learn any valuable skill, you don’t need a $50,000 college degree as the best-selling books on Amazon and even Udemy can help you learn for as little as $20.  It will just take time.

For now, if something does sound like something of interest, I would start your job hunt on either our website via the search tool above or try one of the very reputable job-hunting search tools such as Indeed or even the remote-only job search engine, FlexJobsUpwork is another option if you want to get into freelancing and bid on jobs.  There are a ton of resources.

Just let it be known that if you want to work from anywhere, from home, it’s possible, and hopefully, this is a good starting point.

As always, if you have any ideas I’m missing and/or you just want to add to what I already mentioned, then you’re more than welcome to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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