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Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs: HUGE List to Explore

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Some of the most popular work-at-home jobs are call center-like jobs.  This job simply entails taking a phone call that comes to you and then resolving the problem the customer on the other end may be having.  A good company will always put you through a detailed training session so that you’re comfortable enough to take your first call.

With this sort of job, you will work directly with the company or you may work with an outsourcing firm of sorts that works with multiple clients.  Regardless of which option you choose, all of these jobs are said to be the same duties, but the pay may vary.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many corporations that hire work at home call center agents.  Keep in mind that these companies aren’t always hiring, so don’t be discouraged if you see no openings.  I recommend keeping the page bookmarked and/or signing up for alerts, if available, if you’re interested in that particular industry/company.

As there are a lot of companies, I’m going to try to keep the description for each company short.  I will include the pay range as well as a link to the official career page.

If you want an honest part- or full-time gig, then this is one to highly consider as long as you don’t mind talking on the phone.  Since there are a TON of options, there’s a pretty good chance you could find yourself getting a few calls back if you apply to enough opportunities.

With all of that out of the way, let’s take a gander at which companies are hiring work-at-home call center representatives as of today.

Quick Answers

Before I even talk about the companies that hire work-at-home customer service agents, I first want to answer some questions so many of you often ask online.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Most of the companies will ask that you have a dedicated quiet work space.  As you will be talking with customers over the phone, you must remain professional.  After all, no one wants to hear a barking dog while you’re chatting.

Aside from the quiet workplace, you should also have the following:

  • high-speed internet
  • dedicate phone line (with some companies)
  • all-in-one printer
  • reliable computer
  • headset with microphone

All companies have their requirements, but generally speaking, as long as you have what I mentioned above, you should be okay.

What will I make?

From my research, the sweet spot tends to be in the $13 to $20 per hour range, with some companies paying a pinch more.  In some cases, you can even make a commission or even receive a bonus if a quota is met.

Depending on how you’re hired (employee vs. contractor), you may also receive a variety of benefits, which can make your hourly rate seem much better.

Expect to make at least $13 per hour, but if I don’t mention the rate below, then it will more than likely mean I couldn’t find much information.  Consider researching more in depth or even checking out Glassdoor to see what kind of information you can find.

Do I need experience?  What is expected of me?

Yes and no.

Some companies do ask for customer service experience, whereas some are willing to train you, regardless of your past.  Even if they do, most are happy with one or two years of proven work.

You will more than likely need to pass a background check and have at least a high school diploma.

You will also need some personality traits, most of which include being a multitasker, motivator and the ability to keep cool in a stressful situation.

When will I work?

Some call centers operate 24 hours a day, and you may be asked to commit to a certain shift, just as you would any other job.   Some may just be strict 9-5.

In any case, you may be given a schedule, or in the case of being flexible, you may be able to bid on shifts, where you can select when you want to work.

Typically, you will work the hours between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the call center’s time.

Work at Home Call Center Companies

With a few answers out of the way, it’s now time to look at the many legitimate work at home call center jobs that you can apply to as early as today.

Every single company I mention below is 100% legit, hand-screened and almost always has an opening.  In the case it doesn’t, be sure to check back as one will eventually pop up.

NOTE:  These are the bigger companies almost always hiring.  You can find many smaller companies hiring work-at-home call center agents through FlexJobs, SkiptheDrive, Indeed and ZipRecruiter, to name a few.


The leading online contact retailer, 1-800-Contacts, often hires at-home customer service agents.  The company provides a variety of benefits, including discounts and even team-building events.  According to Glassdoor, current and former agents love the flexibility, benefits and culture.


The massive flower delivery service, 1-800-Flowers often hires at-home customer service agents, usually during the peak seasons.  Typically, the openings will show up weeks before your major events such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, to name a few.  Most jobs are temporary, but they do hire permanent agents on occasions.  Pay is said to start north of $10 per hour.

ACD Direct

ACD Direct is almost always hiring work-at-home call cent representatives.  The company was founded in 2005 and often hire people like you to take inbound calls for nonprofits to usually accept pledges.  Unlike a lot of the companies mentioned here, they pay per minute talked, around $0.20 to $0.35, but insurance is offered during slower times.  Most work is available throughout the year.


Advanis often hire telephone researchers to help conduct surveys over the phone.  The company was founded in 1997 and offer fully paid training as well as a set wage, said to start at a pinch above your state’s minimum wage.  You must be able to type at least 30 wpm as well as have a quiet, private place in your home.  Other requirements apply, all of which can be viewed via the official career site.


AdviseTech is a strategic IT business solutions provider, offering multiple positions, including a part-time telemarketing position.  According to the website, they are looking for people who can devote a few hours a week.  As long as you have professional phone skills and consider yourself friendly, you can send them over a resume and cover letter to be considered.


Alorica offers the flexibility to work from home, offering all of the tools and resources you need to succeed.  The company workers with a variety of clients, and according to my research, you’re guaranteed a minimum wage salary.

Alpine Access

Alpine Access, commonly known as Sykes in the work-at-home world, is another virtual call center, offering wages starting at the $9~ per hour range.  Unlike a lot of companies mentioned here, the company does charge a background check fee if approved.  According to the Glassdoor reviews, employees loved the good pay, benefits and flexibility from working at home.


Yes, the internet’s largest eCommerce site, Amazon, often hires work-at-home agents, commonly during the busier seasons.  While a lot of these jobs are temporary, many can turn into a permanent gig if you prove yourself.  When the jobs are live, be sure to pay attention to the geographical restrictions as only some states are allowed to apply.  Wages start at $10+ per hour.

American Express

American Express offers a variety of work-from-home call center jobs, many of which are entry-level gigs.  Surprisingly, a lot of these jobs don’t deal with the credit card site of the business, rather, it’s geared more toward the travel sector, wherein you will help with reservations.  To find a virtual gig, follow this link to see all of the opportunities available as of now.

American Airlines

One of the world’s leading airlines, American Airlines, often hires reservation agents, most of which need some experience.  The only downfall to this gig, much like Amazon, is that you need to be near a hub as you will need to attend on-site training, which is said to last up to 10 weeks.  After which, you can then work from the comforts of your own home.  American Airlines remote employees love the free travel benefits as well as the benefits.

Apple at Home

The Apple at Home gig is a very coveted gig, so much so I created a guide in its entirety, letting you know what it entails as well as how you can possibly sign up.  The “Apple at Home Advisor” job, as it’s called, is the first point of contact for Apple customers.  It will be your duty to answer questions about the products and services as well as provide exemplary customer service, troubleshooting and technical support.  Job openings really depend on the time of year, but expect more openings during the busier months.  Some jobs do require a college degree, but you can view all of the opportunities as of today via this official Apple link.


Apptical has a variety of openings, including one of the more popular options, the telephone interviewer.  In this position, you will work with insurance agents and applicants.  Bilingual is preferred, but not required.

Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise Virtual Solutions offers the opportunity to be your own boss, essentially “starting your own call center” to be part of the Arise network.  In comparison to the other opportunities mentioned here, you will need to create your own corporation as well as pay a fee for the initial training.  This alone can cost upwards of $250+.  It’s a bit different, but an option nonetheless.  Be sure to follow all of the guidelines, as mentioned here, to ensure you’re considered as a candidate.

ARO Contact Center

The ARO Contact Center offers both full- and part-time employees, not independent contractors as a lot of these companies often do.  As for entry-level positions, they often seek out both sales, telemarketing agents as well as customer service representatives.


I have mentioned Asurion before, particularly in my 38+ online translation jobs to consider and my best entry-level jobs from home.  In short, the company is always on the lookout for both part- and full-time candidates who want to take calls from home, especially those who are bilingual.  Follow this link to see what positions are opened as of today.

Aspire Lifestyles

According to the official website, Aspire Lifestyles recruits people who “share their values, passion and energy.”  Aspire Lifestyles caters to “high-value customers” of its corporate clients, either via chat, e-mail, phone and/or a mix between.

Best Western Hotels

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the Best Western hotel chain occasionally looks for a remote reservation clerk.  The job isn’t always available, but as with all of these opportunities, be sure to continue to check the official careers page to see if anything pops up.

Capital One

One of the world’s largest credit card companies offers at-home opportunities.  To see the most current opportunities, follow this exact link.  Keep in mind that you may find much more than just an entry-level job, so you may have to weed through some results.

Carenet Health

Carenet Health has geographical restrictions, but they are open to multiple states.  The company hires call-center based positions, but they offer registered nursing positions, too.  At Carenet Health, they help healthcare consumers live their healthiest lives.


CenturyLink, one of the world’s leading provider of broadband services, hires call center representatives in more than 33 states.  There are quite a few jobs you can work from home, all of which you can search via the official website.


Concentrix, a Fortune 500 company, employs more than 70,000 employees, offering a range of call center services to a wide range of clients.  The nice thing about Concentrix, in comparison to most of the companies I mention on this list, is that they hire globally, not just the United States.  The company hires both part- and full-time agents, mostly in the customer service, sales and tech support fields.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications, another broadband/TV service provider, also offers remote customer service jobs, but it appears the opportunities may be limited geographically.  To find these opportunities, refer to this official job search tool and then proceed to search for call center jobs.  Not all will say “at home,” but you will need to search for the telecommute options, usually which is noted in the job description., one of the internet’s largest cruise specialists, hires both customer service and sales agents who want to work from home.  They offer a variety of jobs, but like a lot of the companies I mention here, there are some state restrictions.  To be considered, they do ask for at least one year of experience if considering the customer service role.

CVS Health

One of the largest pharmacy chains, CVS Health, often hires agents who take calls from customers about their memberships.  CVS does ask for some experience, usually less than a year.  Benefits are included such as bonuses and paid training.

Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions often hires people who want to work from home taking inbound calls from people who have a parking ticket.  It seems to be a high-stressed environment, so agents are to remain cool, calm and collected as most callers, as you can imagine, will be quite upset.  Pay starts at $10 per hour, with working hours ranging from 4 a.m. until 12 a.m. Pacific time.


Dyson at-home customer service agents require no college degree and start at $16+ per hour!  That makes it one of the highest paying opportunities on this list.  At-home customer reps will be responsible for answering inquiries, either via SMS chat, chat, email or even the phones.  This is a 100% remote position, with benefits kicking in 30 days following employment.


Enterprise, one of the world’s leading car rental agencies is almost always hiring call center reps who want to work from home.  Like a lot of these gigs, you do need to work from certain geographical areas, but don’t worry, they do offer a lot of options.  Enterprise reps will be responsible for phone, chat sessions, email as well as social media.

Extended Presence

Extended Presence mainly works with cold calling sales as well as appointment setting.  They aren’t always hiring, but to keep up to date, you can do so via the company’s official work-from-home job search tool.

GE Finance

GE Finance often hires at-home client service representatives to review and analyze credit applications.  You will also be responsible for providing support.  It appears most jobs will be office-based, but you can find home-based jobs as well.  If hired full-time, benefits, such as health and vision, are included.


Grindstone is looking for candidates to make outbound calls to various businesses.  Agents will be responsible for setting appointments, generating leads or even conducting market research, to name a few.  The company does ask for at least three years of experience as well as experience in outbound telemarketing.  If you feel you have the skills to succeed, then they want you to fill out an application to see if you qualify.


Groupon often hires remote agents, all of which you can find via the official search tool.  Just be sure to choose the “remote” location when searching.


One of the largest car rental companies, Hertz, offers an at-home reservation specialist position from time to time.  Sign-up bonuses available throughout the year, with the pay reported to start at $10 per hour.


The massive hotel chain, Hilton, commonly hires remote call center and reservation representatives.  Starting pay starts at $11 per hour, with benefits included after 90 days of employment.  As long as you consider yourself technical and motivated, they want to hear from you.  To learn more about the program and how you can apply, you can visit the official link here.


The Home Shopping Network (HSN) hires both inbound sales and customer service representatives but also have geographical restrictions.   Before you apply, you can see where you need to live in order to be considered.


You can make an average of $18+ per hour working as a tax advisor with Intuit, the creators of TurboTax, Quicken and Mint.  As you can imagine, most of these jobs will be seasonal, particularly during tax season, but they do hire year-round for their software platforms.  In addition to the high pay, the company offers hefty bonuses, up to $8,000 per season, according to current/previous agents.


IPSOS commonly hires telephone interviewers who can commit to at least eight hours a week.  Agents work in four-hour blocks and must be at least 18+ years old.  To learn more about the opportunity, the company lists all of the requirements it’s looking for.

Jackson Hewitt

Like Intuit, Jackson Hewitt hires customer and tech support reps, commonly during the tax season, to field incoming calls.  No sales are required, and some seasonal gigs can turn into permanent work.

J. Lodge Corporation

The J. Lodge Corporation hires work-from-home agents to provide specialized services to call center clients.  The great thing about this company is that they often hire people with disabilities.  Most of these jobs do require a college degree as well as some experience, but it’s an option nonetheless.


JetBlue does hire at-home customer care representatives, in which you will connect with customers via the phone, social media, email and/or live chat.  Most roles are based out of Salt Lake City or Orlando, but they do offer the opportunity to work from home.

Kelly Services

This is more of a staffing agency, but they do have a variety of work-at-home call center opportunities through its KellyConnect service.  You would be responsible for providing a technical resolution as well as guidance so that customers can get the most out of their devices.  To see if this job is for you, follow the link for more information.


Liveops is huge, so much so that you will almost always see its name pop up in any work-from-home call center opportunity.  As an agent, you will be responsible for answering any questions from a variety of companies they work with.  All agents are paid based on the “talk time” plus sales incentives in some cases.  To become an agent, check out the requirements to make sure you reside in a state they accept applications from.  The only downfall is that you will need to pay $45 for a background check.


Maritz conducts surveys on behalf of its clients, many of which are part of the Fortune 500.  In many cases, they do hire home-based interviewers doing outbound calls.  According to current/past agents, the company uses an autodialer, which  means you just read the questions off a script when you connect.  No sales are necessary.


MicahTek is a tech company, often hiring at-home call center phone agents.  It will be your duty to receive inbound phone calls and then complete data entry, inputting names, addresses, etc.  The company is looking for people who are confident and comfortable in multitasking.  The call center does operate 24 hours a day, with promotional options available.


The very popular snack company, Mondelez, hires call center reps from around the world.  Like a lot of these companies, you will have to use the official career search engine and look for the “remote” gigs.

Neiman Marcus

As long as you live near a training center, you can become a Neiman Marcus work-at-home call center agent.  Depending on the time of the year, some positions are temporary, whereas other opportunities are permanent.  To find these opportunities, you can do so via the official career page.  Just choose the “work from home” category to see all the opportunities available at this moment.


NexRep, formerly known as the Stewart Response Group, is a 24-hour on-demand virtual center.  The company hires both inbound and outbound call center agents for a variety of industries.  Some positions, at last glance, include beauty consultants, virtual sales consultants and tech support agents, to name a few.  Pay is said to be in the $10 per hour range, with some positions paying commission.  It all depends on the job you apply for.


NextWave reps are responsible for making calls, talking about political issues to help raise awareness.  It then your duty to transcribe your caller’s stories into words.

Newton Group

Newton Group agents must purchase equipment to start, which can be a negative to some.  You must also commit to at least 20 hours a week, working between the hours of 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. eastern time.  As an agent, you will be responsible for making appointments and conducting market research.  Almost all jobs require some experience.

O’Currance Teleservices

O’Currance Teleservices employs more than 650+ work-at-home agents, specializing in sales, inbound lead generation, retention and sales services, to name a few.  Pay is said to start around $10+ per hour.


OneSupport, formerly known as teleNetwork, is yet another call center that works with a variety of clients that choose them as an outsourcing provider.  They do have geographical restrictions, but looking at the list, there are quite a few states.  Customer service agents are responsible for communicating with customers with both phone and chat.  Strong customer service skills are required.

OnPoint@Home Advocacy

Like the Newton Group mentioned prior, some equipment fees may apply with OnPoint@Home, but this is dependent upon if you finish your project or not.  This company deals with business-oriented issues, from health care to energy.  It will be your job to make outbound calls, discussing these said issues.  This isn’t a part- or full-time gig; rather, it’s one wherein you accept a project that can last up to 12 weeks.


Percepta work from home customer service representatives will provide customer support via chat, social media, email and over the phone for Ford and others in the automotive industry.  All training is done virtually, with the pay starting at $10 per hour.  Part-time work is available, and college is not required.


PointClickCare is the “leading electronic health record (EHR) technology partner to North America’s long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior care industry.”  The company often hires at-home agents from both the United States and Canada.


Progressive, a very popular car insurance company, offers a variety of at-home work options, some of which include customer support roles.  Pay is said to start at $15+ with benefits included.  Customer service roles, like the many mentioned here, involve helping with any customer inquiry that may come your way.  Paid training is included, but you may have to train on site in some circumstances.  Refer to the official careers page for more information.

Service 800

Service 800 is always looking for motivated individuals who want to work from home.  They state that you must be “bright, personable and articulate well verbally and in written form.”  As part of this job, it will be your duty to conduct interviews with customers who had a recent service experience.  Previous customer service experience is mandatory.


Sitel Work@Home is a virtual employee-based team that supports a variety of Fortune 500 companies, from travel to insurance.  The company offers call center agent training from home, but to be considered, you must reside in one of the many states they work with.   Most jobs involve billing inquiries, account questions, scheduling and/or product troubleshooting.  It greatly depends on the client you’re working with as they are a staffing agency of sorts.  To see which jobs are available at this time, follow this link for more information as well as a direct link to the job.

Smart Office Solutions

Most at-home gigs offered by Smart Office Solutions are considered temporary, but it could lead to a full-time gig.  Smart Office Solutions is a technology company that primarily deals with direct sales, wherein you would be responsible for answering calls and emails.  Pay is said to start in the $8.50 to $9.50 per hour range. offers both call center as well as chat agent opportunities, all of which you can perform at home.  Other positions are available as well.  Pay is said to start at $10 per hour.  To learn about the benefits as well as the most recent opportunities, you can do so via the company’s official career site.


On occasions, Sutherland hires remote call center agents.  According to my research, the average pay ranges from $8 to $12+ per hour, dependent upon your experience.


Sykes is one of the larger call center companies I mention here.  They work with a variety of industries and are almost always looking for at-home agents.  The types of work include billing, inbound calls and warranty support, to name a few.

Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial is one of the nation’s largest providers of private-label credit cards.  The company often hires at-home customer service agents, most of which you can find on the company’s career page.  Starting pay starts at $15 per hour.


Teleflora, a very popular online florist, offers at-home customer service agent options.  Like some of the opportunities mentioned here, some options are temporary, often during the peak season, whereas some gigs are part- and full-time permanent positions.  Pay starts at minimum wage, with bonuses often available during the busy months.


Teleperformance hires at-home tech agents who have at least six months of experience.  Pay is said to start at $13+ per hour.


Transcom hires call center agents in both the United States and Canada.  They are said to be a demanding, fast-paced, yet fun experience, providing customer care, sales, technical support and credit management through its network of work-at-home agents.  As I write this, they have more than 27,000 specialists at more than 50+ centers.


TTEC agents must commit to at least 20 hours per week to be considered, with pay starting at $9-$10 per hour.  Benefits are also included.  Most work relies on call center work, but they hire in other fields as well.  While I write this, there’s a high demand for bilingual agents.


U-Haul is another very popular option among those who are looking for a work-at-home call agent position.  It’s a company I have mentioned a ton of times, such as in my 200+ stay at home jobs for moms and make money as a college student posts.  U-Haul at-home agents are responsible for taking incoming calls from various U-Haul moving centers, usually answering general questions or providing roadside assistance.  You can learn more about this program via the video on the official website or even in a U-Haul review I wrote in the past.

United Health

A leading provider in health insurance, United Health, often hires at-home agents to help take incoming calls to handle questions and concerns.  Use the company’s official career search tool to find remote positions only.


Ven-U has a variety of at-home positions, from tech support to web developer.  Take a gander at the most current openings to see if you qualify for any of the openings.


Ver-A-Fast is an outsourced call center solutions firm with more than 40+ years of experience.  The company often hires at-home call center agents, who will be responsible for using a predictive dialer system to make verification calls.


VIPdesk provides outsourced call center customer service work to many well-known companies.  In addition to the customer service work, they also help with social media management and back office support.  Pay is said to start at $10 per hour, and you’re expected to work 30 to 40 hours a week.


Westat agents are often responsible for placing outbound calls to help collect data.  They are known as a science survey research firm, paying $8.25 per hour.  Westat will hire you as an employee, meaning you can be eligible for benefits, including a bonus plan, 401K and group insurance, to name a few.

Windy City Call Center

The Windy City Call Center is based in Chicago, but they do hire at-home customer service agents.  It will be your duty to help them with both inbound and outbound calls.  The company works with a variety of business verticals, from home improvement to insurance.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is another staffing agency that works with a variety of companies that often hire at-home agents.  Depending on which company you work with, the pay can range anywhere from as little as $8 to more than $25+ per hour.  To be considered, you will need to take a 30-minute assessment to be considered.  All hires are considered as an independent contractor.

World Travel Holdings

Like some companies mentioned here, you do need to purchase your equipment up front, but it’s an at-home opportunity nonetheless.  You would work as a travel support agent, helping sell cruise and resort vacations from the top 40 brands.  The link provided explains what you need to work from home.

XACT Telesolutions

XACT Telesolutions offers many jobs and careers throughout the company, many of which can be done from home.  The company offers a ton of benefits, from vacation time to insurance, as well as a variety of job opportunities.  Pay is said to range from $8 to $13+ per hour.


Xerox offers a variety of at-home options, from customer service to professional gigs.  You will need to live near a location for training purposes, but there are quite a few options.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

I hand-screened more than 50+ companies that are usually hiring work-at-home call center agents.  And, while they aren’t always hiring, you can bookmark the site and come back in the future.

For now, check out the many companies I mentioned.  Most of them work the same, wherein you take or place calls and figure out a solution.  The biggest difference is who you’re working with.  For that reason, I would check out Glassdoor or research the company more in depth to see if it’s a company of interest.  Like any industry/company, there’s always the good and the bad.  You just need to find the best.

As time goes on, I will continue to add to this list.  If you know of any companies I’m missing and/or you want to comment on one I did list, you’re more than welcome to sound off in the comments below.

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