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Loreal Consumer Testing Review: Yes, Freebies!

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We have written about the L’Oreal USA Consumer Participation Program a few times in the past, particularly in the free shampoo samples and free perfume samples posts.

It’s a great program that allows you to sample and test new L’Oreal  hair care, hair styling, cosmetics and skincare products, to name a few.  All you need to do is sign up and take a few surveys to qualify.

Like the Nike and Adidas program, you do need to get accepted in order to test these products, but I will be sure to let you know how it all works in this post.

If you like the idea of testing L’Oreal products before the public can do so and you don’t mind providing some feedback, then it may be something to consider.

L’Oreal Consumer Testing Review

In this review, I will talk about how the program works, how you can apply as well as what’s expected of you if you’re lucky enough to get accepted.

It’s 100% free to join and could yield you a TON of free products.

Let’s take a look at how it works…

What is the L’Oreal Consumer Testing Program?

The L’Oreal Consumer Testing Program is operated by, you guessed it, L’Oreal.  It was designed so that they could send out a variety of new products to gather feedback before it hits store shelves.  In some cases, they may want feedback on current products as well.

The L’Oreal USA company’s umbrella includes a ton of prominent brands, including Redken, Maybelline, Lancome, SkinCeuticals, Urban Decay, Kiehl’s and Garnier, to name a few.  You may already know this, but the graphic below just gives you an idea as to what kind of products you could be working with.

If you’re able to become part of the program, you are basically providing your feedback, letting the company know what you like as well as what you don’t.  Like the many research companies out there, this works no differently.  While you won’t get paid for your time, you do get to keep the samples, many of which can be worth well north of $10.

The Requirements

To join, let’s first take a gander at the requirements as not everyone can apply to the program.

In order to be eligible, they only accept U.S. residents and you must be older than 18 years old.  It’s no much to it.  If you’re 18+ and live in the states, then you qualify.

Aside from that, they also ask that you’re comfortable in evaluating the following products:

  • hair care
  • hair styling
  • hair color
  • cosmetics
  • skincare
  • sun care

While optional, the company does note that they have an in-house evaluation center located in both New Jersey and Ohio.  If you live in one of these states or at least nearby, there could be a good chance they invite you onsite to sample products.  As with any testing panel, you never need to commit, so do not worry about this.  If you don’t live near New Jersey or Ohio, that’s fine as they will simply mail you the product to have you evaluate it at home.

Signing Up

As long as you meet the minimum requirements, then signing up is easy.  To do so, you will want to follow this link and click on the “click here” to register for the panel.

During the registration process, L’Oreal will ask for a variety of information, such as your name, address, phone number as well as an email they can reach you at.  The entire process took me less than five minutes, and I only had to complete one page.

Upon completion, you will then see a confirmation email, which will look like this:

As the confirmation states, you will then have to wait up to two weeks to receive your user ID, password as well as other details.

I have heard that there could be a wait list.  In this case, it could take a few weeks, if not months, before you hear back.

Your Dashboard

Once you get approved and receive your log-in information, you will then have to check in to see whether or not you have survey opportunities.  This is what your dashboard will look like:

NOTE:  I had to omit some details to play it safe.

At first, you will need to take a short qualification survey in order to determine your eligibility in future surveys.  Picture this almost like a profile screener you would do on any other research-like site.

These surveys, much like the many research companies out there, will see if you qualify for an upcoming test.  Just because you get accepted to the program does not mean you will get free products.  As you can see in my screenshot there, I had no evaluations available for me.  When you do, however, a link will pop up, in which you can click and proceed to take the survey.

Depending on your answers, you may get selected for a product.  If that’s the case, you will be told at the end of the survey and the company will ship out the product.  You will then have to sample the product as specified in your directions and continue to log in to provide your feedback.  Every test is different, but you will know what’s expected of you in the survey directions.

As you can see, the dashboard is pretty straight-forward.  You view the available surveys, your current schedule, the studies in session as well as the ability to update your account information.  It isn’t much, and you really only need to focus on the available surveys to take advantage.

How Many Surveys Will I Get?

This is hard to answer as it really does depend on your demographics.  Some have received multiple surveys in a week, whereas others are skunked for the month.

It’s hard to say, but I would expect at least a few a month.  How many you qualify for really depends on your profile.  You could qualify for all or you could never qualify for another.  Make it a habit to log in every day or so because the surveys will close once the company meets its quota.

Keep in mind that you won’t be rewarded in finishing the surveys, even if you complete it in its entirety and get denied.  This has been a huge con for some, so please keep this in the back of your head when completing it.

NOTE:  Follow this Slickdeals thread as the members do a good job updating you whenever a survey is available.  L’Oreal rarely sends out survey invites, so you will have to log in on your own.  It’s first-come, first serve, so you will have to be fast.

Do I Get Paid?

Yes!  In some cases, surveys in the past have paid.

I have seen payments anywhere from $10 to more than $30+.  You will have to qualify, of course.

And, while it’s not “pay” per se, the company does send out gifts after every five completed surveys.  These gifts are said to go out on the 1st and 15th of every month.  They also let you keep many of the products they send out, at least most of the time.  Again, it depends on the study.

If you live in the Ohio or New Jersey area and you’re able to attend in person, it has been said they will give you up to $100 in products as well as pay in some cases.  Sometimes, great coupons are included as well.  This depends on the length of the study.

What Happens If I Get Accepted?

If you’re lucky enough to get accepted, then L’Oreal will send you an email, giving you all the details you need to know about your upcoming testing.

From my experience, these studies all work differently, but you will find that they will ask you to sample the product over the course of the next few days/weeks.  Again, refer to your instructions to know what’s expected of you as it will tell you everything you need to know.

As mentioned prior, everything you test will be beneath the L’Oreal brand of products, from beauty to skincare.  Some products may have already been released, whereas some may be in its testing phase.  Again, it all depends on the project.

What the Internet Is Saying

As in all of our reviews, we need to bring in what other people are saying, the reason for this section.

Here, I will talk about what I found online, both the pros and cons.  No matter what I review, there’s always something bad and good to say.  This is what I found:

The Cons

You don’t get rewarded for the surveys if disqualified.

Some surveys can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

Some reported that they never received a user name and password.  Sometimes, there is a waiting period.

The Pros

You get to try new products, all delivered directly to your doorstep.

The company is known to send you a free thank you gift if you participate in enough trials.

Some surveys do pay, sometimes as much as $30+

If you’re able to visit in-house, you can receive up to $100 in free products for your time.

Some tests send up to $50+ in products.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of the L’Oreal family of brands and want to potentially try something new at no cost to you, then sure, I would at least consider it.

Just remember, however.  You won’t always get paid nor are you guaranteed a product.  Don’t get mad at me when you take a survey after survey and get denied.  This can happen!

For now, maybe create an account and test it out for a few months.  If you like the products you’re receiving, then keep on going.  If not, you can simply close down your account or never log in again.  It’s as easy as that.

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