Lucky Money: Do You Really Win Money? (Review)

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NOTE:  It appears the app is no longer active.  I will leave this up for archive purposes.

The free Android app known as Lucky Money offers its users the chance to rake in cash by participating in simple activities like scratching lottery tickets, playing their version of a lottery, and playing the slot machines.  As I write this review, the app has more than 10 million downloads, so it appears people are downloading it.  In my opinion, Lucky Money is very similar to  other prominent scratch-and-win apps like Lucktastic.

At face value, Lucky Money may be a fun little way to pass the time. Who would pass up the opportunity to experience the excitement of lottery and scratch ticket games without any investment from their pocket?

Using the app, however, I found myself questioning whether it genuinely delivers on its promise of payouts.

Is Lucky Money Legitimate?

Based on my experience, Lucky Money lacks credibility. The process of redeeming rewards via this app is unrealistic, and not to mention, it bombards you with a plethora of ads like the so many lottery-like apps out there.  This gets annoying fast. Plus, the prospect of earning tokens seems to dwindle as you engage more with the app.

After spending some time experimenting with Lucky Money, I ended up with hardly any earnings. Moreover, there’s no real way to confirm if these games aren’t rigged.

After I played around with it for a while, I did find myself skeptical about whether the majority of users even receive payouts from Lucky Money. A simple visit to their Facebook, for instance, will reveal a myriad of disgruntled comments from users claiming they are perpetually trapped just short of the cash out threshold, resulting in them never actually receiving any payment.  The same can be said if you visit the official Google Play reviews.

Lucky Money seems to be fishy. With a lack of payment proof, an abundance of negative feedback, and several red flags, this app leaves much to be desired in the money-making sector.  Let me explain why in this review.

How Lucky Money Works

After creating an account, Lucky Money offers various ways to earn tokens or real cash by engaging in brief tasks. You can then exchange these tokens for Amazon gift card codes, or if you’ve earned Lucky Money cash, you can redeem it for PayPal.

However, there are a lot of ways to potentially earn tokens and cash.  In the subheadings below, I talk about the primary ways to earn tokens/cash within the app.

#1 Scratch-off Tickets

As previously indicated, Lucky Money mainly focuses on its scratch ticket games.

The landing page of the app greets you with a pile of about 40 to 50 scratch tickets, which are refreshed every day (24 hours) to maintain user engagement.  This seems to change, but you can see how many scratchers are left on your dashboard.

Each ticket requires a few swipes to navigate, and can potentially give you tokens, cash, and/or other rewards which connect to some other ways to earn, which I will discuss shortly.

However, here’s the thing that’s very annoying.  For every few scratch tickets you complete, a video ad pops up.

While some of these can be bypassed, a significant number of these ads are unskippable, which can get frustrating quickly. During my exploration of the app, the majority of these ads were unskippable, which was rather irksome.

There are countless ways to earn money by watching ads, but, honestly, Lucky Money’s approach is quite exhausting and falls short of being worth the effort. But for the sake of a comprehensive review, I’ll continue to examine the other ways to earn within the app.

#2 Lucky Spin

The Lucky Spin feature offers a wheel that you can spin to earn “mallet” rewards or tokens.

These mallet rewards are essentially opportunities to break open a “Lucky Egg”, which could earn you even more prizes, such as additional cash, tokens, or raffle tickets.

To take a spin on the Lucky Wheel, you will have to spend 4,000 tokens or you will have to watch an ad to earn a spin.

I experimented with the wheel, predominantly earning tokens, so it seems to be another aspect where you rely on the luck of the draw.

#3 Slots

The Lucky Slots operate much like the spin game, with each spin costing you 4,000 tokens or a video ad as an alternative payment.

It’s a straightforward slot game, as all you have to do is match three symbols in a row to win a reward.

Prizes typically consist of cash or tokens, and there’s an enticing jackpot figure displayed at the top, as you can see below in my screenshot.  When I was playing, for instance, I could win close to 10,000,000 tokens.

I’ll leave the slots for your judgment, but I feel this works more like a raffle since it seems to be at random.

#4 Raffle Tickets

Yet another way to earn through the Lucky Money app is by participating in their raffles.

Whenever you play on the app, you will get raffle tickets on a daily basis, and raffle tickets can also be won fairly easily from other games.

As for the rewards, here are some of the raffles I saw when playing with the app:

  • Hourly Raffle – Win $1 if you’re lucky
  • A+ Raffle – $100 Amazon gift card
  • Daily Raffle – Win $50
  • Monthly Raffle – Win $1,000

Raffle tickets can be earned from the various games you play and you can then enter in the raffles as seen above. All you need to do is submit your tickets in the raffle you’re interested in to participate in a giveaway.

These raffles are subject to change, but these were the options I saw when playing around with the app.

#5 Lucky Money Codes

Another potential method to earn tokens or cash is through the Lucky Money codes that you can find on social media platforms.

Codes are regularly posted on Facebook, and entering these codes can result in bonus tokens. The quicker you are, the more you can earn.

Bear in mind, you may stumble upon advice online related to Lucky Money hacks, but rest assured there isn’t a way to manipulate the app into dispensing more rewards.

Many of these so-called Lucky Money hacks, for example, allege that you can obtain endless free codes and inflate your account earnings, but in reality, these hacks do not work. Save your time and steer clear of them if you think there are “hacks.”

#6 Missions & Streaks

Like many apps, Lucky Money wants to retain players by offering incentives. This is done so through what’s known as missions and daily streaks that are designed to promote regular play.

Missions may involve tasks such as playing a certain number of lottery scratcher cards, spin games, and/or slots, for instance. Completing a mission then results in a reward.  You will always know what you have to do to earn these rewards.

Similarly, playing every day can lead to earning up to 15,000+ free tokens for maintaining a streak of 7+ consecutive days.

These are relatively minor earners and, as you’ll find out, the likelihood of a successful cash out is rather grim.  Don’t get too excited with these streaks.

#7 The Lotto

Lucky Money features its own lottery game where you are allowed to select 6 numbers every day to play in their lottery. The app asserts that depending on how many numbers you guess correctly, different prizes can be won.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards:

  • 1 Match – 50,000 tokens.
  • 2 Matches – 250,000 tokens.
  • 3 Matches – 500,000 tokens.
  • 4 Matches – $5.
  • 5 Matches – $50.
  • 6 Matches – $100,000

I remain skeptical about the authenticity of this $100,000 prize, especially given the odds associated with lotteries in general.

Additionally, the caveat is that a video ad must be watched prior to entering the lottery. So, brace yourself for that aspect.

Cashing Out

As I write this, Lucky Money allows cash outs in the form of Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. The minimum threshold for redemption is $2 or 3 million tokens:

  • $2 Amazon – 3,000,000 tokens
  • $2 PayPal – 3,000,000 tokens
  • $5 PayPal – 5,000,000 tokens
  • $5 Amazon – 5,000,000 tokens
  • $10 Amazon – 10,000,000 tokens
  • $10 PayPal – 10,000,000 tokens
  • $20 Amazon – 20,000,000 tokens
  • $20 PayPal – 20,000,000 tokens
  • $30 – 30,000,000 tokens
  • $30 PayPal – 30,000,000 tokens

Aside from tokens, you can also cash out for $100 in PayPal or Amazon if you reach $100 in cash.

When I used the app, I managed to earn about $6~ and close to 200,000 tokens. However, as you will find out, many complain that it becomes progressively more challenging to attain the cash out threshold.  It took me a long time to earn 200,000 tokens, so I can only imagine how long it will take to earn 3 MILLION.

Simply put, it appears almost impossible to earn enough through this app to ever successfully redeem your earnings.  Please be aware.  You can maybe earn it, but it will take so long, you will laugh at your hourly rate.

What Others Are Saying

Reading the official Google Play reviews, I found a lot of negativity and I have no idea how it manages a high 4.6+/5 rating.

Sorting through the top 20 reviews that were found to be the most helpful, here’s what I found out:

  • Multiple people report reaching the cashout threshold of $100 and then winning no more cash.
  • Many have said they are stuck around $98, despite playing frequently.
  • There are complaints about the high number of ads that only generate revenue for the developers.
  • Some have won smaller rewards but experienced long processing times or no delivery of these rewards.
  • Some have also reported technical issues, such as the app slowing down other processes on their device or not allowing them to watch videos to earn more rewards.
  • There are doubts about the honesty of the app’s promises and the actual potential to earn.
  • Prizes and cashout options for points/coins often appear as “sold out” or unavailable.

Final Thoughts

2/10In the end, skip out on Lucky Money as you won’t find any value in it.  Unless you want to scratch off lottery tickets for fun and watch a ton of ads, nothing will ever come of it.  If you don’t believe my review, that’s fine, but I do HIGHLY recommend you check out the official Google Play reviews as they will say the same thing.

While the premise can seem fun, it will only lead to frustration, unfortunately.   This can be said for almost any lottery scratching-like app.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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