Is Merge Numbers 2048 Legit? (review)

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The Merge Numbers 2048 game has more than 5,000,000 downloads, making it one of the larger gaming apps that I have ever reviewed.

Indeed, it’s popular and it seems as if you can earn gift cards playing it; however, how much can you make and is it legit?

In this review, as in all of my reviews, I download it and check it out.  By the time you read this, you should understand if this app is worth your time.  As always, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is Merge Numbers 2048?

Merge Numbers 2048 is an “addictive” number puzzle app where you’re supposed to “merge” the numbers to beat the levels and earn a score.  When you merge the numbers, you can win a “huge reward.”

If you have ever played a puzzle game before, such as Wood Block Master or Match to Win, for example, then you may already be familiar with how this type of app works.

Merge Numbers 2048 is open to all and is operated by F2P Game Studio, which is an app developer that owns three other apps, 8 Ball Legend, Tile Cards Puzzle and Solitaire Match Master.  Overall, they have more than eight million downloads and seem to be a legitimate company.

Earning Money

To start earning rewards, you can do so while playing the puzzle game.

And, to play the game, you will have to connect two of the same numbers to earn a score.

You can also connect two numbers, as well as a third, as long as the first two equal the two you connect at first.  So, for example, a two, two and four could work because two plus two is four.

Throughout the game, you can use a hammer to smash blocks or you can switch tiles around.  These options will cost “diamonds,” which you earn as part of your balance, but it’s completely optional.  Sometimes, it may make sense to use them if you want to power through a level.

Every time you finish a level, you can progress to the next and move your way up the leaderboard.

While you play the game, you can also watch short 30 to 60-second ads if you need diamonds for the puzzle.  As mentioned, these diamonds will help you with the puzzle and will, in no way, be part of the rewards you earn.

NOTE:  As you play the game, you will have to watch A LOT of ads.  This is how most of these “games” work and how they are going to make money.  Unfortunately, there’s no way around it, but you will find it pretty annoying.

The Rewards

To earn rewards, you will have to continue to play the game, however, it appears as if the game doesn’t pay out anymore, even though they note they do so in the game description.

When I played, I saw nothing in regard as to how you can earn money nor did I see a rewards portal.  However, I did read reviews in the past noting that they worked a lot like other puzzle games when they did offer rewards.  They would make it seem as if you were going to close to your payout, however, when you did, your earnings would trickle to a stop and you would never get there, unfortunately.

Even if you’re reading this and see that there are rewards, let it be known that it will be next to impossible to get there, so don’t waste your time watching the ads.

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, the puzzle concept is cool, but the app doesn’t pay out.  Even if you see the rewards, it’s like the many sleazy games out there.  You will think you’re getting close, but you will never get there.  Instead, you will watch a TON of ads and that’s never fun.  You’re just making them money.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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