MindField Surveys: Why Is It Rated Poorly?

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MindField Online is said to be your solution for earning extra cash.  No matter where you may be, you can complete surveys and earn a cash incentive.  Yes, it is as simple as that.  They claim there are no gimmicks, points or sweepstakes to waste your time.

As yet another one of the many survey companies online, MindField does have potential, simply because they focus on surveys only.

Whether you landed on this review because of a search or you’re looking for another way to make money online, let’s take a glance and see if MindField Online is worth joining.  As in all of my reviews, I sign up, I take the surveys, and then report back to you to let you know if you should join.  As always, I’m 100% honest and would never recommend something I wouldn’t use.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in and see what this platform is all about.

What is MindField Surveys?

MindField Online is one of the many research panels on the web.  Simply put, you will answer survey questions and receive a cash incentive for doing so. No matter who you are, whether it’s a college student, senior or a stay-at-home mom, there’s a survey waiting for you.  If you’re new to the survey world, you can find out more about how they work, refer to the more than 83+ survey companies I have researched.

MindField Surveys is a division of McMillion Research, a trusted source for consumer research and data collection technologies.  The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia.  Proudly part of multiple marketing research trade associations, you can be assured you’re working with a legitimate organization.  It’s one of the largest market research divisions as of today?

Signing up for MindField

To sign up to start making money with MindField Surveys, they do ask that you log in with your Facebook account.  This is preferred, however, it isn’t required.  Since I don’t like connecting my Facebook account to anything, I opted for the non-Facebook route.  To do so, you register using your email address.  This is entirely up to you how you want to connect your account.

There are benefits to connecting your Facebook account, though.  For one, you can collect Amazon gift cards immediately and you can simply click on your Facebook icon and log in right way.  There’s no typing in your username/password.  Keep this in mind as the instant redemption is a huge perk.

To qualify as a participant, you must be at least 15 years old and reside in the United States.  If you’re younger than 15, you can sign up, but you will need to join through your parent’s account to qualify.  It’s 100% free to join.

As a quick note here:  In many cases, the company isn’t accepting new participants, so if you do see a message, you may want to check again in the future.

MindField Surveys

Once you join, MindField will send all survey invites to your email, usually as a newsletter of sorts.  Known as the “Survey Cloud,” this email will contain the opportunities available as of today, as well as what they pay.  Aside from surveys they offer, they work with other providers as well, which will be shown on this list, too.  You can also download the “SurveyCloud” app on the Google Play Store.

Personally, I liked the app better as I didn’t have to wait for the email invites.  With the app, I could just open it up and see the many surveys available to me at the moment.

NOTE:  To receive as many survey invites as possible, be sure to complete the member questionnaires.  These questionnaires will help the company learn more about you so that they can send you targeted survey opportunities.

What Do MindField Surveys Pay?

Like most of the survey sites I have reviewed in the past, MindField seems to pay the same amount, usually between $0.50 to $5+.  However, what I did find out is that in some cases, you could make $50+ if you were to sign up for a virtual or in-person focus group.  These types of studies, no matter who you sign up with, always tend to be the highest paying, so I would recommend you look out for these options if you want to make the most.

The Rewards

MindField makes it easy to cash out.  Unlike other survey sites, where you can get paid in points and/or cash, and then be able to choose from hundreds of prizes, MindField gives you one great option — cash.

Once you hit $5 in earnings, you can log in and cash out, in which MindField will process your reward and pay you in one to two weeks, either via PayPal or a standard check.  In case you choose the standard check option, you may find that it takes up to six weeks to receive your reward.  With that said, it’s highly advisable you use your PayPal account.  This can be said with any rewards site that pays out via PayPal.

The Poor Reviews Online

If you search for MindField Surveys online, you may have noticed the very poor reviews.  In fact, they are some of the lowest reviews I have ever seen.  For instance, SurveyPolice users give is a 1.1 out of 5, while its Google Play is a pinch better with a 3/5 rating.

So, what are people saying about the website itself?  Here’s what I found out…

The surveys are very long.  I read countless reports of people having to complete 30+ minute surveys for less than a dollar.

The invites are lacking.  You may only receive one survey a month, if that.  One member said she only receive four survey invites in 10+ years.  That’s not good at all.

Unfair disqualifications.  Yes, surveys will disqualify, but usually, they do it rather quickly.  This doesn’t seem to be the case with MindField as they will often do the survey and be met with an error message that the quote has been met.  Not only do you lose your time but you lose your reward too.

Pending forever.  I read many reviews where users stated they had surveys pending for months.

Final Thoughts

2/10I’m going to skip out on MindField for a variety of reasons.

For one, it seems as if they are never accepting new members.  Maybe that’s a good reason not to sign up?  I’ve been a member for quite some time and don’t find it to be worth it at all.

Secondly, the surveys tend to be on the lower end.  I’m talking $0.50 to $1~ for a survey that takes longer than 20 minutes.  At that rate, you could net $2 an hour!  Note the sarcasm.  Yes, you can make money with surveys, but it’s not that bad.

And, lastly, the whole company seems to be lacking with technology.  The website is out of date, the app is poorly reviewed, and overall people just don’t like it.  When the masses say no, I say no, too.

As always, you can comment if you wish.  Whether you want to ask a question or comment on your experience, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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