Rebaid Review: Freebies on Amazon Legally?

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In the past, I created a post on the more than 16+ legitimate companies that get you free stuff on Amazon, and one of the companies I mentioned was one called Rebaid.

This company claims you can get deals up to 100% off on Amazon and receive your “rebate” in as little as three days.

While this premise sounds great in theory, the true question is if it’s worth your time?  Can you really get free things on Amazon?

That’s what we’re about to find out.

In today’s review, I’m going to talk about Rebaid, a very popular company that has hundreds of items from sellers on Amazon that you can snag at little to no cost.  As always, my reviews are always 100% honest and I won’t sway you in any way.

What Is Rebaid? Who Runs It?

According to the about us page, Rebaid is Wyoming incorporated company, but they are based in Connecticut.  They were founded in 2019 by Brendon Fields, someone who built one of the largest e-commerce stores in the sporting goods industry.  The company’s mission is to connect sellers and brand owners with shoppers who are simply looking for a good deal.  To date, the company has paid out more than $5,000,000 to more than 150,000 active shoppers.

In looking online for reviews, I couldn’t find much except for its Trustpilot rating, which stood at a 4.7/5.  Other than that, a few blogs mentioned the site, but that’s about it.  The great thing was that I didn’t read anything about people being scammed nor did I see people talking about the organization being shady, so that’s a good thing.

How Does It Work

NOTE:  It’s only open to United States residents and is 100% free to use!

To use Rebaid, it’s quite simple.

What you will first want to do is head to and then shop it just as you would any other online store.  You can search for a particular item, filter your results or scroll through what’s available at the moment.  At any given time, you can find hundreds of items available.  Just make sure you pay close attention to the price you have to pay.

As a quick note, if it’s the freebies you want, then you will want to sort by price, as seen in the screenshot below.  Also, be sure to click on the “show available now” to make sure you see what’s in stock as some items do run low.

Now, let’s say you wanted the free premium washable masks.

In doing so, you can see the rating, a brief description as well as a picture.  If it’s something that looks like you want to receive a rebate for, then you will click that “redeem offer” button.

Redeeming the Offer To Get a Rebate

Once you click on the “redeem offer” button, you can then tell Rebaid how you want your rebate, either via mail or direct deposit.

However, as you can see in the screenshot, you will have to redeem at least two products and have an account that’s at least five weeks old to qualify for the direct deposit option.

After you choose your option and confirm your shipping address, then the company will tell you what you have to do.  In some cases, you may have to click on a link, where sometimes, you may have to search for a specific keyword and find the exact product.  The instructions are very easy, and as long as you follow the directions, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your rebate.

Finally, after you complete the instructions and buy the product, Rebaid will ask you to come back to the website and submit your order number.

Remember that you have to pay for the purchase as Rebaid is offering you a rebate, and it can take up to five weeks to get your cash back.  Again, as long as you follow the directions and purchase the item as noted, there are no problems.

Why Am I Getting Free Items?  It Seems Shady!

I know this can sound too good to be true, and I promise you that it isn’t.

What sellers want is volume on Amazon.  The more they can sell, the higher than can rank in the natural listings, which means more sales for them in the future when buyers find them in a search. However, when they first start selling items, it can be hard for people to find them, so they will turn to services such as this.  You buy an item and test it, they refund you, and they get the sale in Amazon’s eyes.  Consider it almost like a marketing budget of sorts.

These sales cost the seller money, but after a while, they will start to rank organically and will no longer need to invest as much since sales are naturally coming in.

Things to Know

How many items can I get a rebate for?

According to the company, you are limited to 10 redemptions during your first month; however, these redemption limits are increased as you use the site.  On your dashboard, you will be able to see what you qualify for.

Will I really get my rebate?

Yes!  As long as you don’t cancel your order, you shouldn’t have a problem getting it.

Do I need to leave a review?

Some sites that work like this online make you leave a review, which can seem unethical; however, Rebaid doesn’t require any review.  All you need to do is make a purchase and confirm it, that’s it!

When do I get paid?

As mentioned, you can only receive a paper check initially, and in choosing this option, it will take five to six weeks after your redemption date.  However, when you’re eligible for the direct deposit option, you can see your cash within five days of your redemption.


  • 100% free to use
  • hundreds of items to choose from
  • large savings
  • freebies can be found
  • very easy to use


  • rebate checks can take up to 5 weeks (remember this can be changed once your account ages)

Final Thoughts

Rebaid is one of the many companies out there that can help you receive free items or heavily discounted items on Amazon.  While you don’t get to choose what you want on Amazon, they do have quite the selection and it changes daily.

The company is 100% legitimate, it’s very easy to use, and best of all, it’s free to join.  As long as you play by the rules, you should see your rebate in no time, so there’s no worry there.

That wraps it up for now.

As always, check out the many articles I have written on the site as well as check out my YouTube channel.  Thanks for reading!

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