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Scribie Review: Make Money to Type? Eh.

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Scribie is a company I have mentioned in the past, particularly in my best online transcription jobs and non-phone work from home jobs post.  In short, it’s an online transcription service that offers flat rates for its customers, starting at $0.10 per minute.  Customers can upload their audio files and either receive an automated transcribed file or one that’s manually completed by a human.

If you like the idea of getting paid to type from home and feel you can type at least 45+ words per minute, then Scribie may be a choice to consider.  As one of the many transcription companies out there, and one of the most popular for that matter, I figured I would review it, letting you know if it’s worth your time.

In today’s Scribie review, I will talk about the company’s history, what the job entails, the pay as well as what kind of person they are looking for.  In the end, as in all of my reviews, I will then recommend it based on my personal research. As always, I’m honest, and I never would recommend something I wouldn’t use nor.

With that being said, let’s dive into the world of Scribie and see what the company is all about.

What is Scribie Transcription?

Scribie is an online transcription company that transcribes audio files for anyone who uploads an audio file to their website.  As I write this, the company offers two options:  an automated transcription rate, which starts at $0.10 per minute, or a manual option, which starts at $0.80 per minute.  If the customer chooses the manual rate, it’s passed to the thousands of freelancers, who will then transcribe the audio file at a 99% accuracy rate.  This is where you come into the picture if you were to apply.

The company was founded in 2008 by its founder, Rajiv Poddar.  He wanted to create a Skype recording tool as he saw there wasn’t one available, which led to Scribie as it is today.

Scribie Job Overview

According to the company, they offer a “great opportunity to augment your income by transcribing files.”  As a transcriptionist with the company, you can work whenever you want, from wherever you want.  Since you’re deemed an independent contractor, you run the show as you’re the boss.  While they technically pay you, you get to set the hours.  This is one of the greatest perks of being an independent contractor.

The company doesn’t assign files, and you get to preview the files before you accept them.  There are no obligations nor do you have to meet any monthly commitments to stay active on the platform.  It’s as free as it comes and probably one of the biggest perks.

If you are interested in the job and feel you have the experience as a transcriber, then the company asks you to apply for the job via its website.  But, before doing so, you will have to complete a transcription test so that they can test your skills.  Before you apply, however, they do ask that you meet some of the following requirements.

In order, here’s what you expect from the application process:

  • submit your application
  • confirm your email
  • wait up to 24 hours for approval
  • take and submit your test
  • get approved/denied

Scribie Requirements

Before applying, Scribie asks that you…

  • have a good comprehension of English
  • can interpret conversations
  • apply context and identify mistakes
  • have a verified PayPal account
  • have a laptop/computer and internet connection
  • have a headset
  • download the latest Chrome/Firefox/Safari web browser
  • have the ability to correct manual/automated transcript

Work for Scribie

Once you pass your test and the company accepts you, you can then log into the account with the email/password provided.  You should receive an email, which will look something like this to let you know that you were accepted…

Aside from that email, you will also receive one that states that you’re now “certified as a transcriber,” too…

Once approved, you can log into your dashboard, which will look something like this…

As you can see, you can view the audio file size, how much that file pay as well as a play button, which allows you to preview the file before you accept it.  Most of the jobs you find on this platform are less than six minutes long.  This is because the company splits up files in six-minute intervals.

And, if you’re interested in any of these files, you can click on the transcribe button to start your job.

The Audio Files

When you’re ready to start typing, you will be asked to playback the audio file and transcribe it as accurately as possible.  In the case you can’t hear part of the file clearly while transcribing, you can leave it blank.  All of your transcribing will be done via the editor that’s built into the website, so there’s no need to open up your Microsoft Word.

After you submit it, you will then be reviewed and graded, which I will get into next.  During this time, reviewers will check for correctness as well as look at your quality and grade you on a 1-5 grading scale.  During this time, the file is thrown back into the pool, where it will be reviewed once again.  This time, the audio file is played and the final product is checked against the audio.  The blanks may be filled in as well if possible.

Once the audio has been transcribed and reviewed, it will then be proofread once more by a certified proofreader and re-proofread, yes, once again, by quality control (QC).

As you get promoted, you can review files, working your way up to quality control.  All in all, there are four steps, each of which can be viewed in detail via the company’s FAQ page.

Being Graded and Getting Promoted

As you submit files, the company will use a grading system to track your performance.  These grades can range from a 5, which is equivalent to an A+ to a 1, which is as bad as an F.  These grades are based upon the major mistakes in your submissions, and as you can expect, it’s very important to keep these grades high as it can promote you or demote you.  Reviewers are at random, so your grades can vary.

And, as you submit files, you can eventually get promoted to varying levels, which can offer more work, and of course, more money.

After one hour of raw transcription submissions and a grade higher than a three, for example, the company can promote you to a reviewer, which allows you to review other transcripts and grade them.  You can then be further promoted to “Self-Reviewer” after 10 review submissions have been verified and you score better than a three on average.  As a Self-Reviewer, you can select a raw transcription assignment, submit it and then take that same file you just transcribed to review it, effectively doubling your payment.  Each of these levels offer varying job descriptions and can pay  more than the basic level.

Conversely, if you ever fall below a 2.5, you cannot select any files, but you can refer friends if you want to.  Once you hit this threshold, you can no longer work with the company it apperas.

Scribie Pay

Scribie pays by the audio hour, which ranges anywhere from $5 to $25 per audio hour.  Remember, this isn’t per hour; rather, it’s based on the audio file size.  So, for example, if it took you four hours to type a 60-minute audio file, you will only get paid for the 60 minutes, not the four hours it took you.  This is very important as you won’t make as much as you think you will.

There’s no definite answer as to how long it will take you to complete an audio file as it depends on your experience and how fast you type, but from my experience, it will take one hour to type every 10 to 15 minutes of audio.  Using that math, it could take you up to four to six hours to type a 60-minute audio file.  This means you should be prepared to make 25% of what’s quoted, about $1.25 to $6.25 per hour worked.  It’s not much, even if you consider yourself to be an efficient typist.

So, in the end, you may only make $1 to $6 per hour, maybe less.  Again, a lot of variables go into the picture.

Scribie Bonuses

Aside from the audio hour pay, the company also provides bonuses, which pay out $5 for every three hours you complete.  This bonus is paid out the first of each calendar month and will include all approved submissions.

For bonuses, there are no restrictions as to how many files you can submit, so the sky is the limit.

How Much Can I Earn With Scribie?

How much you make with Scribie will depend on your title, how much you work as well what work you complete.  According to the company, you can expect the following monthly averages:

  • only transcription:  $200-$300
  • transcription and reviewing:  $300-$500
  • transcription, reviewing and proofreading:  $500-$700
  • transcription, reviewing, proofreading and QC:  $700-$1000

Your results will vary, of course, so use this as an average issued by the company.  On average, I would expect around $200 a month, maybe less.  Honestly, I feel most people get burnt out after a week since the pay is so low.  With a low pay, it can be hard to stay motivated, unfortunately.

Cashing Out

When it comes time to make your money, you can cash out at any time, however, if you cash out for less than $30, there will be a 2% fee charged.  All payments are made via PayPal.  They require a verified PayPal account, with no exceptions.


The Reviews

So, what is the community saying about Scribie?  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Honestly, I saw a mix of both, but a lot more in the negative column.  This is what I found out in my research online:


On Glassdoor, there were more than 55+ reviews, and reviewers gave the company a very poor 2/5.  Some people loved that you could make your own hours while others didn’t like the pay.  Most of the negatives related to the pay, where most said they were lucky to make a few dollars an hour.


On Indeed, the reviews weren’t much better, with more than 11+ reviewers giving the company a 3.0/5.  Again, people complained about the pay, but some liked the flexibility.

In the end, what I found out what the pay stinks and the competition can be high in some cases.  The only plus that I could find was that you could work whenever you please, but I wouldn’t say this is the best perk.


  • lots of work
  • work whenever you want
  • fast PayPal payments
  • work isn’t too difficult


  • tedious work
  • very low pay ($1-$5 per hour)
  • some audio quality can be bad
  • can take up to two hours to transcribe a small audio file

Is Scribie Legit?

So, in the end, this is the golden question.  Is it legit?  In short, yes, the company is legit, but is it worth joining?  Probably not.  If you do decide to sign up and get accepted, you will get paid, but unless you live in a third-world country, you will find the pay rates to be embarrassing.  With that being said, the company isn’t a scam nor are they are out there to take your money.  It’s just a money greedy company that’s trying to keep most of its profits without paying you.

Final Thoughts

5/10Scribie can be a great option if you’re just starting and want to get your feet wet in the online transcription industry.  However, it isn’t one I would stick with as the pay seems to be below average in comparison to competitors.  I would almost say it’s too low.  Even if you consider yourself to be an experienced transcriptionist, I can’t see yourself making more than a few dollars an hour, it’s not much.  Consider it more of a training platform to learn how this world works.  Play around with it for a week or so and move onto something else.

The nice thing about Scribie is that they do review your work, so this can help you become a better transcriptionist if you’re just starting out.  The feedback they do provide can help you become a better transcriber.  But, if you’ve been in the game for quite some time, I would say skip out as the feedback may not help as much as you think it would.  It’s not going to be worth your time.

While Scribie is 100% legit and they have a ton of work, there could be a ton of work for a reason, mainly because no one wants to do it for peanut wages.  You can try it out, but don’t come yelling at me if you’re averaging $2 an hour.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, in the end, I don’t really recommend, but it could be a great stepping stone, that’s about it.  If the company paid much more, I think it could work, but unfortunately, the company doesn’t want to do so.  Oh, well.

Now, as always, I leave the comments section open to you.

Did you like it?  What didn’t you like?  If you haven’t used it and have a question, feel free to ask it as well as the community may have an answer, too.

In the meantime, if you want to get paid to type, be sure to check out the many transcription companies out there, aside from Scribie, that will help you in your endeavors.

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