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Shopper’s Voice: Where Are the Rewards?

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Shopper’s Voice is one of the many survey panels online that offers you a lot of rewards in exchange for your time.  But, the question is if these rewards are worth your time.

That’s what I’m here for.

Shopper’s Voice Review

In making this website, it was my goal to research all of the top ways to make money online and share my honest thoughts in the form of a review.  I don’t push garbage products nor do I harass you for your email in order to sell some crappy class.  That’s not how I work here.  I love making money, so I thought, “What better way than sharing my expertise with others?”  Using this philosophy, I wanted to be sure I was never swayed by what other companies paid me, so everything you read is 100% true and honest.

If you have thought about joining Shopper’s Voice or maybe want to see if it’s another lucrative way to make money online, then strap in because I’m about to show you how it works as well as if it’s worth our time.

Let’s begin!

What is Shopper’s Voice?

If you have read any of my reviews before, you may already know that I love to dig deep and figure out who’s behind the website.  Almost every legitimate money-making website out there will have some sort of “about us” page or a history of sorts.  In finding this, it can often assure me that I’m at least dealing with someone legitimate.  But, just because the company is legitimate, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth joining.

In researching Shopper’s Voice, the company has been one of America’s leading providers of consumer information for more than 30 years now.  The company gathers opinions, preferences as well as insights from shoppers around the country via its surveys.  In sharing your thoughts once a year, you can help play a key role in shaping how your favorite brands and products are developed.

The company is owned by Epsilon Data Management, LLC, a direct marketing service based in Irving, Texas.  They were founded in 1969.

Signing Up

The biggest thing to note here, in comparison to other survey providers, is that the panel only offers a once a year survey.  So, you shouldn’t expect to log in and find multiple surveys waiting for you like the bigger players do, such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.  Some members have stated the company has sent out additional surveys, but it appears to be greatly dependent upon your demographics.  I believe this would come from partner companies, however.

To sign up, you will have to complete a series of questions, from filling out your personal information to your shopping habits.  If you have ever done a profile screener on any research company website when starting, then you will want to compare it to something like this.

All in all, the entire process took me about 10 to 15~ minutes to complete.


In competing the survey, Shopper’s Voice will offer you a few “rewards.”  I say this lightly because it’s not what you may think.  It’s not your typical gift card or cash.

Upon completing your survey, you can earn “free” stuff tailored to you, which can include coupons, samples and special offers.  This comes year around.  You can also earn what’s known as “instant money-saving flash rewards.”  Consider this more like a glorified coupon.  And, lastly, you also have the chance of winning one of three $500 prizes during the month you complete your survey.

When I completed it, they told me that I would receive a “welcome email,” followed by a rewards email.  The rewards email would contain rewards based on your demographics, so what I receive may be different than yours.  I received mine almost instantly, but I found it in my spam folder.

Here were my rewards…

Frankly, the rewards stink.  There are no gift card redemptions nor can you can earn points to cash out in the future.   As you can see, they just sent me offers I can get elsewhere.  Plus, I have to pay for them.  Not cool.

Soon after you complete the survey, you should receive yet another email that allows you to log into the website.  Once you become a member, you can become eligible to receive coupons and/or samples based on your profile.  I’m still waiting on this.

I have read some people did receive cool samples at their doorstep, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  If I’m going to complete a survey, I want to almost be certain that I’m getting rewarded in one way or another.

What Others Are Saying

Of course, these reviews aren’t always about me, so in this section, I want to talk about the many things, both good and bad, I found online.  Unfortunately, most of what I found wasn’t the greatest, but I was able to find a few perks, I suppose.

The Bad

You pretty much get nothing for filling out  long surveys.  As mentioned, many people stated there’s much better out there.

Some members claim they don’t send coupons as mentioned.  As a quick note, I’m still waiting on mine as well.

Waste of time, seeing there are no cash/gift card rewards.  Instead, you’re doing surveys for “coupons.”

The company will send a lot of unnecessary e-mails, a big reason the main email providers send it directly to your spam folder.

The Good

You’re automatically entered into a sweepstakes, where you can win up to $1,500.

In the past, they used to send out a ton of great coupons, but it appears they don’t send them out as they used to.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I don’t recommend Shopper’s Voice at all.  I’m just basically handing them over a ton of information in the hopes I maybe win $500 in their sweepstakes.  There’s a good chance that this isn’t going to happen.  And, don’t buy into the rewards, either.  If I’m going to hand off my information, I may as well get some points or cash in return.  Again, not happening.  Just expect some “offers” or “coupons.”

For now, if you want to earn money with research companies, I can think of a ton that are much better, all of which I cover here, here and here.  Take a look at these guides as I walk you through some of my favorites as well as how they work.

In the meantime, skip out on Shopper’s Voice and consider a better alternative. I can promise you that there’s much better out there.  Trust me, I have been in the game for a while.

If you want to vent, ask questions or even correct me if I’m wrong, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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