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Slow Paced Low Stress Jobs List

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Whatever your reasoning may be, you may be looking for a job that’s slow paced and mostly stress free.  Maybe you’re sick of a fast-paced environment or you’re unhappy with the work pressures that await you every day.

Let it be known that, yes, these jobs do exist, but you need to know where to look for them.  It’s the reason I wanted to create this simple guide today.

Before I begin, however, I want to point something out…

There are a lot of jobs out there, and some of these jobs may seem stressful to you, but to others, it may seem like a stress-free experience.  This is what makes us humans great, as we all have our differences.  I tried my best to list jobs that would be stress free to most.

You have to ask yourself what makes you stressed?  In doing so, this can hopefully point you in the right direction.

So, whether you’re looking for a full-time or something flexible, I wanted to cover as many options as possible like I do in the many guides I create on this site.  Again, 100% of you won’t agree with this, and I’m okay with this.

Most of the options I’m about to mention I have talked about in the past, so I will link to the more in-depth guides so that you can learn more about that particular opportunity.

Slow Paced Low Stress Jobs

NOTE:  Sadly, there are not a ton of slow paced, low-stress jobs.  Many websites you come across list a ton of jobs that, sadly, are not stress free whatsoever.  Be forewarned!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is huge online, and it’s one of the slowest paced jobs I can think of because you get to work on your time.

In most cases, you will receive a job outline, and you will be expected to write that article within a specific timeframe, usually 24 to 72 hours.  Seeing you get to accept the jobs you want to choose as an independent contractor, it gives you the freedom to pick a workload that’s best for you.

And, no, you don’t have to be a writer with years of experience, as rookies, like myself, can make $0.05+ per word.  Usually, as long as your spelling and grammar is fine, you shouldn’t have a problem finding entry-level work.

There are a lot of companies that will bring you on board to start writing articles, many of which you can find my 17+ entry-level writing companies and get paid to type posts.  Again, check these out if you’re interested in writing, even if you don’t have a ton of experience.


This one is much like freelance writing, only the biggest difference is that you will just type what you hear.  This takes the stress away from being creative.

Generally, as long as you can type about 50+ words per minute and you can type what you hear, then this is something you may want to consider.  Depending on your speed, you can earn about $10 to $15+ per hour, maybe much more if you’re working with the right company.

There are hundreds of transcription companies, a lot of which I covered in this massive guide.  Every transcription company has its minimum requirements, but I have found many that hire entry-level workers.

Data Entry

To me, data entry work is monotonous, but it’s a job that pays and isn’t as stressful as much.  Plus, you can do many of these data entry jobs at home.

With data entry, you will often take information from, say, a scanned document and then enter it into a database.  Most jobs pay you per action, so there isn’t much stress involved.

The only downfall with data entry is that the work doesn’t pay much, and again, it can be very mundane.  But, hey, some people may not mind.

Here are 18+ companies that often hire data entry specialists who want to work at home.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

As a pet sitter, this is your opportunity to watch someone else’s pet, either at your home or theirs, for a small fee, usually $20 to $40+ per visit or up to $100+ for spending the night.  That adds up if you can watch a pet almost every day.

To most, pet sitting is fairly relaxed and stress free, as all you need to do is make sure that the pet is taken care of.  At most, you will be asked to take the dog for a small walk.  Other than that, you can lounge around with the animal and get paid.

If you’re interested in becoming a pet sitter, you will need to set up your own business, but the internet makes it easy to do so.  You will also have to find clients, which, again, the internet makes it easy to do so.

I have covered more than 11+ websites that can help you find people in your area who are looking for pet sitters right now.

Security Guard

In some cases, a security guard job can actually be low stress and slow pace.  It has to be the right security job, however.

The security guard jobs I’m often talking about include watching over a building at night or guarding a gate for a community.  I’m not talking the high-strung airport situations, etc.

With the right security jobs, you will be expected to watch a variety of surveillance cameras and ensure the premises are clear of any suspicious activity.  These jobs won’t require you to fight crime, as most will ask you to contact local authorities if you did see something happen.


This one is broad, but it’s one to consider.

If you have an artistic ability of sorts, consider turning this skill into a part or full-time job.  As you already may know, being an artist and using your natural abilities is a peaceful way to earn some money on the side.

Take your art, no matter what it may be, and create an online storefront, where you can sell whatever it may be.

Etsy is one of the larger platforms, but there are many more to consider to make a decent living.

Elderly Companion

Many of your local nursing homes and care facilities often hire companions to help the residents throughout the day.  This can include coordinating games or just talking for the afternoon.

Picture this job as if you were visiting your older relatives and/or friends.

The job won’t pay much, but it’s a “job,” where you will have to commit to a schedule, but most people who have this gig often like it due to being low stress.

Caretaker/Home Health Aide

A caretaker isn’t always stress free, but I would say that most of your job entails you looking after someone else who needs help.  This means that you have small windows of work with a lot of free time.  This means a lot of stress-free moments.

As a home health aide, you will perform housework, grocery shop and just make sure the house, as well as the patient, are in working order.  If you’re lucky, your patient may sleep most of the time.

Caretakers are always in demand, and you can find a ton of jobs online, usually via Indeed, but the only downfall is that most gigs pay a pinch more than minimum wage.

Freelance Gardener

Oftentimes, a homeowner wants a garden, but they don’t have the time to care for it.

This is where you can come into the picture.

As a freelance gardener, you can attend to the customer’s garden frequently, helping with seed planting and maintenance.

Window Cleaner

I’m not talking the high 50-story skyscrapers; rather, I’m talking houses or smaller businesses.  Think something small.  After all, I’m trying to stick to stress free jobs.

The great thing about becoming a window cleaner is that you can start this type of business on your own.  You won’t need much, either, to get started.  Just a ladder, transportation and some cleaning supplies will suffice.

Start your business and make more than $100+ per job.


The nice thing about most janitorial jobs is that they are often after hours when everything slows down.  Think schools and corporate settings.

As long as you don’t mind working nights and cleaning, janitorial jobs can always be found.  Just search Indeed or even check with your local school districts if you’re interested in working with one of them.

Of course, the job won’t pay much, but who said every job has to be in the six-figure range?


If you like working with flowers, this is a slow pace job, however, it can get stressful during certain times of year, such as wedding seasons and homecoming.

However, don’t let this deter you.

The nice thing about becoming a florist is that it doesn’t require a degree nor does it require a ton of experience.  As long as you’re creative and organized, you should be a good candidate.

Delivery Driver

Depending on who you work with, delivering can be very stress free.  Again, it depends on who you work with as working the post office or Amazon can be much more stressful than a rideshare app.

I have delivered food for years with Doordash and Uber, and I have found it to be very stress free.  I just turn on the app whenever I want to work and just drive the food to where it needs to go.  As long as there isn’t a lot of traffic, it’s not that bad.

If you love driving, I highly recommend you check out the more than 25+ ways to make money driving.

Night Auditor

Hotels run 24 hours a day and will always need a night auditor.  This is a position that requires you to work overnight, so, yes, you will need to be a night owl.

As a night auditor, you will work with guests who check in, but seeing it’s later in the night, you will mostly work on financial and occupancy-related tasks.  It will be your duty to ensure bills have been reconciled as well as create revenue reports for your managers.

These jobs can be found on local hotel chain job boards or Indeed.


This one is conflicting, but if you get the right family, it can be a very laid back job.

After all, you will be in charge of watching kids, which means, you can do whatever you want to do if they are closer to an independent age.  Even if not, babies have to sleep, which means free time for you to do as you please.

Refer to to see which families are looking for help at this moment.

Plant Nursery

No matter where you live, there should be a nursery nearby.  And, no I’m not talking about babies.

The nice thing about a nursery is that you can work around plants, and usually, people shopping for plants aren’t in a rush.  Plus, you get to work outdoors and most of the work involved entails watering plants, moving them around ringing up the occasional customer.

This is usually a seasonal job that doesn’t pay much, but it’s one to consider.


Local stadiums and venues always hire ushers to help people get to their seats, etc.

If you don’t mind being on your feet the whole time, it’s not bad at all, especially when the event starts.

It’s another gig that doesn’t pay much, but the people who do it say it’s relatively stress free.

Chat Support Representative

The nice thing about a chat support representative is that you mainly talk with people via a chat box, that’s it.  Usually, you will help with product questions, returns, etc.  Don’t worry.  You will be trained with the company you work for.

And, the great thing is that companies are almost always hiring, most of which you can find in this partial list.

This is a remote opportunity, which makes it even better.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of jobs that are slow paced and stress free.  It’s up to you to decide which one works best for your lifestyle, as I don’t have that answer for you.

Also, I want you to think about the ultimate dream job or a hobby that you’re interested in.  Is there any way you can turn that into a money-making venture?  If so, doing what you love may not be as stressful as you think.

Whether you want something flexible or something more stable, there has to be something for you to consider. Remember, these are still jobs, so work will still be required, unfortunately.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, you can continue to add to this list in the comments section below as well as comment on what’s already been mentioned.

Thanks for stopping by!

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