Springboard America Review: Should You Consider?

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Springboard America is said to be one of the leading market research communities in the United States, allowing Americans the opportunity to participate in surveys and discussions to get rewarded.  They have partnered with multiple organizations, from household brands to government entities and even the media.  These companies come to them to help better understand their opinion as well as their decisions.

It’s a company I have mentioned a few times, such as in 200+ ways to make money as a kid and how to get free Google Play credits. If you love survey-like sites and like the idea of getting paid to answer surveys with a unique company, then it may be one to consider.  Here, you won’t find the many offerwalls nor will you find a lot of low-paying opportunities such as getting paid to watch videos for pennies an hour.  It’s simply surveys offered by them and that’s it.

As in all of my reviews, I will walk you through the entire process as well as let you know what I think about it in the end.  As always, I’m always honest and would never recommend a company I personally wouldn’t use.

What is Springboard America?

Maru Springboard America allows you to voice your opinion by completing surveys, most of which come from major brands you have heard of as well as the media and government agencies.  Simply put, answer some questions and get rewarded for your time.  Yes, it’s that easy.

The company was founded in 2009 and is operated by the company, Maru/Blue, which is a “premium quality data service” that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies as well as market research.

Yes, the company is 100% legitimate with a physical presence and contact information.  Generally, your scams will hide this information from you, often raising red flags whether it’s legitimate or not.

Signing Up for Springboard America

To sign up with Springboard America, it’s not much different than any other research company if you have signed up with one before.

To get started, they will ask for the basics, such as your personal information as well as an email/password, which, of course, you will use to log in to start taking surveys.  It will even ask you a few demographic questions such as your political views as well as how you shop.  It’s not much, but these companies ask these questions so that they can better match you up with the surveys that they offer.

The whole process takes a few minutes and you can then access your dashboard after confirming your email.

As a last note, you may find out that the company isn’t accepting members at the time, and the message will look something like this…

If you see this message, don’t worry as they do open up registration from time to time.  You will just have to continue to check in if you’re that interested in joining.

Signing up is 100% free and is only open to U.S. residents older than 18 years at this time.

Springboard America Dashboard

Once you create your account, you can then access your dashboard, which will look like this if you were to use your desktop:

The mobile version is similar, but you will find the menu located in the upper-left-hand corner, where you have to click to access the various tabs.

As you can see, the dashboard is pretty simple.

It just consists of the surveys tab, which is where you find your surveys.  This is where the money is made.  The survey dollars is a storefront where you can redeem your rewards.  Don’t worry, I will get into this next.  And, the refer a friend section allows you to refer a friend, which many research companies let you do, paying you $2 per every successful referral.  It’s a great way to make even more money if you know of anyone who would like to make money online.

The Surveys

The nice thing about Springboard America is that they focus only on surveys.  You won’t find any non-sense such as watching videos, completing offers or even playing games.  Let’s face it.  Those options don’t pay well anyways.  Plus, the great thing about the organization is that they put out their own surveys most of the time, so that means you don’t have to deal with those redundant survey opportunities you find on so many sites.  While there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s nice to work with a company that offers its own surveys you won’t find anywhere else.

How much can I earn?

For every survey you complete, the company will reward you with what’s known as “Survey Dollars.”  As seen on your dashboard, you can convert these dollars/points into rewards, which I will get into next.

On average, your surveys can range anywhere from as little as $0.25 to more than $5 or 25 to 500 points.  Like the many survey companies I talk about, how much you earn will greatly depend on your demographics and how in depth your profile is.

In some cases, you may only earn a raffle ticket entry and that’s all.  Regardless, you will know exactly what you’re getting yourself into whenever you accept an invite.

What kind of surveys are there?

As mentioned, the company works with a variety of companies/individuals, from well-known brands to government entities and even the media, such as a newspaper.

From my experience, most of the surveys were interesting, ranging from judging new packaging to sharing my political thoughts.  Almost all of these surveys are 100% anonymous and will never ask for sensitive data.  In the case these surveys need your data, it will be known before you even start.

How long are surveys?

On average, surveys can last from as short as five minutes to as long as 30+ minutes.

Before you even start the survey, it will tell you the reward, the length as well as when you need to take the survey.  For instance, whenever I get an invite via email, this is what it looks like:

You can take whichever surveys that come your way as you’re in control.  Heck, you don’t even need to take a survey again if you don’t feel like it.  That’s what makes these survey companies that much better if you’re looking to make a few bucks on the side.

How many surveys will I get?

The bad thing about Springboard is that they don’t send out a lot of invites.  In fact, you should only expect about five, at most, per month.  It’s not much.

When you compare it to the likes of Survey Junkie and Swagbucks that sends you hundreds a month, you may be disappointed to find that it can be very hard to make $5+ per month using the website.

Survey Dollars Rewards

Once you earn at least $50 in points, you can request a reward.  Yes, it’s $50, one of the highest minimums in the industry, the main reason I don’t add it to my list.  But, if you stick at it, you can earn $50, but just let it be known that it can take quite some time.  I have read reports where it took some members more than two years to get to $50!

Once you earn 5,000 points, the equivalent of $50, you can choose from a variety of rewards, including a prepaid Visa card, Amazon e-card, iTunes, Google Play or you can choose from a variety of random gift cards.

After you redeem you rewards, it usually takes about one week to get it via email.

What the Internet is Saying

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what other people are saying.  Most of which you read below comes from a variety of third-party review sites, and I was sure to include both the good and bad.  Just remember that no matter which company you sign up with, you will always read bad things said, so always take it with a grain of salt.

The Pros

  • very easy to use dashboard
  • backed by a reputable company
  • variety of rewards
  • sweepstakes

The Cons

  • very high minimum payout ($50)
  • not many survey invites
  • it can take up to two years to reach $50 in points
  • only open to USA
  • F BBB rating

Final Thoughts

Springboard America is 100% legit, there’s no question about that, but I’m not going to add it to my list for a few reasons.

For one, you won’t receive a ton of invites.  Even if you have the best demographic, you may only get up to 5+ invites a month, it’s not much.  Remember you have to qualify for these surveys so just because you get the invite, it doesn’t mean you can take the survey.

And, secondly, I hate that it take $50 to get your rewards!  Out of all the research companies I have reviewed, this is one of the highest I have ever talked about.  In fact, I think it is the highest.  Seeing you won’t get a ton of invites, it could take years before you even cash out.  Who knows if they will even be in business?

By no means is the company a scam.  They do pay, but unfortunately, it will take forever to get paid.  If you have the patience, sure, sign up.  But, if you’re like me and like a fast payout, then you’re better off with many of the other survey companies that pay you almost instantly.  There are many better options, trust me on that one.

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