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32+ (Under the Table) Cash Only Paying Jobs

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Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or a temporary job for the day to earn a few dollars in your pocket, I wanted to show you some strategies on ways to find these gigs and what kind of “under the table” jobs you can consider if you simply want the cash only instead of the typical check or direct deposit.

Yes, there are quite a few.

Now, like any job, it will require a bit of effort and hard work on your part, but if you have the right mindset and work ethic, you can actually make some decent money, maybe as much as $50+ an hour.

In fact, some people may call you again in the future if you’re good enough.  And who knows?  Maybe it could become a full-time career?

In today’s post, I wanted to share some tips that I have used personally in the past as well as a few other tips/resources I researched online and wanted to compile the ultimate cash-paying job ideas/resource list.

Now, DO NOTE, while these jobs are “under the table,” this should be treated just like you were working as a contractor.  ALL cash you earn should always be recorded at the end of the year, especially if your boss/company issues a 1099.  Hiding your cash-paying job from the government will only haunt you in the future and isn’t worth hiding.  Plus, if you make less than $30,000 a year as an individual, you probably won’t pay much in taxes anyway!

32+ Jobs That Pay Under the Table

Listed below, I will talk about the many jobs I found online that you may want to consider, and toward the end, I will list a few awesome free resources you can use in order to find these said cash-paying jobs.

The list can be quite long, but hopefully, you can find at least two or three ideas that could earn you a few dollars on the side.

Again, the term “under the table” or “off the books” has a stigma to it, but it’s ONLY illegal if you DON’T report, so remember, we follow the law here — do your tax reporting and you will be just fine.

THIS post is not intended to be illegal nor should it be a representation of such.

As always, if you know of a job I’m missing, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Again, this post is designed to show you which jobs could land cash in your hand right away if you needed the cash ASAP.

Appliance Repair

If you’re good with appliances, consider helping others fix their basic appliance problems.

Even if you’re doing this as a full-time gig with a company, you can always do some work on the side.

Use TaskRabbit to find people who need your help or market via Facebook and Craigslist.

Babysitting or Nanny

This could be one of the easiest ways to earn cash only on this list.

As there’s always an opportunity to watch children of all ages, consider creating an account on or even asking around Facebook to see if anyone is in need of a babysitter.  Craigslist could be a great choice, too, but most parents are usually hesitant when using this Craigslist due to the stigma it has.

Often paying $10+ an hour, this could turn into a lucrative part-time cash-paying job if you find the right families.

In some cases, even full-time.  I guess it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of making.

But do keep in mind that babysitting could have some odd hours as most parents need a babysitter for the occasional date night, usually during the weekend, or during the afternoon when they are at work.

And as long as you’re flexible, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding some parents who need the help, especially if you’re CPR certified and have references.

Regardless, if you don’t mind working with children, this is one option I’d put high on my list.

Work hard and it won’t be hard to find families looking for help.


I saw this one posted a few times as a recommendation and could be a great idea, especially during the holidays.

During these busier months, caterers are often overwhelmed and need help for the day, helping with setting up trays, serving food and/or delivering to a certain location.

While the job won’t pay a ton, it could be a great temporary one-day gig.


People are ALWAYS looking for someone to clean their home.

Whether it’s a one-time deep cleaning because someone is moving out of their home or a recurring job, if you don’t mind mopping, dusting and vacuuming, then this could be an awesome way to earn $100, $200 or even $300 for the day.

If interested, can be a GREAT way to find people who are looking for cleaning help, but there are other ways as well, all of which I will touch upon toward the end.

Cleaning can be grueling, but if you’re able to find a partner to help you with the job, it’s actually not too bad for most.


While a lot of people sell on Etsy and do quite well, local craft shows can sometimes still be a hit, depending on where you live.

And aside from local events, if your work is good enough, you may be able to sell your items on Craigslist or Facebook as well if you don’t want to set up your booth at a local fair.

If you can craft it, then you could sell it, but of course, there needs to be a demand and people need to know about you.

For example, someone used to live nearby who would turn tree logs into a carving, such as an animal, sports logo or just about anything really.  He had the advantage of living on the main road, but he seemed to always be sold out since his inventory seemed to be always changing.  People on the local Facebook page often asked about him.

In the crafting world, your ideas are endless, and if you have a knack for creating, look for some ideas on either Pinterest or Etsy for your next side gig idea.


If you have the music skills and the equipment, consider using your DJ skills on the weekends.

Wedding and birthday parties usually have no issue paying you cash if that’s the payment preference you prefer.

Even if you don’t have the equipment and/or the know-how on how to become a DJ, check out a few of these very low-cost Udemy courses to help you succeed.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

If you’re a fan of dogs, cats or any pets for that matter, people are ALWAYS looking for someone to walk their dog and/or board them at a home for a few days while away.

And if you don’t mind housing a pet or even taking one for a stroll, you can easily make $20, $30 or $40 per night, per pet.  Or even more if you visit someone’s home.

Add in two to three pets and you’re talking about a nice side income.

While you can find people looking for a sitter online, I highly recommend as most people go here to find a provider in your area, and once you gain a reputation, you could possibly receive more requests than you can handle. is another website to check out as well.  I will talk about these later, I promise!  For now, check out these 11+ websites where you can find a dog sitting job.


If you look at the “rideshare” portion of Craigslist, you can often find someone who is willing to pay for a ride somewhere.

And if you like driving, it can be a great way to make cash, especially if you’re already heading to the destination.

In some cases, it may be around town, but others may be looking for a ride one hundred or one thousand miles away.

For example, here’s one ad I found:

Regardless, check out the section to see if any make sense for your pocketbook.

And the next time you’re heading to a city, make it a habit to check out the section to see if someone needs a ride that way.

In most cases, you could make enough to cover gas and even more.

Farmers Market

Almost every town has a farmers market sometime throughout the year.

While some towns will have it every Saturday, for instance, another may have it once a month.

Regardless, try to figure out when your local city has one and if it’s worth renting a booth.  Usually, a quick search can find some nearby.

For example, in my local town, they have one every Saturday and it costs about $15 to rent a table about the size of a computer desk.  It’s not that big; however, it’s enough to sell some items.

Now, here’s the cool thing…

At a farmers market, you can sell almost anything, ranging from homemade dips to jerky to vegetables to even jewelry.

And if you really sell something good, people are going to keep coming back each week to find you to purchase even more.

Don’t want to sell?

That’s cool, too, because you may be able to find a vendor at the fair who may need your help.

Sell Firewood

Have firewood laying around the house and/or can harvest some from your property?

During the colder seasons, consider selling bundles to make a few extra bucks.

Better yet, offer delivery and you could make even more!


Have a green thumb and love planting plants, tending to a garden or even trimming some trees?

While this could be a seasonal job in some parts of the United States, people are always looking for some yard work help and are always willing to pay cash, especially the elderly.

In some cases, someone may need help tilling their garden for the season or help with weed pulling as it could be hard for some and/or some may not have the time to do so.

Some people want a garden, solely for the fact they know where their food is coming from, but some people just don’t have the time and/or the energy to maintain it.

This is where you can come in.

And if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to find someone who’s willing to pay you weekly to keep everything looking good.

Garage Sale

Pretty self-explanatory here, but if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, I wouldn’t call it a job, per se, but a great way to make some cash.

Pick out a Saturday, open up your garage for a few hours and you would be quite amazed at what people will buy.

As a win-win, you can clean out your house AND make some cash in the meantime.


This one can go one of two ways.

You can either help someone else garden, such as pulling weeds, planting, etc, or you can sell the produce you grow.  It’s really up to you.

It’s not a job that will pay a ton, but it can earn you a few hundred dollars in a season.  If it’s a hobby of yours, it won’t even feel like work.


Do you have a cosmetology license?

If so, you may already be working full-time at a salon.  Aside from this, consider opening up a spot inside your home, where you can accept clients for cash only.

Even if you own a spot in a salon, you can prefer cash if that’s your choice, maybe even offering a discounted incentive to pay that way.


I have mentioned becoming a housesitter a few times.  It’s a very easy way to make money simply by watching someone’s home.  Yes, that’s it.

As a housesitter, it’s your duty to make sure the house stays safe and sometimes do a few smaller jobs, such as getting the mail or light cleaning.  In some cases, you may be asked to watch a pet or two.

To find a housesitter gig, refer to a guide I created in the past.  You will find there are a few portals you can take advantage of to find a job in as early as 24 hours.


Can you speak another language?

If so, someone may need your help for the day or even multiple times throughout the month.

From tutoring to helping with a conversation, this could be a lucrative job for those looking for a high paying gig.


No, I’m not talking about a certified teacher, but simply an instructor to teach a class.

And this could be about ANYTHING.

From teaching dance to guitar, you would be surprised at the number of requests for particular instructors on Craigslist and similar sites.

I will touch upon “tutoring” later on, but instructing is a pinch different than this since you will be dealing with a group of people rather than a one-on-one setting.

So think of something you’re great at, and if you don’t mind teaching others, be sure to see if anyone is looking for someone like you to help teach a class.

You can honestly be an instructor in almost anything.

Junk Hauling

If you have a larger pickup truck and/or trailer, then you could take advantage of this opportunity to haul away junk for people.

Since dump fees are so small, you could charge as much as $200+ and still make a hefty profit, even after the fees and gas.

While you do need to probably do some heavy lifting, again, it could be worth it if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

People are ALWAYS looking to get rid of junk, so take advantage of the opportunity to make a few bucks.

Makeup Artist

Many makeup artists start small and then work their way up to a full-time gig.  However, in the beginning, like most jobs, it can take time to do so.  This is where you can perform small makeup jobs for a bit of cash.

Unlike cutting hair, you do not need a license in most states in order to work as an independent makeup artist.  However, rules do vary, so be sure to check out your state laws to be certain.  Restrictions do apply.

Start advertising your services on Facebook and Craigslist to see what kind of bites you can get.

Manual Labor

Manual labor jobs seem to be the most popular cash-paying jobs, at least on Craigslist when I checked it out.  Here’s one, for instance:

From moving boxes to carpentry and concrete work, companies are always on the lookout for daily, weekly or even monthly help.  If it involves getting your hands dirty, I promise you that you can find a job within the day.

And while some companies/individuals will pay you cash, they still expect you to report your taxes at the end of the year.  You are a U.S. citizen, right?

Again, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and really working hard, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding this sort of gig on Craigslist.

By far, this is the best way to find a job within the next hour or so since so many people have a hard time finding laborers who actually want to work.

Whether it’s a one day job or one that lasts for a week, the durations vary, but in the end, just make sure you’re reading the job description closely.

If interested in labor-like jobs, narrow down your search by using keywords such as “landscaping, carpentry, labor, construction or concrete, to name a few.”

Massage Therapist

If you’re licensed as a massage therapist, this is a great under the table job as you can ask for cash from your clients.

As I mention a few times, you don’t have to just accept cash.  Rather, you can offer a slight discount if need be.  This is often enough to motivate people to pay cash.

Set up a workstation at home or go to your client’s home for your massage sessions.

Mowing Lawns

Quite possibly the best way to earn cash, mowing lawns can be a gold mine while the lawns are in season.

Whether it’s roaming around the neighborhood using a push mower or using something more powerful, lawns need to be cut and some people just don’t have the time.

Depending on the lawn size, you could make $25, $50 or even a $100+ per job.


Touching upon the manual labor section, I would say that being a mover for the day is, by far, one of the EASIEST ways to get paid cash for the day as people are always looking for someone.

Now, I know:  moving is hard work.  It can be, of course!

But here’s the thing…

Some people only need help for a few minutes, such as this guy:

OR some people need help for the entire day.  It’s really up to you.

When I was writing this, take a look at how many people needed moving help just for the day.  Keep in mind this was a Wednesday:

Again, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you feel like you can move a few couches and tables, then this is the easiest way to earn $15+ an hour under the table.

If helping, plan on making about $100 to $200 for the day, greatly dependent upon the job.


Have a band?  Play the guitar?

Plenty of bars, restaurants and establishments are always on the lookout for good music, especially if you know how to play great covers from hit artists.

Finding these gigs can be tricky, but usually, reaching out to the bar/restaurant or establishment directly can work.

Just make sure you have a sample of your music and performance, either on social media or a personal website.  It also doesn’t hurt to whip up some business cards, either.

And don’t think you need a group either as playing on your own can be just as great.  Plus, you don’t have to split the costs!


Painting doesn’t require too much expertise unless you’re painting a mural.

And like the movers and hard labor, painting crews often need help prepping, painting and even cleaning up a job site.  Homeowners often request painters as well.

Whether it’s spray painting a fence or painting a bedroom, people are always on the lookout for painting help.

If you do have the talent to paint a mural and/or picture, I actually found quite a few people on Craigslist that needed people to help them paint something or even teach a class.

Regardless, painting may be tedious, but it does pay okay.

Personal Assistant

Whether it’s a grocery store run or dealing with some sort of errand, multiple people, both young and old, are often on the lookout for an assistant to help with daily tasks.

Being called for just about anything, this idea could be great for someone who’s willing to drive someone somewhere or performing odd jobs around the house, such as cooking meals or maybe even keeping an elderly patient entertained.

For example, check out this personal assistant ad I found:

Personal assistant ads seem to always be active, and if you don’t mind being a “right-hand” man/woman, then this could be a great cash-paying gig to highly consider.

And if you’re good enough, they may keep calling you back for more runs in the future.

The jobs will be at random, but just be prepared to do just about anything.

Personal Trainer

This is another one that needs a license, but it can pay quite well if you find the right clients.  I’m talking up to $50+ per session.

Whether you’re working independently at a gym or can help someone at their home, consider asking for cash payments, maybe even offering a discount in doing so.

If going this route, it’s best to become certified, all of which you can learn how to do via these many resources.


Have a knack for photography?

While you don’t have to be licensed to take pictures, people will want to see a portfolio of your past work, so if you do decide you want to take pictures as a freelancer, make sure you have a ton of examples and referrals.  In some cases, you may have to start cheap to build your portfolio and get the word out.

Whether it’s for a family picture, wedding or engagement photos, I’m always seeing people on the lookout for photographers.

And the best part?

It can be a lot of fun and pay pretty good.

While photography can be very competitive, try to set yourself from the rest as many tend to call themselves a “photographer,” when in reality they think they take great pictures with their iPhone.

Rent out Your Room

As one of my top ways to make money right now, renting out a room in your house can be quite lucrative.

Now, I’m not talking renting out your home for the month to a tenant, but rather, as a place for someone to stay for the day.

And while you can use Airbnb (highly recommended), this route won’t pay you cash, per se, but it can bring in a lot of eyeballs to your listing and bring in a lot of bites if you become highly reviewed.

If you’re looking for cash, it can be done; however, you will need to look at other ways to list your room, all of which I will get into at the end of this post.


Are you able to make smaller repairs?

Whether it’s a bicycle, appliance, fixing a smartphone or even a computer, there are always people looking for a little help.

For a second, just think of the things you fixed and/or know A LOT about.  I know there’s something.

Now, I only recommend this route if you don’t need to be bonded and insured, simply meaning you shouldn’t be building out a new kitchen or fixing a home’s foundation.  This will just get you into trouble.

But if you feel you can fix someone’s washing machine or laptop, then this is a great way to offer your services and make a decent amount of money per repair.

As I will get into later toward the end, I will show you some tips you can use to find these people who are looking for this kind of help.

Hot items right now would definitely be fixing smartphones, tablets or any electronic for that matter.

Reselling Discounted Items

Known as “flipping,” this could be a whole another post in itself.

But to make it quick here’s how it would work…

Your goal is to find an item, either at a garage sale, your local thrift store (think Goodwill) and/or the clearance shelf at your local retailer that you can potentially flip for a profit.

Some, for example, highly prefer books, while others don’t have anything in mind as they will just buy about anything that makes them a profit.

While there is a strategy to it, search Youtube for “flipping clearance items” to learn more about this art as you can make some great cash if you sell locally.

Who knows?

If you get good enough, many do it full time.


Know where to turn in scrap metal and you’re able to get it there?

Whether it’s copper tubing, an old appliance or anything made of valuable metal, there are a few ways you can make cash in this regard.

Just know the value ahead of time to make sure the labor and the gas is worth it.

For one, you can browse the classified ads (again, I will get into this later) and look for people who just need to get rid of something.  Remember, it doesn’t need to be in working order as you’re going to scrap it anyway.

Or if it makes sense, stroll around neighborhoods on trash day to see if any households are dumping anything of value.

Selling scrap metal can work, and there’s a good chance a recycling center is nearby, but if you do this, keep in mind there will be a lot of competition in this field.

Sign Worker

Ever see a guy on the side of the road spinning a sign or even holding an “out of business” sign?

Well, a lot of these times, a retailer/company will reach out online and ask for someone to stand on the corner for a few hours for the day.

So if you like the idea of just standing there while holding a sign, it could be a lucrative gig.

Just bring headphones for the day and plenty of water if hot to comfortably pass the time.

Snow Removal

For those in a place where it snows, snow removal is an awesome way to find a temporary cash-paying side gig.

Now, you don’t need a large pickup truck with a snowplow as a simple snowblower or even a snow shovel will suffice.

And finding those who need help could be in your own backyard.

Consider handing out flyers, joining a local Facebook group or even joining the Nextdoor app to really increase your odds at landing a few clients.

You can also check out Craigslist to find ads like this:

When I lived in Michigan, neighbors were always asking for help, usually paying about $20 to $25 to shovel a simple driveway about 20 feet long.  I’m not kidding!

You won’t get rich, but people need their driveways shoveled to escape, so you should be able to find a few biters.

Street Entertainment

Kind of a silly one, but if you live near a heavily populated tourist area, such as Las Vegas or New York City, consider taking your talents to the streets to make a few extra bucks.

The ideas are endless, but just make sure you check out your local laws to make sure it’s legal.

If you’re entertaining, in the right spot and not obtrusive, it could be a fun way to make money for the afternoon.


If you’re good at sewing and/or tailoring clothes, then consider making some extra money on the side fixing the simplest clothing problems.

From alterations to fixing a zipper, it’s a skill that can pay you a few bucks in cash once you gain a following.

Like most of these gigs, local Facebook groups and Craigslist are a great way to advertise your skills.

Tour Guide

This may sound like an odd one, but when I was looking at Craigslist, I saw multiple people looking for a tour guide.

Some companies often seek a tour guide for a day while the average traveler will pay you to take them around town.

For instance, check out this ad I found:

If you live in a touristy city and you feel you know it quite well, this could be a great way to earn cash and have fun in doing so.

As long as you have a great personality and love people, then I can’t see why you wouldn’t love this gig.


Good at something?

Whether it’s math, science or programming, finding a cash-paying gig isn’t all that hard.  It doesn’t even need to be education related as some people need help with gardening, for instance.

Craigslist, for example, always have people looking for tutors.  Take a look:

And again, some tutor requests aren’t even related to education, such as this one:

Whether it’s posting an ad on Craiglist or at a local university, being a tutor is a great side job as you can set your own hours, meeting place and it involves very low overhead.

Everyone is good at something and I promise you that there’s someone out there who wants to learn from you.

Uber or Freelance Delivery.

You’re probably thinking, “Uber?  They DON’T pay cash.”

Yes, I know, but bear with me here.

In the past, I drove with Uber Eats and even Doordash, and while they don’t pay cash for the runs, I would actually make quite a bit in tip cash for the night, all depending on where you delivered.

Now, I’m not talking 100% of my deliveries, but I would say as long as you were polite, brought the food on time and delivered in a food hot bag, it wasn’t uncommon for me to see two or three out of 10 people give me cash, while the others would tip in the app.

Delivering with Doordash or Uber Eats is great because you can work when you want, even if it’s for a few minutes AND the pay can be okay if you need a few extra bucks for the week.

Yes, you have to use your car, but once you get the hang of it, you can make quite a bit for a side job.

This whole tip can be its own blog post in itself, so I will be sure to write about it more in depth in the future and will be sure to link it here.

Website Development

In today’s technological era, you don’t need a lot of experience to create a website as popular platforms such as WordPress do the dirty work for you.

Honestly, register a domain, set up a hosting account, install WordPress, pick a theme (Envato is my favorite) and you’re good to go.  This guide, for example, shows you how it can be done.

Once you get the hang of it, reach out to local businesses to see if they need a simple online presence and you’d be surprised at how many may need a simple five or six-page website.

Charge a few hundred dollars, ask for a cash discount and you could quickly find a decent side gig.

In the past, web development could be intimidating, I understand, but if you look at the website you’re browsing RIGHT NOW, it’s all created from a third-party app!

Writing and/or Proofreading

You don’t have to be a professional writer to land some cash-paying jobs.  Just know how to spell and basic grammar.

And while there are a variety of opportunities online that don’t pay cash, you could find a local job that pays you to either write, proofread or a bit of both.

Like the tutoring gigs mentioned prior, Craiglist is always loaded with cash-paying writing gigs.

Of course, having a degree and experience will help, but if the job isn’t that great in pay, then you could swing by with a few writing samples.

How to Find These Fast Cash Paying Jobs


Without a doubt, the Craigslist “gigs” section is the best place to find a cash paying job in your area, and the great thing about Craigslist is that every city will have its own city section, no matter the size.

To find the gigs section, it’s pretty easy.

Go to Craigslist, and as long as you allow Craigslist to read your physical location, it will take you directly to your city’s page.  If not, find the city on the main page and click on it.

Next, find the “gigs” section, which is often in the lower right corner of the screen as seen below:

From there, you can either click the “gigs” link at the top to see ALL of the gigs in your area or if you want, you can break it down by category:  computer, creative, crew, domestic, event, labor, talent or writing.   You can also search once inside the gigs section.

It’s really up to you.

Now, while some of the jobs in this section may be a scam, you can find quite a few hidden gems or something that piques your interest.

For example, take a look at the jobs I found when I was browsing for fun:

Some sounded pretty cool!

One job would pay me $50 if I downloaded an app and did some concession stand audits, while another job wanted movers for $15 an hour cash.  From what I did see, a lot of these jobs were manual labor-like jobs, such as concrete work, general labor and moving, etc.  Keep in mind some jobs won’t pay cash.

To narrow down your search, I just recommend you search for “cash” near the top to weed out the jobs that won’t pay cash.

Jeffro from JasonCouponKing experimented with this very thing and earned $655 working a total of 35 hours.

Again, there are a lot of scams, so make sure you read the information closely before contacting the ad creator.  And as long as you trust your gut, you shouldn’t have that hard of a time finding a gig.

Also, if you like any of the ideas I mentioned above, then you can search for them here as well.

If you’re serious about turning this gig into a part-time or even full-time job, then I would probably recommend you check out

Yes, this website has a small fee, but it’s an AMAZING opportunity to find people in your area who are looking for particular jobs.

This can include the following:

  • Babysitting or Nanny
  • Errands and Odd Jobs
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet Care
  • Senior Care
  • Tutoring

So if you want to find someone who is looking for this type of help, then I would highly recommend you sign up for the website to start sending in proposals.

For instance, here were some of the job listings I was presented with when I was looking for odd jobs and registered on the website:

Now, the great thing about Care is that you can choose “cash” as your payment type accepted, but you can also select personal check or direct deposit if you choose so as well.  Just make sure you fill out your profile in depth as people may want to contact you as well.

Once you start to gain a reputation and build up your profile, you could soon find yourself with more work than you can handle.

And the great thing is that you can pick and choose the jobs you want.

Just like a job, browse the listing, apply, interview, and if they like what you hear, then you could find yourself with a nice cash-paying job.

I only recommend if you’re looking to offer the following types of jobs:

  • Dog Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Drop-in Visits
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Dog Walking

Like, you will need to create a detailed profile and be quite active in order to land some gigs, but you start to build a clientele base, you can really start to make some money.

As long as you offer a competitive rate, offer a detailed description as to what you offer and include a nice picture, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding work.

While I could write a whole another post on this, for now, I recommend you refer to the company’s blog post as to ways to succeed on the site.


If you’re not part of Nextdoor, then I highly recommend you join — it’s 100% free and is great in a lot of ways.

Working like Facebook, Nextdoor only connects you with your local neighbors, all of which need to be confirmed through the website, usually by a credit card.

And the cool thing about this is website is that people are posting “wanted” posts all the time.

For example, I checked out my feed while writing this and found these posts:


Nextdoor posts will always be within a few miles and you’re able to see who you’re working with since their address is posted.

And if you’re part of an active group, it’s not too hard to find multiple job postings per day, especially if you live in a big city.

Whether it’s the need for a handyman, painter, landscaper help or so forth, the jobs vary, but it’s free to join, so why not sign up and see what kind of odd jobs you can find.

If you think you can do it, contact the person in question and get to work.

Facebook Groups

Like Nextdoor, see if your city has a local Facebook Group you can join.

And honestly, no matter where you live, even if it’s a city of 500, I can almost guarantee you someone started to a group.

To find a group, here’s what you need to do:

Near the top of your Facebook feed, search for your city and state.  For example, let’s search for a small town I knew about when I lived in Michigan — a small town called Oscoda.

It’s a small town, but I want to prove that you can find a group, even if it’s small.  I’m talking less than 1,000 people.

And as you can see, there are quite a few to choose from.

So, I decided to click on the top result, which usually is the most active, and what do you know, it has 9.4K members with 10+ posts a day.  Not bad for a town that barely has 1,000 people.

Now, before you join these groups, you will want to make sure you play by the rules as they all vary.  Some moderators love to show their power online and tend to express it too much.

Anyways, just click on the link, and before joining, read the rules.  In this case, the admins just wanted to make sure they can see the city you live in and want you to be within a reasonable proximity.

Also, make sure there is enough activity as some groups are stagnant.

To know how many posts there are, just glance near the bottom, where you can see the activity of the group, as seen here:

As long as there are 10+ posts a day, you should be fine, but in some cases, it can be misleading since spam is rampant in some groups.

Now once you’re accepted, you can do one of three things.

You can use the search tool within the GROUP (seen below), you can browse the feed for people who need help OR you can list your services.

Be very careful when saying you can help as some people get mad and may ban you for “spam.”  In all honesty, it’s best to stay rogue and just look for people who need help.

If scrolling, you will find MANY jobs you could qualify for.  Take a look at these, for instance:


Facebook Groups can really be hit or miss, but regardless, I recommend you join at least your local city to see what you can find.

Again, if you think you can do it, contact the requester and let them know a pinch about yourself.

Commenting also helps as people may come back to this post during a search and may contact you if they see you in the comments offering your services.

Temporary Staffing Agency

Lastly, consider checking with a local temporary staffing agency as they may be able to help connect you with some quick same-day cash-paying job.

Or if you need a full-time job, they may be able to help with that request as well.

To find a staffing agency, consider the big-name players, such as Kelly Services, or just search Google to see which agencies work in your area.

When you find one, contact them, explain what you’re looking for and see if they can help!

In most cases, they will have some sort of idea, ranging from day labor to warehouse-like work.

I highly recommend a staffing agency if you’re looking for any type of work to get back on your feet.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few ideas when it comes to an “under the table” cash-paying job.

Now, it’s up to you to find them, contact the requester and work out the details.

As long as you’re professional, polite and you do a great job, you shouldn’t have a hard time earning a decent hourly rate for the day.  In fact, if you’re too good, plan on people sharing the word about your work.

Granted, some jobs may be hard to find, but the tougher jobs, such as your manual labor-like jobs, could be easy to come by, but you will definitely earn your pay if considering.

In the end, use the resources I provided, consider the ideas and let me know if it worked for you!

Finding cash paying jobs in itself can feel like a job, but if you continue to hustle and not give up, you shouldn’t have a hard time making a few hundred dollars a month.

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