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34+ Jobs Where You Work Alone

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Everyone has a preferred manner of working.

Some people flourish in a competitive working environment while others achieve success working alone and accomplishing tasks by themselves. When you’re aware of what manner best fits you, you’re able to deliver your work well and accomplish your duties perfectly.

Some people assume that jobs where you work by yourself are hard to find. That is not the case, however, as you can see a list of many options below as well as the basic work responsibilities and corresponding national average pay. The national average salary for the different jobs depend on several factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the length of time spent in the line of work.

If you want to work alone and make a decent salary, then let’s jump in and see what may work for your future career.

Best Jobs Where You Work Independently

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Accountants are responsible for keeping and interpreting a company’s financial records. They analyze a company’s financial information and interprets the records to create financial reports, evaluate business operations, and develop projections on upcoming trends, and perform risk analysis assessments. They also keep precise documentation for use in tax preparation.

  • National average salary per year: between $51,490 and $106,900


An actuary is a business professional working in the insurance industry who studies the financial consequences and various outcomes of risk. The data generated by the actuary is crucial in the success of enterprise risk management strategies of companies. Actuaries use statistics, mathematics, analysis, and financial possibilities in evaluating uncertain potential circumstances, particularly in insurance and pension plans. Actuaries work for insurance firms, banks, hospitals, governments, and other businesses that require financial risk management, but they have options to work on their own.

  • National average salary per year: between $64,570 and $152,230

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers are responsible for marketing a company’s products or services to online customers. They commonly use a blog or website that contains affiliate links. They create content that illustrates the benefits of the product or service they are marketing. Affiliate marketers usually work independently.

  • National average salary per year: $64,899

Car Detailer

A car detailer provides specialized cleaning services for different types of vehicles. Car detailers perform thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior of a car, including painting and polishing the said parts. In addition, car detailers conduct inspection of the vehicle and its components. Car detailers commonly perform their work functions alone.

  • National average salary per year: $31,203


A chemist performs qualitative and quantitative scientific research on chemical substances to ensure quality control, create new products, or attain knowledge. Many chemists are employed by manufacturing companies, wherein they are required to conduct reseearch and find out ways to improve their products, equipment, and processes.

  • National average salary per year: $60,081


A copywriter’s main responsibility is to write original and creative Web content or marketing material for a particular target audience using SEO principles. Copywriters also proofread and edit documents related to a company’s marketing campaign to maximize their reach, assist in the estimation of production costs, and conduct research to make the content they create more compelling.

  • National average salary per year: $52,441

Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk is responsible for the input of data with the use of spreadsheets and databases for the purpose of maintaining and storing organized information for a business organization. Data entry clerks update information such as names and addresses and update the records to maintain the accuracy of the data. Depending on the data entry software used, this job can be done remotely and independently.

  • National average salary per year: $33,846

eBook Creator

An eBook creator, or an eBook writer, is a lucrative job that people who want to work alone can consider doing. Businesses today are on the lookout for writing professionals who can help them build their brand through eBooks, which are effective marketing tools. An eBook Creator or Writer creates content that enhances a brand’s credibility and sets up the owner as an authority in the field. Additionally, when an eBook becomes popular, it can be monetized down the line. eBook content creators do research on the target market, choose useful topics, and write content that does not just address the needs of the target audience but also calls them to action.

  • National average salary per year of an ebook writer: $72,649


Economists are financial experts who study the economy, analyze market activity, and collect and study financial and socioeconomic data. They use the data to prepare reports about upcoming consumer trends and to advise business organizations and governments on economic decisions. Economists also determine ways to efficiently use future resources. Even when working in big companies, economists are able to work independently.

  • National average salary per year: $88,415

Facebook Ads Manager

A Facebook Ads Manager is someone who oversees the day-to-day management of an entity’s Facebook advertising campaigns. The job involves creating and managing ads, tracking and monitoring their progress, assessing accounts, developing strategies to improve key metrics, and implementing the improvements. A Facebook Ads Manager also performs email marketing, optimization of landing pages, and application of multi-channel digital strategies. Facebook Ads Managers usually work with a fully remote team using a project management tool and regular communication.

  • National average salary per year: $55,791

Flea Market Flipping

Flea market flipping for some people are an excellent way to supplement their regular income. In flea market flipping, you find second-hand items, buy them at a low price and then sell them for a profit. You can find such items at flea markets, garage sales, yard sales, or anywhere previously-owned items are sold. You can buy items at a cheap price, enhance or repair them, and sell them on eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace. Recommended items include old furniture, vintage household items like electronics and toys, antiques, silverware, watches and clocks, and animal horns.

  • Income after 1 year as full-time eBay seller: $38,548

Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery drivers have become an in-demand job today. With the use of apps like DoorDash and GrubHub, food delivery drivers have found a niche that they can serve with ease and still be able to work independently. The job basically requires responding to customer orders, picking up the food items, and delivering them promptly.

  • National average salary per year: $29,845

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates websites, posters, magazines, brochures, logos, and various other marketing materials with the use of creative software. While graphic designers regularly communicate with their clients about layout and design, they usually work on their own when creating content that convey certain ideas and information.

  • National average salary per year: $49,957

Grocery Shopper

A grocery shopper is tasked to buy groceries, products and other goods as ordered by a customer. Grocery shoppers are given a list of items to shop, carefully select them according to customer preferences, complete the orders, and deliver the goods promptly. Due to the nature of the occupation, a grocery shopper works independently.

  • National average salary of a Personal shopper per year: $60,379

House Cleaner

A house cleaner perfoms cleaning tasks in the house such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, laundering, scrubbing and dusting surfaces, as well as cleaning and disinfecting different areas in the house. Except for meeting with a homeowner or responding to inquiries or complaints, a house cleaner normally works alone.

  • National average salary per year: $27,064


A janitor is responsible for the general cleaning and maintenance of a building and keeps it in good condition. Janitorial tasks include cleaning, disinfecting, tending to the heating system, making light maintenance repairs, and organizing waste storage materials, to name some. Janitors, who commonly work on their own, are assigned in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, and business establishments.

  • National average salary per year: $31,259


Landscapers basically design and maintain outdoor spaces. They create plans to make appealing curbs for residences, parks and public areas, and business establishments. They plant flowers and trees, improve upon an existing garden, install sprinkler systems and drains, and provide other improvements and routine maintenance. Landscapers work on their own almost anywhere their projects bring them.

  • National average salary per year: $28,727

Network Administrator

A network administrator is in charge of a company’s IT department, ensuring system security, maintaining smooth operations, and resolving network and system issues quickly. Network administrators work independently in performing their technical expertise.

  • National average salary per year: $79,005

Online Seller

Online business selling offers several benefits when working on your own. You can use platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon to earn extra cash by selling items that are fruits of your hobby, for example. You can even engage in online selling on a regular basis to earn full-time income. Establishing accounts at online selling platforms is easy as pie and you can start selling right away.

  • National average salary of an Online Merchant per year: $60,761

Paralegal and Legal Assistants

Paralegals are legal professionals who perform legal work for lawyers and are responsible for assisting attorneys in delivering legal services and client-related tasks. Paralegals, who are often employed in law firms and work in a particular department, have the following responsibilities: legal research, negotiations, document management, drafting basic legal documents, project management, and administrative support. For paralegals, the top skills include legal research, legal documentation, and legal document composition.

A Legal Assistant is a professional who performs administrative and customer service work inside a law office and generally does more secretarial work. Legal assistants draft and proofread legal documents, manage client billing and transactions, collect and organize evidence for review by the lawyer, organize and maintain legal documents, and offer general administrative support. The top skills for a legal assistant include scheduling, data entry, as well as legal and administrative support.

Paralegals and legal assistants are usually retained by law offices and government agencies, but they can work as independent contractors.

  • National average salary of a Paralegal per year: between $52,250 and $102,920
  • National average salary of a Legal Assistant per year: between $44,110 and $58,833

Pet Sitter

Pet sitters offer valuable services to people who need to travel but cannot bring their pet along. A pet sitter oversees any house animal while the owners are gone. Typically, pet sitters provide food and water to the pets, groom them, and walk them as necessary. In some cases, pet sitters may also be tasked with household chores like vacuuming or trivial tasks like light cleaning.

  • National average salary per year: $25,194


A photographer takes pictures of people, products or sceneries often for marketing purposes. They schedule photo shoots and make sure that the images depict the marketing goals or campaigns set by their client. They achieve that through constant communication and discussions. Photographers typically perform their obligations on their own. At times, their projects would require mingling with other people, but on the whole, a photographer works alone.

  • National average salary of a Scientific Photographer per year: $49,982

Research scientist

Research scientists are tasked to perform laboratory-based experiments, record and analyze data and key findings from their research and trials, document the process, prepare the nececssary reports, and share their findings with the community. Research scientists can work independently in conducting experiments and scientific investigations.

  • National average salary per year: $87,175

Sanitation Worker

Sanitation workers are in-charge of regular waste collection, driving garbage trucks regularly and going on scheduled routes. Sanitation workers operate independently in maintaining the cleanliness of communities. They remove garbage from residences, business establishments, public facilites, and dumpsters in the area. They then transport the collected garbage to waste management facilities.

  • National average salary per year: $33,218

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of the social media accounts of a business organization, with the primary goal of reaching the company’s target market. They develop and implement marketing campaigns that are then delivered to a wide array of social media platforms to reach as much target audience as possible. As a social media manager, you can work alone when performing your obligations.

  • National average salary per year: $48,473

Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for developing, testing, and implementing new software programs. They are likewise in charge of designing and updating websites, software applications, and user interfaces. While it’s normal for them to frequently work together with programmers and developers, they are able to work on their own when performing their tasks.

  • National average salary per year: $69,097


Statisticians are professionals who use statistical methods and models to gather, analyze and intrepret numerical data to resolve problems. They then identify trends resulting from their analysis of their calculations and projections. The work of a statistician leads to an informed decision-making process for an organization. Statisticians may work in private or public institutions, business organizations, or they can choose to work independently.

  • National average salary per year: $38,214

Teaching English from Home

Teaching English from home has become a lucrative opportunity with the growth of remote and online teaching in many institutions today. An excellent job that lets you work alone, it enables you to earn extra money and augment your main source of income while maintaining flexibility.

  • National average salary on an Online Teacher per year: $41,860

Technical Writer

A technical writer creates written content such as instruction manuals and how-to guides for an extensive range of subjects. The documents produced are often used in industry publications and journals. Technical writers generate ideas and content to be documented while working independently.

  • National average salary per year: $58,785


Transcriptionists are professional typists who listen to audio or video files and convert what they hear into text format, which are then used to create records or documents. Their services are typically offered to the legal, medical and general transcription businesses. A transcriptionist usually works unaccompanied in quiet areas.

  • National average salary of an Audio Transcriptionist per year: $48,200

Truck Driver

Truck drivers transport goods and materials to numerous routes and complete deliveries according to schedule. Truck drivers are required to travel anytime and are responsible for the safe pickup and delivery of diverse articles of trade to clients in different locations.

  • National average salary per year: $42,118

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are independent contractors and remote workers who provide a range of administrative services to clients and businesses. Their responsibilities include responding to emails and phone calls, scheduling appointments and meetings, booking accommodations, managing a contacts list, and providing customer support, to name some. A virtual assistant usually works alone and from home.

  • National average salary per year: $37,023

Web Designer

A Web designer creates and develops the look, layout, format and features of a website to make it user-friendly, engaging, and easy to navigate. Once the website is completed, the web designer helps to maintain it and enhances it when necessary. It is typical for web designers to work alone, particularly during website creation.

  • National average salary per year: $66,993

Web Developer

A web developer designs and builds websites, with a focus on the appearance and technical aspects of the websites such as site traffic and site speed. There are three types of web developers: Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack. Many web developers can perform on their own, which is why it’s typical for them to work from home.

  • National average salary per year: $73,398

Advantages of Working by Yourself

Here are several perks of working on your own:

Flexibility. When you work independently, you have a more flexible schedule that enables you to carry out your tasks at a pace you’re comfortable with. You can also choose to work at a time when your abilities function the best. Whatever your work schedule preference is, working alone gives you the flexibility to achieve it.

Better productivity. Working alone means less distractions and when there are fewer things that put you off from what you need to do, you’re able to finish your work more efficiently. This, of course, leads to increased productivity that then results to more effective utilization of resources.

More freedom. Working on your own means you only have yourself to rely on when it comes to making decisions. This independence enables you to lay out your schedule as you see fit and come up with the most adequate system of accomplishing your duties.

Cozier working environment. Comfort should not be overlooked, specifically in an environment where you’ll be spending hours working in. This is especially applicable when you opt to work home on your own. When your work space at home radiates a business-like but comfy aura, you can work in a more relaxed manner that frees up some degree of stress in your mind.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous options if you want to find a job where you work alone. Whether you choose to work independently because you’re an introvert who is more productive when working alone, or you merely wish to work on your own, you should find the list of jobs enumerated above as an important starting point for you.

By having a job where you work alone, you’ll be more focused and efficient. Plus, you can avoid uncomfortable situations that may arise out of working with a team or in a regular office. Most of all, working by yourself can be an enjoyable challenge as it will test your abilities, in that you only have yourself to rely on when circumstances bring about issues that will affect the flow of your work. This improves your motivation, enhances your self-awareness, and develops self-discipline, thus making you a highly independent and self-sufficient individual.

Prior to making the choice on what job to take though, remember that several of the jobs listed above may not be practical choices if you’re targeting a full-time income. The simplest way around this is to select a few that you think are a right fit for you and, should you decide to pursue it, work on a schedule so as to make room for earning additional cash. No matter what your choice is, know that there are so many possibilities that you can try and work on.

That’s going to wrap it up.

As always, if you want to the list or comment on what’s been written, feel free to comment below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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