Best Gig Apps to Make Cash in 2023 (huge list)

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I’ve been using gig apps for additional income for quite some time now—initially as an addition to my full-time job and later as I shifted to working for myself.

You’d be surprised how quickly small sums can add up. In my case, I’ve made over $70,000+ in the last four years through various gig economy activities. These are gigs virtually anyone can get into. And if you’re smart about saving and investing that income, you can significantly grow your wealth over time.

The growth of gig economy apps has been a game-changer, too.

It’s only been a few years, but now nearly anyone can make money in flexible, personalized ways. Some people even figure out how to earn from activities they’d be doing anyway.

Navigating the plethora of gig economy apps can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I thought a comprehensive post might be helpful. I plan to keep updating this list with the latest and greatest apps for making money in the gig economy, most of which I’ve personally tried and continue to use.

If you want a gig where you can work when YOU want to, then take a look at the many I have studied.  As always, everything I mention is 100% legit.

Best Side Gig Work Apps


DoorDash is a big name in the delivery game, claiming a whopping 60%+ of the market.

If you become a DoorDash driver, also known as a Dasher, you’ll make money by picking up meals from restaurants and then bringing them to people’s homes. There’s also a fancier version of this gig with their Caviar service, which is available in a few cities. Plus, if you drive a lot for DoorDash, you can level up to a “Top Dasher,” unlocking special perks and more ways to make money.

Their app is highly rated, sitting at a 4.5-star rating on the App Store and ranking 5th among all business apps.

Instacart Shopper

This app lets you shop for groceries and then deliver them to people’s homes. Just like with DoorDash, you get to keep all your tips and you can choose which orders you want to take.

Instacart can also be a consistent source of income, especially if you get a lot of orders.  From my personal experience, you can expect to make around $17 to $22+ an hour, depending on a few factors.  Think where you live, when you work as well as how efficient you are.  Your results will vary.

This grocery delivery service really took off during the pandemic and continues to be strong today.  Simply put, you get paid to pick up grocery orders and then drop them off at customers’ places. If you don’t own a car, you can also be a shopper inside the store and skip the delivery part.

Their app also gets good reviews, with high ratings on both Apple and Android platforms.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another strong contender in the food delivery arena, holding onto 20%~ of the market.

If you’re already driving for Uber, you can easily add this service through the Driver app. The money you can make varies, but it’s generally between $15 and $25 an hour, again, based on so many factors.

But remember, you’ll need to cover the cost of gas if you’re driving, and your vehicle’s value will go down over time because of the extra miles. Still, Uber Eats is a fan favorite for a reason—it’s flexible and you can earn good money depending on how many deliveries you do.

Just like the regular Uber service, you pick up food from partner restaurants and deliver it to customers.  No need to deal with people with this app.

Uber Driver

Uber dominates the ridesharing market globally with millions of drivers. When you drive for Uber, you’re an independent contractor, which means you won’t get traditional benefits like a 401k or paid time off. However, they do offer some perks like discounts on repairs, affordable phone plans, and even healthcare support through a partnership with Stride Health.

Expect to make between $15 and $25 an hour, sometimes much more during peak events.  In busy cities, you might even make up to $50 an hour.  Again, so many factors come into the picture.

If you don’t own a car, you can also rent one and drive for Uber.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex allows you to use your vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon. You act like a freelance courier, working on your own time.

The Amazon Flex app is pretty handy; it helps you with everything from setting your schedule to scanning packages and even guiding you along your delivery route. You also need to snap a photo as proof of delivery, but the app helps with that too.

Most shifts last about three to four hours and pay $55+ on average.

The catch is, that you have to be 21, own a car that meets Amazon’s criteria, and have insurance. Amazon Flex isn’t hiring all the time in every location, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for when openings are available.

Walmart Spark

If you’re at least 18, have a car, and live in the U.S., Walmart Spark offers a side gig for delivering groceries and essentials solely for Walmart.

You can expect to earn about $15 an hour and have the freedom to choose your work hours.

The whole tipping thing? It’s all yours. One downside is that Walmart Spark is still expanding, so it might not be available everywhere yet.

Lyft Driver

Lyft is a close second to Uber in the rideshare business, offering about $15 an hour on average. They’re known for being more driver-friendly, but since they’re not as popular as Uber, you might not get as many ride requests depending on where you are.

Lyft does offer some neat perks, though.

They provide roadside assistance and auto service discounts. Plus, they have a rewards program that gives you bonuses when you hit certain driving milestones.


If you’re good with your hands and like helping people out, TaskRabbit could be a fit for you. This platform connects people who need help with those willing to do the work.

You might find yourself doing a range of tasks from assembling furniture and painting rooms to taking care of someone’s garden.  TaskRabbit is a versatile platform where you can offer just about any service.

What’s great is that you can usually earn more than the minimum wage, and for some jobs, you could pull in a pretty decent hourly rate.  You get to choose how much you want to make.

TaskRabbit is available in a number of countries, including the United States, Canada, and England, so it offers a lot of flexibility. The downside is that the demand might not be as high as it is for apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash.


Shipt works much like Instacart, but you have more variety in what you can pick up. Besides groceries, you can also grab household essentials.

As a Shipt Shopper, you’ll get your earnings either through daily cash-out options or a weekly direct deposit into your bank account.

You’ll likely make between $16 and $23 an hour doing this work.  You have to be 18, own a car, pass a background check, and live in the U.S. to work with Shipt.

Grubhub for Drivers

Grubhub drivers can make about $14~ an hour delivering food, but out of all delivery platforms, I would put it at the bottom.  In the past, they held a massive share of the market but it has since dwindled to nothing.

This service is pretty widespread, covering over 4,000 U.S. cities and every state. The driver experience is pretty similar to DoorDash; you pick up food and deliver it, earning a base pay plus tips and other special offers.

The app is well-received, with a 4.5-star rating on the App and Google Play Store.


If you have some extra space at home, you could turn it into a money-making asset with Airbnb.

This platform lets you rent out your home, apartment, or even just a room for short periods. You don’t have to be a full-fledged landlord, and you get to set your own rates and availability. All the financial transactions are handled through Airbnb, making it convenient for both you and the renter.

The money you earn gets directly transferred to your bank account, so it’s a hassle-free way to make some extra cash.  How much you make will depend on where you live as well as what you’re renting out.


If you’re an animal lover, especially of dogs, then Rover could be your go-to gig app.  This platform is like a social network but for dog owners and dog sitters. You can offer a range of services like house sitting, daycare, or even just walking dogs.

While you can make the most cash with house sitting or daycare, walking dogs in your local area can still add a decent amount to your monthly income. The main challenge is building up a list of regular clients.

Top Rover sitters can make more than $1,000 a month, so it might be worth your time.


Wag is another option if you’re into dogs but find Rover too crowded or competitive. It’s similar to Rover in that you can earn money by walking dogs. However, keep in mind that Wag takes a 40% commission on jobs, which is higher than Rover.

So, when you’re comparing the two, remember that Wag may not be as lucrative, especially in the beginning when you’re still looking for a stable client base.

You can likely make a few hundred dollars a month if you have a steady stream of clients.

  • Website:  Wag


If you’re good with your hands and don’t mind doing tasks like cleaning or furniture assembly, then Handy could be a fit for you.

Handy generally pays higher than minimum wage, and you could make a few hundred dollars in just one weekend if you line up enough gigs. Just like with the other apps, the challenge is getting enough regular clients. But the pay is pretty good, with many gigs offering around $20 to $40+ an hour.


HopSkipDrive is a unique service designed to safely take kids to and from school.

As a driver, or CareDriver, with HopSkipDrive, you can set your work schedule a week in advance and make good money. Some rides might pay up to $50.

To start, there’s a “Hello and Welcome Promotion” that guarantees you’ll make at least $500 if you complete 10 rides within your first 14 days. But you have to be at least 23, have five years of caregiving experience, and pass a comprehensive background check. You also need a fairly new 4-door car to qualify.  It’s definitely one of the stricter gig apps on the list.


If you’re looking for more general temporary work, give Wonolo a try.

It connects workers with employers for short-term jobs. While the app is mainly popular in big cities, it has good reviews and is expanding.

To be eligible, you’ll need a smartphone, be authorized to work in the U.S., pass a background check, and be at least 18 years old.


For those who prefer to work from anywhere and have specialized skills, Freelancer is a platform that connects you with employers looking for your expertise. You’ll find a broad range of job opportunities and the flexibility to work on your terms.

All you need to do is set up a free account, browse through job listings, and bid on projects that match your skills.

It’s a great way to earn money while doing something you’re good at, and you can work as much or as little as you like.

Fancy Hands

If you’re good at administrative tasks and live in the U.S., check out Fancy Hands. It’s a virtual assistant marketplace where you can find clients looking for assistant work.

They pay around $15 an hour, and if you’re good, you can move up the ranks and manage other virtual assistants to earn even more. However, starting your own virtual assistant business might be more lucrative in the long run.


Think of Turo as the Airbnb for cars.

If you’re not using your car, you can rent it out to people who might need it for a day of errands or a weekend getaway.

You can make a decent passive income this way, and the best part? Turo provides insurance, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. You also get discounts on things like car maintenance and insurance, making it easier on your pocket.


Do you have extra storage space in your home? Neighbor can turn that unused space into cash for you.

Think of it like Airbnb but for storage. You can rent out your garage, driveway, or shed to people who need extra storage space.

The rate you can charge will depend on your location, so it’s a good idea to scout out what others are charging on the platform. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash from space that’s just sitting empty.

Spot Hero

Spot Hero is an app that lets you rent out your unused parking spaces. This is a no-brainer if you have an empty parking spot and want to make extra money.

The process is straightforward—fill out a form, get approved, and start renting.

They also have a sister company, Parking Panda, if Spot Hero isn’t popular in your area. You could make over $50+ a month just by renting out your parking spot, but obviously, you need a parking spot to make this work.

Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that lets you make extra money while you’re out and about, as long as you live in a big city.  These jobs can include taking pictures inside a store or even getting paid to eat.

Once you download the app and fill out your profile, you can start browsing job listings in your area. Jobs usually pay between $5 to $15, so it’s a nice way to add a little extra cash to your wallet. However, it’s not so great if you live outside a metropolitan area, as the closest job offers could be too far to make the trip worth it.

It’s one of the bigger mystery shopping and side gig apps out there but the job availability can be hit or miss depending on where you’re located.

Presto InstaShop

Presto InstaShop is another mystery shopping app where you can earn by going to specified stores and sharing your experience.

After completing your shop, you fill out a survey and then get paid either through PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

Of the few mystery shopping apps I’ve looked into, Presto InstaShop seems to have the most local job offers. However, it doesn’t pay as much as other apps like Field Agent or GigWalker. It’s a solid choice if you’re interested in doing more mystery shopping tasks.


For those with a knack for lawn care, LawnLove is a specialized app that could be your perfect match. You could offer services like mowing, weeding, or even leaf removal. Some clients might even offer you long-term contracts if they like your work.

To get started, you’ll need your own tools and probably a pickup truck.

The potential earnings are impressive; you could make up to $1,000 a week and roughly $20 an hour according to some estimates.

Rent Like A Champion

I first heard about Rent Like A Champion on Shark Tank, where they got $200,000 for 10% of their company. Fast forward a few years, and it’s a big deal in the sports rental world.

If you live near a major sports venue or a college football stadium, you can rent out an extra room and make some serious money during the sports season. However, this is a seasonal gig, so don’t expect cash flow year-round.

The amount you can make will vary depending on your property, but you could make a few hundred bucks over a weekend.

Your Mechanic

If you know your way around an engine, Your Mechanic offers a unique spin on car repair by taking mechanics to the client’s location. You can specialize in a specific type of repair service, allowing you to work within your comfort zone.

You’re not expected to offer full-car servicing, just specific repairs.

Earning potential is high, with mechanics making around $30 to $50 an hour. The catch is you’ll need prior experience or knowledge in the field to start earning.


HyreCar is another car-sharing service, but this one is geared towards people who want to drive for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft but don’t have a car.

As the car owner, you get to set your rates and availability. And while the thought of someone else driving your car might make you nervous, remember that these are usually professional drivers whose earnings depend on keeping your car in good shape.


Another option for car-sharing is Getaround.  It operates not just in the U.S. but also in some European countries.

You can list your car on the platform and rent it out whenever it suits your schedule.

What sets Getaround apart is a special device called Getaround Connect, which allows you to keep tabs on your car’s location and lets renters unlock the car right from the app.


Bellhop is a moving service that pays you for helping people move their belongings. You can set your own schedule, but you need to be able to lift 100 pounds and pass a background check to get started.

It’s a straightforward way to make around $20 an hour if you’re up for some physical work.

Dolly Helpers

Another option for those who don’t mind lifting is Dolly.

The app connects people who need help moving with those who can do the heavy lifting. If you own a truck, trailer, or van and can lift over 75 pounds, you could make between $35 to $50 an hour.

Don’t have a vehicle? No problem—you can still make an average of $25 an hour as a helper.


If you’ve got muscle and perhaps a truck, Lugg pays you to help people move. The pay can be substantial—up to $2,000 per week—and you get to keep all your tips.

You need to be at least 18 and capable of lifting 100 pounds.

One drawback is that the job availability might not be as frequent compared to delivery gigs. The average pay, though, sits at around $30 an hour, making it one of the higher-paying options out there.


For tech-savvy folks, HelloTech can be a goldmine.

You could help people with internet issues, audio/video setups, or general IT troubles. But be prepared to undergo a thorough vetting process, including a skills assessment and a background check.

Once you’re in, you can earn between $30 and $100 per gig. Payment is via PayPal. The only downside is the limited number of gigs.


If you’re a certified massage therapist, Zeel can be your go-to app for offering in-home spa and massage services. It’s probably the most popular app in this specialized field. You can set your work hours and types of services you’d like to offer.

When it comes to pay, Zeel gives you 75% of each booking, along with an 18% tip, which is all yours. They also take steps to ensure your safety; clients must provide ID and there’s a check-in system to make sure you’re safe while on the job. On the flip side, it may take a bit of time to build up a client base.

According to Zeel, you could make twice as much as you would working in a traditional clinic.

How to Choose the Perfect Gig App

Choosing the right gig app to make extra money isn’t one-size-fits-all; it varies from person to person based on various factors.

First, think about how much you can make per hour. Ideally, you should aim to earn more than the minimum wage.  Remember to keep an eye on your income and expenses, especially if you’re doing gigs that involve driving, like DoorDash or Uber Eats. This is crucial for tax time since you’re considered an independent contractor.

Next, consider your schedule. Some apps are more flexible than others, but the good news is you generally get to decide when you want to work. Also, make sure that the job you’re considering is actually available where you live, as not all gig jobs operate in every city.

Lastly, look into the requirements needed for each app. Some might have age restrictions or require you to have a car.

Final Thoughts

It’s an exciting time to be alive, especially if you’re interested in making some extra money. Thanks to smartphones and the range of gig economy apps available, starting a side hustle has never been more straightforward. Whether you’re into delivery jobs like Uber Eats and Instacart or you’re just looking to make a little extra “fun money,” these apps are a useful tool if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Your level of commitment to these small income ventures is entirely up to you, but the opportunities are abundant.

Feel free to experiment with different platforms to find the one that fits you best. Some may work better in certain cities or match your skills more closely. Your results will vary greatly.

That does it for now.

If you want to add one to the list or you want to comment on your experience with one, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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