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Get Paid to Listen to Music (14+ Ways)

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There’s probably a good chance you listen to music while you’re on your computer or even just lounging around the house, right?

If you’re a fan of any music, did you know that you can actually get paid for listening to music?

These methods won’t necessarily make you rich, but if you’re listening to the music anyway, why not get rewarded for your time?

As yet another cool way to make money, let’s dive in and talk about the many legitimate companies that will pay you just for listening to tunes.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

Current Rewards

The Current Rewards app pays you in the form of credits to listen to more than 100,000 stations on your smartphone’s lockscreen.

And, according to the description, stations are based on your mood, genre or even popular artists.  I can almost assure you that there’s something for you.

To start earning, swipe up on your lockscreen after you download to access more than 100,000 stations.   Choose a station you like, start listening and get paid for listening.

Once you earn enough credits, you can then cash out for cash, gadgets or even gift cards.

You won’t make much, but the company says you can make up to $120 a year if you’re active enough.  There is a 150 daily credit limit.


SliceThePie will reward you to listen to music, but they do ask you to write a review after you listen to a song.  Only a few sentences, not much.

They are said to be the largest paid review website on the Internet, paying out more than $4 million to date and seem to be quite reputable.  Yes, they do pay.

And, aside from music tracks, the company also lets you leave feedback on clothing and a variety of other brands, essentially rewarding you for your opinion.  So, if you like listening and/or trying new items, it’s a great way to voice your opinion and get rewarded.

The better your reviews are, the more you are said to earn.  Generally, as long as your reviews are legible and make sense, you shouldn’t have a problem moving up the ranks.  Just don’t write something such as “it was nice” or “it wasn’t good.”  The more details, the better.

At first, don’t expect much, maybe a few cents per review, but as time goes on, seasoned reviewers do report making more than $0.30 per short review.  It can be a chore at first, but I promise it does get better as long as you can prove yourself.   Also, keep in mind that you will need at least $10 to cash out.

It’s 100% free to join.

Music Xray

Music Xray could quite possibly be the largest and most reliable website online that rewards you to listen to music.

And, to make money, the process is extremely simple.

First, like any websites I mention, you will need to create an account.

It’s free, and during this time, the website will basically want to know about your listening habits as well as what kind of music you listen to as it will try its best to match you up with songs that pique your interest.

Then, once you sign up, the website will do its best to match you with songs based on your profile.  And, the number of songs you can listen to really depends on your preferences and how many songs are in the song bank at the time of listening.

The website pays about $0.10 per 30 seconds or up to $12 per hour — not bad!

With Music Xray, it’s as easy as listening to the song and that’s it.  Nothing else is required on your end.

Once you hit $20, you can then request a payout that’s sent to your PayPal account.


HitPredictor, as part of the iHeartMedia family, gives you the power to influence new music before it’s even released as the company works with record labels, radio stations and even the band’s manager.

Like a lot of these websites I already mentioned, HitPredictor will work in the same way, basically asking you to provide feedback to the songs you listened to.  Every time you do so, the website will give you points, in which you can then cash out for prizes, such as gift cards, etc.

Aside from listening to music, you can also rate artists as well as earn bonuses if you complete a certain number of reviews within a certain time period.

From what I researched, it appears you can earn about $5~ for every 15 songs you can review, with each review taking at least one minute of your time.  This is all dependent upon how fast you can type.

HitPreditor is open worldwide as long as you’re 13 years or older.

Free to join.

  • Website:  HitPredictor


Do you use Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music?

If so, PlaylistPush will not only reward you to listen to and review songs, but the company will also pay you up to $12 per song if you add it to one of your playlists.

The company works with artists who are looking for exposure and curators alike who want to make money by exposing these artists on their playlist.  It’s a great platform if you want to support the independent music scene.

To qualify for this service, they do ask that you own a playlist with at least 400 followers.

And, don’t worry as it isn’t as hard as you think to gain followers as you can often buy them for a low price on Fiverr if you don’t want to hustle yourself.  Make this a priority as you won’t get approved if you don’t have the followers!

In the end, the costs really will depend on your reputation and engagement, but out of all options, it does seem to pay the most.  All payments are issued via PayPal.


Connect to the Cash4Minutes system and they will reward you for every minute you are connected to their system and listen to a selected radio broadcast.

Once you sign up, you will be asked to register your phone number before you sign up so that you can start dialing into radio streams, but there appear to be no limitations.

The more you listen, the more rewards you can earn, such as Amazon codes, Bitcoin and even cash.

Pay rate is said to be about $0.08 per minute, but then again, you don’t have to do anything to earn it.  Just connect and listen.  That’s it.


Welocalize is a pinch different than most of the options here as you will actually become a transcriptionist who’s asked to transcribe music lyrics.

So, yes, while you’re listening to songs, per se, you will have to transcribe the lyrics you hear, making it much more labor intensive than many of the other options I listed here.

However, since more work is involved, more money can be in your pocket, making it worth your time in some cases.  I read the company pays about $4~ per song.

To start, you will be asked to first select your music preferences so that you only transcribe the tunes you like.

Then, you will be asked to download the app to get started.  Don’t worry as the app does has a walkthrough you can use to become comfortable with it.

After you download and follow the tutorials, you can start transcribing, eventually getting paid for the number of songs you finish in a week.  Depending on how fast you can type, you could make about $10~ per hour if I had to guess.  Your results will greatly vary depending on how fast you type, however.


Research.FM needs your input on music, morning shows, DJs and so much more.  So, essentially, while you’re rating music, you may be asked to rate a morning show segment, etc.

To earn rewards with the company, they will send you a survey whenever an opportunity pops up in which they think you may qualify for.

Then, dependent on the job, you will be asked to either rate a music sample or DJ via the website.

Once you submit your review and it’s confirmed, you can earn gift cards.

While I was writing this review, it did appear the company was via invite only, but some had luck e-mailing the company asking for a unique link.


NOTE:  Appears to be inactive as of September 2019

Podcoin doesn’t pay you to listen to music, but they do reward you to listen to any podcast you listen to as long as you listen to it through their app.

With every podcast to choose from, it’s going to be no different than the podcast app you’re using right now.  Every podcast is on here.

Listen to your podcast and earn rewards, all based on how much you listen.

Then, you can redeem these points into PayPal cash, an Amazon gift card and much more once you hit the minimum threshold.

  • Website:  Podcoin


To use RadioEarn, you will first be asked to create an account.  It’s 100% free and only takes seconds to do.

After registration, simply log in and start earning money by opening your radio link.  Website owners can add the link to their website/social media as well to earn money anytime someone clicks on a link

The more you listen, the more points you can receive, and for every 15 minutes you listen, the website will give you points.

Following the next month, RadioEarn will then convert these points into money, in which you can cash out via a bank transfer, Amazon gift cards or even Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

Listening to music and getting paid is entirely possible, as you can see, however, don’t expect to retire doing it.  At best, maybe $5+ a month if you stick with it.

As one of the many ways to make money online in somewhat of a fun way, I only recommend this route only if you love listening to no-name music and like writing reviews.  It does get old after a while, but hey, it’s still money, right?

For now, at least you have a few options to test out.

In the end, you’re much better off making money via other options such as surveys, money making apps, or even a non-phone at-home job.  These methods can pay much more and won’t burn you out as fast, I promise.

If you have tried any of these websites or I’m missing any, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.  I always like hearing from you guys.

In the meantime, give a few of these websites a shot to see if it’s worth your time to listen to some tunes while you go about your day.

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