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Slicethepie Review: $12/hr for Reviewing Music?

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I have mentioned Slicethepie quite a bit in the past, and I figured it was time to create my own personal review to share my honest thoughts.  I see the website option pop up quite a bit and wanted to truly know if it’s worth the time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the website, they basically will pay you to listen to music and express your thoughts, basically by writing a few sentences.  For every review you leave, they will then pay you for your time.   Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

The company was founded in 2007 and now has more than two million members to date.  They are legit!

Now, from my first impressions, you’re not going to get rich doing this nor are you going to want to treat it as a part-time job.  Instead, it could be something of interest only if you want to earn $10 or $20 per month.  Picture it kind of like going out to eat money.

So in today’s review, let’s dive in and see if you should sign up for Slicethepie to start reviewing music for cold-hard cash.

Slicethepie Review

Signing Up

To sign up, it probably took me all of a few minutes.  It’s super easy.

Slicethepie asks you for the typical information such as your name, email, gender and birthdate.  Much like other websites, they also ask that you agree to terms and so forth.  Again, it’s not too hard and nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to other websites you may have signed up with in the past.

Once you click the “join” button, you will then receive an activation email that you must confirm to start reviewing music.

Again, the entire signing up process was extremely easy and will take you less than three minutes from start to finish.

Your Dashboard

After you confirm your email, you can then log into your dashboard and select a category of interest to get started right away.

Here’s what my dashboard looked like when I first joined:

The dashboard is extremely simple and easy to use as you can see.  Pretty much just click on something of interest to start immediately.

As noted in the graphic above, your top bar will take you to your reviews or you can even copy your referral link in the “refer a friend” section if you want to refer your friends and make money.

Next to all of this is a five-star rating, which increases or decreases as you write reviews.

Generally, the more detailed your reviews are, the more stars you can earn.  The higher your star rating is, the more you can earn, so this is why it’s very important to write as detailed of a review as possible.  I will explain more in detail later as to how you can increase these stars as you use the website.

Lastly, your cash balance is next to your star rating, letting you know how much you have earned.  Simply put, you will need at least $10 to cash out.  There is no points system, so it’s very easy to understand how much you have made.

Reviewing Music and Videos:  How it Works

Aside from reviewing music, Slicethepie will also let you review TV series and even audio branding concepts as noted in my screenshot prior, but most of your action will rely in the music section as this is what they are known for after all.

Regardless of what you want to review, it all works in the same way.

You will be asked to watch/listen to something and then write out your thoughts in a few sentences, followed by rating a few questions from one to 10.

Before you’re able to start reviewing anything, Slicethepie will first ask you a few screener questions so that they can get to know your demographic and only show you clips that are of interest to you.  You will only have to do this once, but just make sure you be honest to ensure you’re actually listening to and watching something you want to.

They will also ask you what kind of music you like to ensure that they only show you songs you really want to listen to.  Here’s a screen grab from my account:

Once you answer your demographic questions and tell them what kind of music you like, you can then start earning money.

Reviewing Music

If you decide to simply review music, then all you have to do is listen to the track for at least 90 seconds and then tell them what you think in a written review.

Here’s what reviewing will look like…

It’s up to you what you want to write, but remember, the more detailed your reviews are, the higher your star count will be, which will ultimately increase your earnings.

Click on the play button, listen and then fill out that form to get your credit.

Later on, I will tell you how to write a good review to boost your star count as well as what you should expect to earn.

Audio Branding

Similar to that of the music review section, Slicethepie also lets you review small audio snippets.  It’s usually a small jingle from a company, some of which you may have heard of.  For example, I was asked to listen to a company jingle from a very popular company and was asked about my thoughts.

Unlike the music, the audio branding clips are much shorter, usually less than 20 seconds, but you will be asked to rate the sounds out of 10 in more categories as seen here:

You still need to write a detailed review, but it will just involve more clicking on numbers.  To me, it was the quickest way to earn cash on the site.

Reviewing TV Series

Aside from reviewing music, Slicethepie also allows you to review short TV clips.

Much like the music portion, you will first be asked to check out the genres you like in order for the company to only show you clips that are of interest to you.

Then, once done, you will be asked to use a sliding scale as you watch the video.

As the screenshot notes, you will simply be asked to slide the wheel mouse, either up or down, as you watch the clip to let them know what you think.   And, after the video ends, you are then asked to write down your thoughts and rate it:

Again, make sure you’re as detailed as you can be as these reviews will be rated and can impact your ratings.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to watch the video clips, some of them are quite long, often lasting longer than three minutes.

Out of all three options, videos took quite some time and I really didn’t find much value in them since it often took me up to 10 minutes to complete!

Slicethepie Review Examples:  How to Write a Good Review

Unlike a lot of websites I talk about that you can make money with fast, Slicethepie is quite different as it takes a lot of writing.

If you don’t like writing, then sadly, it probably isn’t for you; however, if you don’t mind writing a few sentences, then it’s probably something you won’t mind doing.

Now, as mentioned, Slicethepie will use a five-star rating system, which is entirely based on the reviews that you submit.  The higher your star rating, the more you can earn per review.  So, as you can imagine, it’s so important that your reviews are good.

To create a good review on Slicethepie, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Melody and Vocals

Listen to the vocals.  What do you think?  What are some of the positives?  The negatives?  Is it consistent?  Touching upon being detailed, offer criticism, both good and bad as to what you think of the vocals in the sound.  It’s okay to list the good and the bad.  Just be honest!

Listen to the Lyrics

Like paying attention to the song and the vocals, it’s important to actually listen to what they are saying as well.  Does it make sense?  Can you actually hear what they are saying?   Is it meaningful?  Deep?  Interesting?  Use your words and let them know in your reviews.

Rhythm and Instruments

Of course, the vocals aren’t the only part of the song, so be sure to pay close attention to the rhythm of the song as well.  Does it flow well?  Is it catchy?  Too fast?  Too short?  Is it memorable?  If you feel anything doesn’t blend well, be sure to note it.

Be Detailed and Descriptive

All in all, make sure you pay close attention to the entire song, from the intro to the end and ensure that your review is always at least 100+ words to meet the minimum word count.  The more you can describe and focus on these features, the better.  It’s just best to get to the point.

As long as you consider all of the following I mention below here, it should be considered a decent review:

  • intro description
  • vocals
  • lyrics
  • pitch/tempo
  • melody
  • harmony
  • length
  • hook

In the end, you will want to make sure that your review is interesting and unique.  Don’t just use boring words such as “good” and “I like it.”  Instead, use a thesaurus if you have to and just write out your thoughts.  As long as your review doesn’t look like it was written by a two-year-old and it’s not drawn out, you should be fine.  Be honest, offer both the good and bad, and be sure to include as much of the parts I mentioned above to increase your earnings.  As long as you be yourself, you should be just fine, trust me.

How Much Does Slicethepie Pay?

From playing around on the website, it appears you can make anywhere from $0.05 to $0.20+ per review, again, all based upon your star rating.  You can also make 10% of what your friends earn for every friend that joins.  Of course, referral earnings will depend on how many people you refer.

Even if you’re considered a five star, the earnings aren’t that much, often no more than $0.20.  And, as mentioned above, you must make at least $10 before you can click on the “cash out” button.

Seeing it takes me about five to 10+ minutes to listen/watch and then create my review, I would say it is possible to make $7+ per hour.  Keep in mind that you would have to do a lot of writing and watching/listening to hit that average.  They also need to accept your reviews as poor reviews could lead them kicking you off the platform.

For most, I wouldn’t expect more than that $7 per hour if you were to work on it for a full 60 minutes.  It’s not much, but hey, a lot of the ways you can earn money online won’t earn you too much, either.

The Pros and Cons

As always, the reviews are not always about me.

With all of my reviews, I always make sure to include the thoughts of others from reviews found online.  So, in this section, I’ll take bits and pieces from what I found online and include my findings below.

Here’s what I found…

The Cons

  • a lot of work for $0.10+
  • a lot of writing involved
  • takes a while to reach the minimum
  • lots of reports of random account shutdowns
  • never know what you’re exactly going to earn
  • reports that it’s very hard to reach 5 stars

The Pros

  • fun if you like to listen to new music
  • a never-ending supply of samples
  • very easy to use
  • able to choose your favorite music genre
  • can refer friends for more money
  • great way to explore new music
  • 100% legit with payout proof

Final Thoughts

Slicethepie is a fun way to earn a few dollars on the side, but of course, I wouldn’t recommend it as a part-time or full-time job for that matter.

Instead, consider it as a fun way to explore new music and TV/movie trailers to make $5, $10 or even $25+ in your free time.

It is legit and it isn’t a scam.  You will be paid as long as you offer legitimate reviews.

As long as you’re a somewhat good writer and don’t mind putting your thoughts on paper, it’s a wonderful way to get started almost immediately doing what you may already love doing — listening to music!

If you have tried this service and/or have some questions about it, do let me know in the comments below!  I always love to hear from you.

For now, if you love music and like critiquing things, then at least signup and see if it’s something worth doing.

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