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Is Solitaire King Legit? Here’s What I Found (review)

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Lately, many Solitaire apps are popping up saying you can earn cash from them. For Solitaire lovers, that sounds exciting, right?

One such app is Solitaire King, where they say you can win cash prizes up to $100 or more by joining their tournaments.

Now, you might be wondering: Is Solitaire King for real? Can I actually earn from it?

Well, I tried Solitaire King to see for myself. Here’s my take on how it operates, my time using it, and its good and bad points.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.  Let’s begin!

What is Solitaire King?

Solitaire King is a free app for Apple devices, made by Acerena Inc. It’s listed as one of the top card games on the Apple store. It’s not just about playing Solitaire, though.  You can win real cash by competing with others online.

If you’ve ever played with apps like Solitaire Cash or Solitaire Cube, for instance, then using Solitaire King will feel similar.

The app’s gameplay is based on Klondike solitaire, a classic type. The unique thing is, it allows players to go against each other in one-on-one matches, making it more thrilling. Initially, Solitaire King sounded like a fun way to earn some cash using my phone. However, my actual experience was a bit different.

Is Solitaire King Legit?

Yes, Solitaire King is legit, and you can win money through it. But, there’s a catch.

While it may seem like you’re making money, it’s easy to end up losing more than you earn.

This isn’t just a problem with Solitaire King. Many apps like it have the same issue.  If you’re looking to earn money, you will only do so if you gamble your own.

They look like great ways to earn fast cash, but remember, to play, you need to put in some money, which means you could lose a lot. Another concern is whether you’re competing against actual people or computer programs that are set up for you to lose. This kind of doubt exists with many such games, so it’s essential to be cautious before investing your money.


Is Solitaire King a Scam?

Solitaire King isn’t a fraudulent app.  You have the chance to win cash by engaging with it.

That said, its advertising can be a bit deceiving. A number of users have voiced their concerns in reviews on the App Store, with some even going so far as to label it a “scam” due to the perceived difficulty in winning. So, if you’re searching for an online activity that offers earnings without risks, Solitaire King might not be the best fit.

Do They Pay?

It’s confirmed that Solitaire King does pay out real money. There’s evidence of this online, and numerous users have shared positive feedback. However, remember that while there’s potential to earn, there’s also a chance of losing your money. So, while the app is genuine in its offer to allow users to win money, it’s not an ideal fit for everyone.

How Solitaire King Works

After downloading Solitaire King and playing a few rounds, I found the process pretty straightforward. Essentially, it operates in five main steps:

Getting Started: First, you’ll need to download Solitaire King from the App Store for your iOS device. Then, set up a free account. Keep in mind, if you’re aiming to play games that involve real money, you’ll need to be 18 or older since the app allows users to put in and play with their own money.

Profile Setup: Setting up your account is easy. Choose an avatar, decide on a username, and you’re all set. If you’re considering adding funds or taking out your winnings, you’ll have to confirm your account and add in your payment details.

Learning the Ropes: Once you’re in, Solitaire King provides a short guide on how to navigate the app and the game rules. In terms of gameplay, it’s the Solitaire you know and love. The twist here, however, is that you and your opponent get the exact same set of cards, ensuring the game is fair. After five rounds, the player with the most points takes the win.

Free-to-Play Mode: Even if you’re not ready to invest money, you can play games for free and earn gems. Collect enough gems, and you could find yourself in small cash tournaments with modest prizes like $1 or $2. These gem-based games are a solid way to get a feel for Solitaire King and its mechanics before you decide to put in any of your money.  Keep in mind that it will take a long time to earn these gems.

The Reality of Earnings: While playing for free can be fun, if you’re hoping to make some side cash from this, you’ll probably need to invest some of your own money. Playing only the free games doesn’t really offer a viable way to earn notable amounts.

In short, while Solitaire King can be an enjoyable way to pass time, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks if you’re considering it as a way to make money.

Cash Tournaments

The primary way to earn some cash with Solitaire King is by joining their paid tournaments, which involve putting in some of your own money. These tournaments can host anywhere from 8 to 20 players and come with an entry fee. The fees might be just a few bucks or can go up to $20 and beyond. As you’d expect, the prize money varies too, starting from as low as $5 and potentially reaching over $100, all based on that entry fee.

For instance, during my time on the app, I saw an option to join a $15 tournament for a $3 entry fee. On the higher end, there was a tempting $100 tournament for a $20 entry, with seven other players. The catch? Only the top players get a share of the prize, with Solitaire King also taking its share. If you don’t rank high enough, you lose your entry money and come out with nothing.

So, if you’re hoping to earn online without investing any money, Solitaire King might not be your best bet.

Bonus Cash

While you can play Solitaire King for free to accumulate gems and maybe enter lower-stakes cash games, the app offers several other avenues to earn free gems and some cash:

  • You get a daily reward just for opening the app
  • There’s a “Bronze Wheel” you can spin for a shot at winning cash and gems
  • Watching ads can also give you some money or gems
  • You might win a Solitaire King leaderboard prize
  • Referring friends to the app has its perks too

Regarding the leaderboard, every month, the top players get bonus cash and chances to win even more in sweepstakes. But climbing to those top spots? That requires a lot of dedication. And to be honest, some of the rewards, like what I got from the Bronze Wheel (just a cent!), can be underwhelming.

Cashing Out

When you’ve earned at least $3 in Solitaire King, you’re eligible to cash out. The app supports transactions through PayPal and credit cards, and when you request your money, it generally takes a few days to see it in your account.

It’s worth noting that the app frequently prompts users to deposit money, luring with various promotions and discounts. If you’re considering putting some of your own money on the line in the competitive games, these offers might be tempting.

But before diving in, remember that there are many websites and apps out there that let you earn without staking your own money.

How Much Can I Make?

The earnings from competitive games on Solitaire King can vary.

Some games might reward just a few dollars, while others, especially those with higher entry fees and more participants, could net winners anywhere from $50 to $100. The payout largely hinges on how many players are competing and the entry fee.

Yet, there’s no assurance of earning.

The world of Solitaire King carries its own set of risks. Many end up losing more than they gain. So, while the app’s ads might paint it as a breezy way to pocket some extra cash, the reality might be a bit different for most players.

Final Thoughts

I’ve put together this review of Solitaire King to give you a clearer picture of how the app functions, its associated risks, and the potential earnings you might expect.

In recent times, I’ve taken a closer look at numerous Solitaire, Bingo, and other cash competition apps. They’re engaging and offer a thrilling experience, but there are some common factors I’ve noticed across the board.

For starters, although many of these games offer free play modes, the tangible cash you can win in these modes is often limited. In truth, to stand a chance at winning a significant amount, you typically have to put your own money on the line. And even then, there’s no certainty that your earnings will exceed your investment.  It’s all a gamble in the end.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to talk about your experience, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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