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Overnight Work From Home Jobs [Now Hiring]

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What happens if you work during the day and/or you can’t work during the typical 9-5 hours?  What happens if you can only work the night shift, but you can only do so online.  Are there options available, you may be wondering?

If that were the case, you may be looking for an overnight job of sorts.   And, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities, both big and small.

Whether you want to earn $5, $100, or $1,000 per week, I wanted to cover the many options you may have that are strictly online.  Yes, that means no traveling or dressing up in an uncomfortable uniform.

As in all of my guides, I’m always honest, only listing the very reputable websites/companies online.  And, best of all, I would never recommend a company I wouldn’t sign up with personally.

So, if you’re looking for an overnight work from home job, let’s dive in and see what’s available out there.

Overnight Work From Home Jobs (Late Night  AM & PM)

Start With FlexJobs

If you’re looking for a part- or full-time job, then look no further than  It’s a service I have mentioned a ton of times, and it’s for good reason.

In short, FlexJobs has a small staff of people who scour the web every day to list only the remote jobs in their search engine.  Yes, it takes a lot of work, but the listings you see are 100% legitimate and are remote only.  It’s very easy to use and could land you a fantastic remote job, no matter your skillset.

Now, the service is a few dollars a month, but they do offer a free trial of sorts if you just want to test it out.  At least check it out to see if you can find any decent overnight work from home jobs.

If you do sign up, just filter your results so that you’re looking at overnight jobs only.  Most listings will tell you when they need you to work, as well as how much you could make per hour.


Alorica lets you set your hours, some of which are available overnight.   For example, when I was researching their job board, I did find a few work at home agent positions that were open 24×7.

As an independent contractor, Alroica pays you either by the minute, hour or in some cases, per call.  You will know all of this information before you apply for a job, however.  The nice thing about the company is that they at least guarantee your state’s minimum wage, so this can be a plus to some.

If you want to see which at-home opportunities are available as of right now, you can follow the link below.   Browse through the listings and pay close attention to the requirements as well as when you’re expected to work.


Liveops is one of the larger virtual call centers that work with hundreds of well-known companies.  It’s a company I have mentioned a few times, such as in my jobs you can do anywhere in the world and 42+ second job ideas posts.

As a call center representative, you’re primarily responsible for handling a variety of tasks over the phone, all dependent on your job title.  You get to choose the job you want to apply for as well as the hours.  If it’s an overnight work from home call center job you’re looking for, then you should be able to find it.  For example, as I was writing this, they had a few openings that offered overnight hours.

From technical support to inbound sales, roadside assistance and even food order taking, there are quite a few opportunities.

You get to choose your hours as you’re considered an independent contractor and the pay greatly depends on the job you choose.  The average operator makes about $200 to $800 a week.


Nextrep is another virtual call center that offers a myriad of overnight work at home jobs.  You will work with a variety of products, ranging from food to fashion, music and more, all coming from very well-known brands such as Sprint, AAA, and Priceline, to name a few.

As a contractor, you get to set your own schedule, and best of all, work from home.

The nice thing about Nextrep is that it’s not just talking on the phone as they offer other supported channels as well, such as chat, email, text and even social media.  It’s a great option if you don’t want to talk on the phone.

If you’re interested, they do ask that you create a profile as well as go through an orientation of sorts.  It’s not a job offer, per se, but it gets you accustomed to the platform as well as throw your name in the database in the case a job opening does pop up.  The entire process takes about 45 minutes of your time.

To learn more about this opportunity, follow the link below to start your registration process.


Sitel is another customer service job of sorts, partnering with many well-known companies, such as Best Buy, etc.  According to the company, you will take inbound calls, which include billing inquiries, account inquiries or product/service orders, to name a few.

Schedules for  very position vary depending on the client you’re working with, but there appear to be some overnight positions available.  If you do apply, you will receive a schedule with available schedules.

Part- and full-time positions are available with benefits offered to full-time employees after 90 days.  The link below will take you directly to the most current openings.


One of the world’s largest companies, Apple, is almost always hiring “at home advisor” positions, where you will be responsible for providing support for Apple products.  And, because this is a position with millions of customers, they do offer 24/7 support, which means they need people to work the overnight shift.

If you like the idea of providing tech support for one of the largest tech companies on the planet, refer to the job link below.  You can also refer to an in-depth guide I created in the past, showcasing what the job entails.  It tends to be one of the more popular options due to schedule stability and pay.  It also helps that you’re working with a company as legit as Apple.

Home Shopping Network

Yes, the Home Shopping Network, the popular channel you see on all cable TV packages, often hires overnight at-home customer service reps.  According to the job descriptions I found on their website, it would appear you would be responsible for taking orders.

Please note that if you do apply, you will have to live close to an office, but it does appear they have a few state locations, including Florida, Ohio and Tennessee, to name a few.

The link below takes you directly to the current openings.

  • Website:  HSN


In my research online, it has been said that Transcom, another customer representative-like company, sometimes offers overnight work at home opportunities.

You will be hired as an employee, which means you will have to commit to a schedule, but this can be looked at as a plus to some, I suppose.

To learn more about the job opportunities available at this given moment, you can follow the link below.


U-Haul, one of the largest moving truck/storage companies is almost always hiring at-home customer service representatives.

Unlike the many other companies I mentioned, wherein you will be networked with another company, this isn’t the case with U-Haul as you will be working with them directly.

At any given moment, U-Haul has thousands of job opportunities, but a lot of them are not remote.  To ensure you’re looking at remote jobs, be sure to add “at-home” to your job search to see what’s available at the moment.

You can browse the most recent listings via the link below or you can read more about what the company is about in my in-depth U-Haul review.


Rev is another company I have mentioned a few times before.  This isn’t a job that requires you to work a set number of hours; rather, you will get paid based on the number of jobs you accept.

With Rev, you will be responsible for transcribing captions, from YouTube videos to marketing material.  As long as you feel you can type what you hear, they want to hear from you!

To get started, you will simply take a grammar quiz and submit a sample to demonstrate your skills.  Once approved, you can log in and view the hundreds of caption jobs available at the time.

  • Website:  Rev

World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings has a variety of at-home positions, mostly in the cruise and travel industry.  If you’re a fan of travel, it may be one to consider.

Most of these positions that I did see were in the sales category, but I did notice some customer service opportunities as well, with some being night shift options.

If interest, the link below takes you directly to the careers page, where you can learn more about what’s expected of you as an applicant.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands seems to always be looking for assistants who are working with people around the globe.  According to the company, you can perform tasks ranging from making phone calls to scheduling appointments.  As an assistant, you’re just that — someone who will help someone else with whatever tasks they may have.

If you’re interested, it’s not a part- or full-time job, per se.  Rather, they pay per task, which can range from $3 to $7+ and go up from there.

The position has huge room for growth and you get to define your own hours, even if you want to work at 1 a.m.

Check Out Working Solutions

Working Solutions is an online staffing agency of sorts.  It’s a very reputable company I have mentioned a few times before.

And, just like a local staffing agency, the cool thing about their service is that they only post online jobs.

Take a gander at the openings at the moment.  If you see something you like, be sure to pay close attention to the hours to ensure they over an overnight position.  They all vary.

Don’t Forget Your Free Job Search Engines

This isn’t my favorite tip, but I want to include it here anyway just in case you can have some luck.

Try searching on some of the more popular free job search platforms, such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter.  There’s a lot of junk you have to sift through, but you may be able to find something if you use the right keywords.

For instance, if it were an online call center position you were looking for, you could search something along the lines of “call center overnight work from home jobs,” etc.  If you just want to see what’s available, then the keyword “virtual overnight” should do the trick.

Other Overnight Work From Home Jobs Options

Above, I tried to mention a lot of companies you can apply to, but there are additional options you can consider as well if you don’t mind working on a “per project” basic, rather than getting paid by the hour.  If you consider these options, you can work whenever you want.  Plus, many of them don’t require that you talk on the phone if that’s something you want to avoid.

Final Thoughts

If you want an overnight work from home job, you have options.

If you want to work with a company and have a schedule of sorts, then I would recommend you check out the companies I mentioned above.  A few of them are almost always hiring.

However, if you want to work at your own pace, then you may be better of learning how to transcribe or even writing articles.

Nonetheless, most of these jobs don’t pay a whole ton, maybe $10 to $15 per hour at best, but if you’re looking for an online overnight opportunity that pays, it’s not going to be much better than this.

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