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How to Make $100 Fast (30+ Online Options ONLY)

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A while back, I wrote about the many ways you could make $1,000 fast.  I talked about more than 60+ opportunities that you could take advantage of today, many of which could be done online.

So, what happens if you only need $100 fast and don’t need $1,000?

Well, you’re in luck as there are a ton of ways to earn $100 in the next few days, all while sitting in the comforts of your computer chair.  Yes, you heard it right; you can do it all online, and there’s no need to leave the comforts of your home.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can make $100 fast.  Depending on how hard you work, you could earn $100 by the end of tomorrow or it could take a few days.  It’s hard to say how fast you’ll make it since it will depend on your work ethic and which options you choose.

No matter how hard you work, the following LEGIT options can make you money.  I can promise you that they will pay.  It’s up to you to figure out which one works best for you, however.

So, if you want to make $100 in the next few days, let’s check out one of the many options below to start earning right now.

How to Make $100 Fast Online Without a Job

NOTE:  There are many other ways to make $100 fast, but I included ONLINE options only.


If you have read many of my other make money-like posts, you may have seen that I have recommended Swagbucks.  It shows up on quite a few of my posts, but I can’t recommend them enough.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, Swagbucks will pay you to answer survey questions as well as a variety of other tasks, such as signing up for offers, watching videos, etc.  For me, most of your money relies in the surveys, but you can find a great offer on occasions that can pay up to $75!  You just need to know which ones make sense to you.

Depending on what you do, it’s not that hard to earn $100 in a week.  And, to prove it, here’s how I would do it if I started today.

Right now, there’s a $40 offer on Swagbucks that will reward you when you sign up for a $8 an month SiriusXM account.  Cancel after the month and you net $32.  That’s easy.

With the remaining $68, you can then answer survey questions and/or find even more offers as there are hundreds to choose from.

Again, just make sure it makes sense and always read the fine print.  For me, I would at least focus on the surveys as many pay $1+, sometimes as much as $35+ (3500 SB) if you’re able to join a survey panel, as seen on my dashboard here…

You won’t get rich with Swagbucks, but if you play your cards right, you can earn $100 in a month, sometimes even quicker, very easily.  It just depends on what you choose to do.

Follow the link below and Swagbucks will give you a small sign-up bonus just for signing up!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is much like Swagbucks, only that they focus on surveys, that’s it.

It’s another one you won’t get rich with, but I can personally do about $5 in surveys every day with minimal effort.  At this pace, you should earn your $100 in less than 20 days.  Blend in a few of these other options and it can be a lot faster.

Plan on making anywhere from $0.50 to $2+ per survey, with the number of surveys you receive greatly dependent on your demographics.  For instance, as I write this, this is what my dashboard looked like…

As you can see, there’s quite the variety, and the list did continue.  With every point worth a dollar, all of those surveys combined was an easy $5 right there.

If using Survey Junkie, just make sure the surveys you do make sense for the time invested.


MyPoints is owned by the same company as Swagbucks, Prodege, and works in almost the same way.  They pay you to take surveys, complete offers, download coupons and so much more.

It’s not my favorite option, but on occasions, you can find survey opportunities that are worth your time.  For instance, I logged in while writing this and found a few higher paying offers…

The thing I don’t like about MyPoints is that one point does not equal a penny.  Instead, they use a wacky points system that can make it hard to figure out what you’re actually making.

I did write about MyPoints in depth, so I recommend you at least check them out if you want to see how it works in detail.


It will take you about 48 hours to approved for an mTurk account, but if you need money fast, this is one of the better options on this list, especially if you don’t want to mess with surveys and/or want another option.  Once you get approved, you can start working immediately.

In short, mTurk, owned by Amazon, is a platform where you can complete very quick tasks for providers who post jobs.  It can range from finding a phone number to judging a picture.  There are a ton of jobs!  I’m talking thousands.

For instance, look at my dashboard as I write this…

There were more than 25,000+ jobs, some of which paid out $1.40 per task!

For every job you complete and get approved, you get paid.  And, while the jobs often pay less than $0.10 each, you can often perform a ton per hour, making for a nice hourly salary.  Plus, there’s such a variety that it’s hard to get bored like surveys sometimes do.

I wouldn’t rely on mTurk for a full-time income, but once you get good enough, you can earn $500+ a month easily, sometimes much more.  As mTurk deserves its own post, I highly recommend you check out of my favorite books, Side Hustle From Home: How To Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk, to learn how to succeed on the platform.

Get Paid to Type

Can you type at least 30+ words per minute and can put your thoughts into words?

If so, you may want to consider typing with some of the most popular entry-level typing platforms, such as iWriter and Textbroker.  These platforms are a great stepping stone for new writers and can start to make you money almost instantly as they find all of the work for you.  You don’t have to be a professional to make money, either!

As you get better with your writing skills and/or you feel you have them already, then you can then move onto the higher-paying gigs, all of which I cover in my 40+ ways to get paid to type.

For now, I recommend at least applying to iWriter and Textbroker as they can approve you within the week.  Once approved, jump on the job board and write up a few pieces to make $100 in the next 72 hours.

Test Websites and Apps

A ton of companies need your help in testing websites and apps.  It will be your job to browse the app/website as designated in the instructions and then speak your thoughts aloud as you move about.  Some may require you to be on a webcam as well.

If it sounds like something of interest, these jobs can pay up to $20+ each, making it quite easy to earn $100 fast.  Depending on how many companies you sign up for, you could make the $100 in as little as two weeks.

In the past, I did write about the many companies that pay you to test apps and websites, so I do recommend you at least check it out.  In that post, I give you details as to how you can make $290 in just one month, all by testing websites.


If you can type more than 45+ words per minute and are comfortable with typing what you hear, then you may want to consider one of the many companies hiring online transcriptions right now.  Most of these companies let you work from home and you can work whenever you’d like.  This could be a great alternative to the freelance writing gig if you don’t want to think of things to write.

Some companies hire pretty fast, such as, but others may take longer, so you may not earn that $100 as fast as you’d like.  I would at least start with Rev for now as they tend to be one of the better options for entry-level transcriptionists.

Nonetheless, there are a ton of options you can look into, many of which I cover in my 100+ transcription company guide.

Sell Your Photos

Do you have some pictures lying around?  Or maybe you like taking pictures?

If so, then let it be known that there are platforms where you can sell your photos to the public.  Depending on your talents and where you list your photos, it isn’t too hard to earn $100.  Unlike the other methods I have mentioned already, this option could take a bit longer.

If interested, I did write an in-depth post titled, get paid to take pictures, but if you don’t want to read it or don’t have the time, these are some of my favorites to choose from…

Take a look at a few of these options and see which ones could work with your photography skills.  You may be surprised as to how much you can make!

Sell Items for an Instant Quote

Look around your house right now and see if you have anything that you’re willing to give up.  This could include electronics, books, a cellphone or even LEGOs in some cases.

Now, the cool thing about this option is that you don’t need to sell on your own.  Rather, there are multiple companies out there that will pay you almost instantly as long as you have what you want.  Just tell them what you have and they will offer you an instant quote if they want it.

Decluttr, for instance, wants your CDs, DVDs, games, books, cellphones, LEGOs and more.  Just enter the barcode or a description and they will give you an instant quote.  Gazelle, on the other hand, will pay you cash for your cellphone.  You can even refer to my 540+ ways to make money online to see which companies will pay you for your old books.

Granted, these companies won’t offer you as much if you were to sell on your own, but it could earn you cash pretty fast if you don’t want to do the dirty work.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Much like your electronics and cellphones, there are websites online that will buy your gift cards off you instantly.

While you won’t get full value, you can sometimes get close to it depending on the retailer.

To know what you could get, start with the big names, such as and  Each website offers a quick quote to let you know what you could potentially make.

Depending on what gift cards you sell, this could be the quickest way to $100.

Get Rid of Clothes

Yes, there are even more ways to make money, not just with electronics and gift cards.

If you have name-brand clothes in your closet, there are a few companies that are willing to offer you a quote on the spot.  One of which includes the very popular, Poshmark.

This is another topic I talked about in the past, where I wrote about the many places you can sell baby clothes as well as companies/apps that are willing to buy your clothes on the spot.

Most of these companies work in the same way, wherein you will ship in a bag of clothes and they will then offer a quote based on the brand/condition.

If you have to clean out your closet, highly consider this option as it could make you $100 in no time.


This one could take some extra work and won’t earn you money right away.  However, it could lead to a very lucrative part-time or even full-time gig.  Who knows, maybe a career.

To use Fiverr, you can create a business listing offering any digital service that you can think of.  From graphic design to transcription, if you can think it, you can do it.

Now, of course, you will have to create the list, manage your listing and work with potential customers, but the earnings could be endless.

In the past, all listings were only $5, but today, you can create a listing for any price you deem fit.  Just make sure it’s worth your time.

Like mTurk, Fiverr has a learning curve, so for that reason, I do recommend you check out the highly rated book, The Fiverr Master Class: The Fiverr Secrets Of Six Power Sellers, to learn how to make a killing on this platform.

Flip Items

I didn’t know if I wanted to include this here as it isn’t entirely 100% online, but you could flip some items you find locally and make a potential profit.

What you will want to do is find something on sale at a local store.  Your goal is to find something that you can flip, either on Amazon or eBay, for a profit after all of your fees are taken out.

If you buy the right items, profits can be made, but, of course, you need to know what you’re doing.  This deserves its own post, but I recommend the many free YouTube videos that can help you get started.

Reddit /forhire

Be sure to check out the Reddit forhire subreddit, where you may be able to find a job you can complete online.  Every day, a ton of jobs are posted.

A lot of the jobs posted do require some experience and/or some sort of talent, but it doesn’t hurt to at least check it out as you never know what you will find.

If you see a job of interest, follow the directions on how to apply.

Teach English with VIPKid

If you have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience, then you may want to check out VIPKid, where you can earn more than $22+ an hour teaching English to kids overseas, primarily in China.  It’s done all online, and all you need is a webcam, computer and microphone.

Now, not everyone is hired.  In fact, they have some pretty strict standards, so don’t expect a cakewalk.

If you’re lucky enough to get hired, it can take up to two weeks to get approved, but with a high hourly rate, you could earn $100 in no time.  Plus, it’s a great way to earn money in your spare time as you can work whenever you want.

If VIPKid sounds of something like interest, let it be known that it isn’t the only company online; it’s just one of the best.  I wrote about 31+ ESL companies just like VIPKid if you want to see even more opportunities.

Serve on a Mock Jury

No, I’m not talking actual jury duty.  Rather, I’m talking about serving on a mock trial wherein you will analyze a court case presented to you.

And, for your time, these companies will pay you to help them determine if you think the verdict is guilty or innocent.

Depending on who you apply with, some do pay up to more than $50+ for your time.

If it sounds like something you’re interested in, here are a few companies you may want to check out…

Take Advantage of a Bank and/or Credit Card Bonus

There are so many banks out there right now that are willing to pay you to sign up for a credit card and/or bank account, sometimes as much as $750!  While I’m writing this, Wells Fargo is offering up to a $400 checking bonus while Chase Bank is offering up to $300.

Yes, some require that you spend a certain amount or even fund your newly opened account, but if you’re going to pay bills or deposit a check, you may as well get rewarded, right?

To find the best bank bonuses as of right now, check out this link as he does a wonderful job keeping the post updated.  As for the best current credit card offers, NerdWallet does a good job keep everyone up to date.

As long as you meet the requirements, this is an easy $100.

Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the most popular online jobs for entry-level job searchers.  Basically, picture yourself as an assistant to someone, performing a variety of tasks.

Depending on how aggressive you are in your job hunt, you could find a job in as little as 48 hours or not at all.  It really depends on where you apply and how picky you are with your job.

I did write about how you can become one in a detailed, free guide in the past, so check it out if it sounds like something of interest.

If you are lucky enough to land a job, this is an easy way to earn $100 within the week.

Refer People

Are you a good salesperson?

If so, figure out a way to reach out to your social media network and/or friends and refer them to free companies that reward them.  In doing so, you can take a chunk of what they make and everyone is happy.

While you will have to refer quite a few people and they will need to sign-up and/or make money to make you money, it can be done, nonetheless.

In the past, I wrote about more than 50+ companies that will pay you to refer friends today.


I don’t know why you need the $100 fast, but if it’s for a reason that could garner community support, consider creating a listing on GoFundMe.

After you create your listing, promote it on local Facebook Groups and share it with your friends.

If people connect with your story, you never know how much money you could raise.

Consider a Remote Job

If you’re looking for more of a part- or full-time job, then you may want to consider one of the many remote jobs available right now.  Granted, you will have to commit to a schedule and you will be treated as an employee, but it can easily net you $100 pretty fast.

I have written about 100 companies hiring remote workers in the past as well as legitimate data entry work as well.  You can even use the very popular job portal, FlexJobs – an awesome website that only shows you legitimate companies that are hiring from home.

It can take you some time to find a remote job that you qualify for, but I can assure you that, no matter what your experience is, there’s something out there for you.  You just have to treat it like a job hunt.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

This one won’t pay a ton, but it can help add to the pot.

If you love music and don’t mind writing and/or filling out a short survey after listening to some tunes, then consider checking out SlicethePie.  This website wants you to listen to random music samples and then talk a little bit about what you just heard.

I wrote about the company in the past and found you could make $5 to $8+ an hour, but it depends on how fast you are as well as how well your reviews are.  The better they are, the more you can make.

SlicethePie isn’t the only game in town, either, as there are more than 13+ other companies that will pay you to rate music as well.


Generally, as long as you have a bachelor’s degree and feel comfortable teaching a subject to someone else, you could be a great candidate as an online tutor.

Like some of these options I mention, it could take you a few days to get approved, but once you do, you could make up to $30+ an hour helping others.

I have talked about online tutoring multiple times, including my get paid to do homework post as well as this get paid to answer questions.

If you like the idea of helping others with their homework online, it’s one to highly consider.  Just remember that you will more than likely need a degree to qualify.

Sell Your Hair

If you don’t mind cutting off a few inches of your hair (if you have it, of course), this could be the quickest way to $100.

Depending on your length, hair color, condition and other factors, you could earn much more than $100, sometimes as much as $400+

I wrote about the many websites where you can sell your hair as well as one company that may be willing to offer you a quote right now.  Be sure to check it out if it sounds like something of interest!

Become an Online Translator

Do you know more than one language?

If you do, there are a ton of companies that need your help, from converting documents to translating over the phone.

Yes, it’s yet another topic I researched in depth, all of which you can see here.

Depending on the language you know, it shouldn’t be hard to net $20+ an hour.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Most of your mystery shopping jobs require that you leave the house and make your money, but this isn’t the case with telephone mystery shopping jobs.

If you don’t mind picking up the phone and acting as if you were a potential customer, then this is a great way to make $5 to $10 per phone call, sometimes more.

Yes, I wrote about this in depth in the past as well, so if it’s something of interest, I highly recommend you at least check it out.  There are quite a few companies hiring right now that can get you started in less than 24 hours.

Sell Your Crafts

Depending on what you want to sell, you could earn $100 pretty fast, only if you market your products right and it’s something in demand.

Whether it’s homemade jewelry or a unique piece, check out Etsy for inspiration to see what you could potentially sell for a nice profit.

Again, don’t expect to get rich fast, but if you’re lucky enough, you could sell a few items in the next 30 days.

There are a lot of platforms to consider, some of which include the following..

Check them out to see if it’s something you could take advantage of.

Social Media Sponsorships

This only works if you have a large following, most likely on Instagram and don’t mind promoting an advertiser.

Depending on how many followers you have, shoutouts can earn you anywhere from $5 to more than $100+ each.  There are a lot of factors involved, but it’s very minimal work as all you need to do is post what the advertiser tells you to.

If interested, there are a few platforms that can help find advertisers for you, such as and  Check them out to see how much you could potentially make with your account.

Unclaimed Money

It’s a long shot, but maybe someone owes you money?

In this case, it won’t take much work other than proving who you are.

As I write this, there’s more than $14+ billion of unclaimed money ready to be claimed.  To find out how you could claim it, refer to to see if you’re owed money.

Final Thoughts

Making $100 fast only online is very doable.

Can it be done in a few hours?  Probably not. 

But, I think you could make $100 in the next 72 hours if you take a few surveys, work on mTurk and write a few articles.  $30 a day is very doable, even if you have no experience.

For now, take a look at the many options I have mentioned as I know there is something for you.  As in all of my posts, everything I write about is 100% legit and is heavily researched by me.  I never promote garbage products or something that will cost you $999.  I don’t work that way.

In your research using this guide, I know you can find something.  You just have to work a bit for it, but just let it be known that it is easy to earn money online as long as you think that way.

As always, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts below.  Have you had any success with these companies?  Am I missing any?  I’d love to hear from you!

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