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Top 45+ Online Jobs That Pay Weekly (always being updated)

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Are you in the hunt for a job you can do from home that offers weekly payments? You’re in the right spot to learn more about it.

There are a variety of jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. Some of these include roles like data entry, helping customers via the phone, transcribing audio, writing articles, and many others.

In today’s guide, I wanted to talk about the many legitimate companies as well as options you can consider if you want to work remotely.

If you’re thinking of applying for any job, remember that the companies mentioned might not always be recruiting. It’s crucial for you to do your homework. Keep an eye out for open positions and ensure that the job matches your preferences and skills.  These are companies that I find almost always hiring remotely.

Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

NOTE:  I highly recommend you check out Flexjobs to see the most up to date online jobs that pay weekly.  Flexjobs only lists remote work.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support is on the lookout for call center agents, technical support personnel, and customer service representatives. They primarily hire within the US, and if you’re considering this, having previous experience in the domain would be essential.


If you’re good at transcription and have some experience, Allegis might be the place for you. They offer weekly payments, either through direct deposit or a traditional check.

Amazon Mturk

At Mturk, you can work whenever you feel like it, day or night, and do a mix of different tasks. The best part? Once you’ve earned just $1, you can cash out. They offer payment through direct deposit or even gift cards.


For those who can transcribe or translate, Babbletype could be a great fit. They hire folks to work from home on a contract basis. And the cherry on top? They send out payments every week through PayPal.


For those drawn to call center positions, BernardBPO consistently recruits in this area. The role primarily involves attending to customer calls and managing daily administrative tasks. Should you decide to join, you’ll receive comprehensive training to equip you for the job. As for compensation, you can expect a range of $8 to $10 per hour, with weekly payments either via check or direct deposit.

Blue Zebra

If you’re someone who’s comfortable making “cold calls” and has substantial experience in sales (about five to seven years), Blue Zebra might be a place for you. Just a heads-up, if sales isn’t really your cup of tea, you might want to skip this one. Those who make the cut can potentially start earning at an hourly rate of $15, with weekly direct deposit payments.

Brighten Communications

Brighten Communications frequently hires individuals for telemarketing roles with flexible hours. The company’s core operation is B2B telemarketing, focusing on outsourced lead generation. If you decide to join them, the starting pay is $12 per hour, with weekly payouts.

Broadpath Healthcare Solutions

Joining Broadpath as a Customer Service Representative means helping Healthplan members navigate the intricate health insurance sector. They even provide you with essential equipment to perform your duties. While the company’s official hiring page doesn’t explicitly mention the payment frequency, sources suggest that employees receive their paychecks weekly.

Call Centre Q A

This opportunity is unique because even if you’ve never done this kind of job before, they’re open to having you on board. The only prerequisites? You should be living in the US and be at least 18 years old. For every call that lasts between 5 to 10 minutes, you earn $5. On top of that, you’d need to fill out a short feedback form. And the cherry on top? They process payments every week.


If you enjoy conversational chats and teaching, Cambly might be up your alley. Here, you’ll be teaching English to Chinese students, all while chatting online. They start their pay at $10 an hour and send out your earnings weekly via PayPal.


For those who have a knack for tutoring, Chegg is an online platform where you can earn $20 an hour. The payment? Every week, either through PayPal or WePay.


Feel like doing short tasks online for some cash? Clickworker allows you to do just that and they pay you every week.

Colony Brands

Colony Brands, a name recognized for their array of catalogs, frequently recruits remote customer service representatives. However, they have a preference for hiring from specific states like Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri. While their official website doesn’t mention the payment frequency, a bit of research reveals they make weekly payments.

Crowd Content

For budding writers, Crowd Content is a platform that frequently welcomes new talent. Here, you can either pick tasks from their marketplace or take on more structured content projects. Their payment schedule is quite prompt, processing twice a week via Paypal, but you’ve got to have a minimum of $10 in your account to cash out.


For those who can caption videos, CrowdSurf offers you the chance to do this from the comfort of your home. The pay structure is quite flexible, and you get your money once a week through Paypal.

Even though the work with isn’t entirely home-based, it offers a flexible schedule, letting you delve into courthouse research whenever convenient. You can expect weekly payments directly deposited into your bank account.


If you’re adept at transcribing and have a typing speed of over 70 WPM, eScribers is hunting for folks like you, especially those experienced in legal transcription. They have a pretty consistent workload to keep you engaged. Just a note for potential applicants: they’re open to hiring U.S. residents but currently, Massachusetts residents aren’t eligible. Payments? Every week through direct deposit.


Known to many, on Fiverr, you’ll get $5 for every task or “gig” you complete. Once done, your money can be sent to you through various methods like PayPal, Payoneer, or even direct bank transfer.


Looking for a sales job that you can do on the phone from home? Goodstart might be a solid pick for you. They pay their workers every week, and you can choose to receive your earnings through PayPal or Visa.


GoTranscript is always on the hunt for remote transcribers, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional. The role entails transcribing audio recordings for various clients, and you can do this from any corner of the globe. They offer a flexible work schedule and disburse payments weekly via Paypal.


At Humanatic, the task involves listening to recorded phone conversations and categorizing them. The job is relatively straightforward, but the pay might not be as rewarding as some might hope. If you’re considering joining them, it might be best to view this as a source of some extra pocket money. They process weekly payments through PayPal.

Kelly Connect

Kelly Connect consistently looks for folks to join their work-from-home customer service team. A significant aspect of their reputation revolves around their association with Apple. Hence, if you find yourself joining their ranks, you might be assisting users of Apple products. According to their job details, they process electronic payments on a weekly basis.


Kibin is constantly on the lookout for freelance editors to work from home. The job provides ample flexibility, allowing you to select assignments that appeal to you. A peek into their Glassdoor reviews reveals that you can transfer your earnings to your bank account as per your convenience.


At Goodstart, you can take on the role of a Mentor, primarily responsible for giving people phone reminders about their medication schedules. If you have a background in customer service and possess strong listening skills, this might be a fitting opportunity for you.


Gramlee consistently offers remote editing roles. If you have a fast typing speed, reliable internet, and a quiet workspace, this might be up your alley. The work hours are flexible, allowing you to select your most productive times. The pay rate, as mentioned on their site, is $0.02 per word, with weekly payouts.

Hire Writers

If writing is your strength, especially SEO-based articles, then Hire Writers could be the right platform. They pay their writers weekly, and all payments are processed every Friday through PayPal.


HotelPlanner has openings for remote reservation agents, whose task is to assist groups in booking hotel rooms. The calls you’d be handling are all incoming, so no cold calling is involved. Your earnings come in the form of commissions from successful bookings. Expect your payment every Tuesday for the bookings you’ve secured.

Language Line

For those proficient in multiple languages, Language Line offers work-from-home opportunities as interpreters. They ensure some of their interpreters receive their earnings on a weekly basis.


At Infocision, you’ll engage in both inbound and outbound calls, right from the coziness of your home. Unlike many remote opportunities, this is a full employment offer that comes with benefits. But there’s a catch: you should be residing in specific states, including the likes of Alabama, Texas, Ohio, and a few others.


If making calls or taking online surveys seems intriguing, InMoment has got you covered. They process payments for their workers every week directly into their bank accounts.


Needle seeks individuals to join as chat support and customer service agents operating from home. Your task would involve assisting customers with inquiries about various brands. Instead of traditional cash payments, you’d earn points redeemable for products from their catalog, with payouts processed weekly.

Third Channel

Online shopping enthusiasts take note. Third Channel is often on the lookout for customer support agents to help shoppers through online chats. The role offers schedule flexibility, and they pay their agents hourly every week.


NiceTalk is where you, as a tutor, help individuals attain English fluency through one-on-one video chats. While they have a soft spot for applicants with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates or experience teaching IELTS/TOEFL, the only real requirement is your English proficiency. You earn for every minute you spend chatting, amounting to roughly $10 an hour. Once your account hits $20, you can expect a weekly Paypal payout.

One Space

OneSpace is a platform that offers a variety of tasks you can do from home, like data input, writing, editing, or translating. To hop on board, you’ll need a Facebook account. Once you’re in, you’ll find that they pay their contributors every week.


ProofreadingPal is on the hunt for experienced proofreaders and editors to refine various documents. To be eligible, you should either be actively involved in or have graduated from an accredited US college or university, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.5. Alternatively, holding a graduate degree with at least five years of professional proofreading and editing experience would suffice. Familiarity with diverse writing styles such as APA, MLA, CMS, and AP is a plus. Regarding earnings, editors can anticipate a monthly income ranging from $500 to $3,000, as indicated on their website.


If you can transcribe voicemails, letters, memos, and similar documents, QuickTate might be the platform for you. They pay their transcribers on a weekly basis.


Rev is in the business of transcription, where they get folks to work remotely, transcribing phone conversations, documents, and even adding closed captions to videos. They’re open to online applications when they’re recruiting, and they ensure that payments are dispatched every week through PayPal.


Sigtrack offers opportunities for independent contractors focused on voter registration tasks. Though the compensation might seem modest, you’ll likely benefit if you’re equipped with dual monitors. Payments are processed weekly, every Friday, via PayPal.


Speechpad is in the business of offering services like transcription, translation, captioning, and editing to various enterprises. If you’re keen on joining as a transcriber, you’d need a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute and proficiency in English, especially in grammar. Once you sign up, you’ll be expected to take a transcription test to showcase your abilities. In terms of earnings, you’re looking at around $0.25 to $1.00 for every audio minute you transcribe. The cherry on top? They disburse payments weekly via PayPal.


Stepes stands as a reputable name in the translation and interpretation sector, regularly welcoming remote professionals to their team. The unique thing about them? You can work globally, just through the Stepes app, making it one of the rare opportunities to work via smartphone. Moreover, they offer a flexible payout structure, allowing you to withdraw your earnings whenever you wish.


For the writers and editors out there, Textbroker might be a place to consider. They’re open to freelancers working from home, with some articles fetching up to $15. And yes, they process payments weekly.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me is a well-known transcription service with a global hiring policy. Once on board, expect weekly payments via PayPal. is always on the lookout for talented translators. They offer tasks ranging from translating technical documents and business communications to emails and medical content. The best part? You can work from virtually anywhere. When it comes to payments, they offer flexibility. You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal whenever you wish.


Unbabel operates in the translation domain and often recruits freelance translators and editors. If you’re considering joining their team, you should be nearly fluent or entirely fluent in the target language and possess excellent English skills. Additionally, having a master’s degree or higher in linguistics or related fields can be beneficial. Not to forget, proofreading skills are quite essential. On the financial front, working with Unbabel can fetch you between $8 to $18 an hour, with weekly payments transferred via PayPal.


As someone working with Upcall, your main responsibility would be to handle calls for various campaigns and companies. If you’ve had some experience in customer service or sales, it might give you an edge for this role. The basic essentials for this job include a computer (desktop or laptop) with a built-in speaker and microphone, a reliable internet connection, and a quiet workspace. Currently, they are focusing their hiring efforts within the US. When it comes to compensation, as per Glassdoor’s insights, you can expect earnings in the ballpark of $12 to $15 hourly, and yes, they do process payments every week.


Previously recognized as ODesk, Upwork stands as a renowned platform for freelancers. Here, you can bid on a diverse range of contract-based jobs from various industries. The platform allows you to define your payment terms, enabling the possibility of weekly payouts.


If weekend customer service roles are what you’re seeking, then Ver-a-fast might just be the right fit for you. However, it’s essential to know that you’ll need to set aside at least 16 hours a week for this role. The tasks you’d be handling include both inbound and outbound calls, which encompasses activities like cold calling, following up with customers, and setting appointments.


If writing is your jam, Verbio offers weekly payments every Monday through PayPal.


VIPDesk is a platform with an array of customer service roles to choose from. The only catch is, you have to be a resident of the US to access these opportunities.


Westat operates in the realm of research, delving into areas like data collection, clinical trials, statistical analyses, and social marketing. They are often on the lookout for individuals to take on roles as telephone data collectors or interviewers. Your primary task would involve gathering data on diverse subjects. It’s essential to note that some prior experience is necessary for this position. As for remuneration, you can anticipate around $10 per hour, with payments processed on a weekly basis.

Study Pool

An international tutoring platform, Study Pool welcomes tutors from all over the globe. Their payment methods are quite varied, including options like PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise, and even Western Union. And guess what? You can pull out your earnings on a weekly basis.


Skooli, another platform in the online tutoring space, pays you weekly via PayPal right after you’ve wrapped up a tutoring session.

Want a career as a virtual receptionist right from the comfort of your home? might be your gateway to that. If you’re someone who’s comfortable typing, knows your way around a computer, and can confidently communicate in English, this could be a good match. Your day-to-day activities would involve answering calls, interacting through web chats, jotting down messages, scheduling appointments, handling payments, and directing calls as necessary. The pay structure is quite competitive, offering $15 per hour for US-based agents and $11 for those located outside the US.


Ever thought of cold calling from the comfort of your home? Upcall offers just that and pays their remote team every week.


UserTesting, a familiar name in the website testing arena, offers up to $50+ for each usability test you participate in. The job entails visiting websites or apps, performing designated tasks, and verbally sharing your experience. They ensure that payments, done through PayPal, reach you within a week of completing tests.


UserFeel operates similarly to UserTesting. It provides website usability testing opportunities, offering up to $25+ per evaluation. It’s another source of supplementary income. Payments, whether through PayPal or Amazon gift cards, are sent within a week post-test completion.

Final Thoughts

Finding genuine online jobs that provide weekly payments is definitely achievable, and I hope this guide serves as a helpful starting point.

When you’re deciding which job to pursue, it’s essential to align it with your income objectives. Let’s say you’re aiming for a little extra pocket change – then tasks like website testing or microtasks could be right up your alley. However, if you’re setting your sights on earning $100 or more daily, diving into freelance writing, tutoring, or customer service might be more in line with your aspirations.  No matter what you want to make, as long as it’s within reason, it is possible.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one option.  You can always sign up for more than one option in some cases.

Whichever path you choose to embark on, we hope you found value in our overview of these weekly paying remote job opportunities. And, as always, if you want to add an option and/or comment on the ones I mentioned, feel free to comment below.

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